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Lazerman vs Hibito

Suggested by Destroyer Hibito is a character with a lot of potential. He has a large array of physical and elemental abilities at his disposal and seems to be reasonably fast as well. If a certain sprite sequel was canon then I think he would have the edge in this fight but Hibito lacks such an extreme level of speed in his actual appearances. He may very well put up a good fight, but victory is out if the question. Lazerman wins.

Battles, Hibito Battles, Shadow Battles

Hibito vs Shadow

Hibito is pretty skilled with his fire sword, but that’s just not enough to match Shadow’s overall ability. Shadow has mastered the art of Chaos Control and he can ascend into his Super Shadow form. In that mode, Shadow easily surpasses Hibito in speed and raw power. A single Chaos Blast will end the round. Shadow wins.