Lampshade Spider vs Bunbuku

It’s time we had a serious fight with Bunbuku. Affectionately known as Tommy Teapot by the fans, this character is interesting because he literally started out as a Teapot before eating the Tanuki fruit and becoming sentient. It’s a pretty awesome concept to be honest even if he’s a super minor character. That said, he’ll be able to just roll over the Lampshade Spider and call it a day. The Spider just isn’t equipped to handle a character quite like this. Bunbuku wins.

Lampshade Spider vs Fred

This is a tribute to the Beach special. Fred showed the world that he wasn’t crazy, they were. Surpassing the rest of the cast like that and still being able to capture the villain shows just how valuable and important Fred is. You don’t want to count this capable leader out of any fight and the Lampshade Spider is outmatched here. One good punch will result in his loss. Fred wins.

Lampshade Spider vs Biollante

The Lampshade Spider is an impressive fighter, but I would still go with Biollante to win the fight. She’s a lot larger than the spider and also has more firepower. A single acid blast should be enough to win the round and advance her higher into the ranks. Can any fighter really hope to stop her win streak? Biollante wins.

Lampshade Spider vs Space Godzilla

Lampshade Spider is a pretty tough spider, but in the end he’s no match for Space Godzilla! Space Godzilla has fought some pretty impressive monsters in the past. If he lost to Lampshade Spider, it would be seriously sad for him. Space Godzilla has the beam advantage which leads to victory. Space Godzilla wins.

Lampshade Spider vs The BioLizard

The Lampshade Spider is back, but he can’t quite win this round. The BioLizard is a being of such power, that he fought Sonic and Shadow. That takes immense skills. With one blast he could take down Lampshade Spider. Lampshade Spider drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll be back. The BioLizard wins.

Lazerman vs Lampshade Spider

Lampshade Spider is back after all this time. Sadly for him he’s dealing with a guy like Lazerman! Lazerman has powers beyond comprehension and can take many beings down in a single blast. Lazerman is a being of pure power and proves it with this win. Lampshade Spider may be back someday. Lazerman wins.

Lampshade Spider vs Beetle (Animal)

The Lamp Shade Spider is a spider that knows how to fight. Beetles are tough creatures that won’t die easy. They know how to live and how to last. Of course in a fight they can’t defeat the Lampshade Spider. Lampshade Spider wins.