Emerald vs Bunbuku

Bunbuku is a fun character but he’s not really a fighter. Meanwhile Emerald has had to learn how to fight on her own at all times and has really gained a lot of hand to hand ability over the years. Even without her illusion powers she was shown to be more than a match for members of Team Coco. Bunbuku won’t last more than a few seconds against her. Emerald wins.

Lampshade Spider vs Bunbuku

It’s time we had a serious fight with Bunbuku. Affectionately known as Tommy Teapot by the fans, this character is interesting because he literally started out as a Teapot before eating the Tanuki fruit and becoming sentient. It’s a pretty awesome concept to be honest even if he’s a super minor character. That said, he’ll be able to just roll over the Lampshade Spider and call it a day. The Spider just isn’t equipped to handle a character quite like this. Bunbuku wins.