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Mercury vs Sasuke

These two look and sound rather similar so this match was a given. I think Mercury would have given Part 1 Sasuke a very good fight and could potentially have even had the edge. That being said, Sasuke is certainly more powerful by the end of the series. He got so many overpowered Ninjutsu and Sharingan techniques that it was hard to keep track of them. Mercury will have to avoid eye contact while also keeping up with Sasuke’s speed and that’s just not happening. Sasuke wins.

Battles, Mercury Battles, Sailor Mercury Battles

Sailor Mercury vs Mercury

Sailor Mercury is a talented Sailor Scout who uses her wit to back up her skills. Her bubbles are hard to dodge but Mercury should be able to handle them. His speed is very impressive and his close quarter combat skills are far superior to the scout’s. She just won’t be able to get enough time to plan out any traps in this match and a high speed battle plays to Mercury’s advantage. Mercury wins.