Sailor Mercury vs Batwing

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Mercury should be able to give Batwing a pretty good fight here. Batwing definitely has the edge in hand to hand combat here. His attacks will also be difficult for Mercury to dodge although in the past she has done well to avoid some energy attacks. I think this one could go down to the wire, but ultimately Mercury’s bubble attacks will cripple his armor and she is durable enough to survive his attacks longer than he can endure hers. Sailor Mercury wins.

Sailor Mercury vs Wile E Coyote

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for the Coyote to try and score some wins. Unfortunately for him there is really nothing that he can do against a fighter as powerful as Mercury. Her water based attacks will have him on the defensive right off the bat. Additionally, while Wile E Coyote is pretty crafty he’s never been much of a fighter. He won’t be able to do a whole lot in this match. Sailor Mercury wins.

Sailor Mercury vs Bedtime Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Bedtime Bear is a character I’m not very familiar with. That being said, I looked him up and the guy can’t really fight. Sailor Mercury on the other hand has dealt with many monsters over the years and is a very tactical fighter. She would quickly figure out the way to most effectively fight the Bedtime Bear and deal with him that way. I don’t believe that this bear would really be able to do a whole lot against such an opponent and ultimately he will go down very quickly. Sailor Mercury wins.

Sailor Mercury vs Rhinestone Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Mercury is a proud Sailor Scout and her water based abilities are tricky to deal with. The Rhinestone Goomba has definitely not dealt with anyone quite like her before and won’t be ready for this fight. He’s severely outclassed from the get go and doesn’t really have any options to fight back here. I don’t see any avenue to victory. Sailor Mercury wins.

Sailor Mercury vs Baby Bop

Suggested by Destroyer Baby Bop is a pretty well known character. I’m not exactly sure how well liked she is, but I’m sure she has fans. That being said, Baby Bop isn’t really much of a fighter so there’s nothing she can do against Mercury. Mercury has her water and ice abilities at the ready and Bop has no real defenses against those. She will quickly be overwhelmed by such an offensive onslaught. Sailor Mercury wins.

Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Mercury

Suggested by Destroyer Mercury may not be known as one of the strongest Sailor Scouts out there, but she still does have some moves. Her best attack spell is probably the water magic she uses in the Sailor Moon R film where she fires off a powerful blast that looks like Hydro Pump. Bella won’t be able to endure that one and getting close will be tough thanks to Mercury’s mist abilities. It could be a close battle but the outcome is certain. Sailor Mercury wins.

Master Roshi vs Sailor Mercury

Suggested by Destroyer Mercury may not have the most impressive abilities from the scouts but her water abilities can at least make it harder to see her. At the same time, Roshi doesn’t need to see her since he can read ki. With one of her best tricks rendered moot in this fight Mercury has no real way of winning this time. Master Roshi wins.

Sailor Mercury vs Mercury

Sailor Mercury is a talented Sailor Scout who uses her wit to back up her skills. Her bubbles are hard to dodge but Mercury should be able to handle them. His speed is very impressive and his close quarter combat skills are far superior to the scout’s. She just won’t be able to get enough time to plan out any traps in this match and a high speed battle plays to Mercury’s advantage. Mercury wins.

Yami Yugi vs Sailor Mercury

Suggested by Anon Sailor Mercury was always one of the weaker scouts. She does her best when fighting, but intelligence gathering is her strong suit. Unfortunately, she is up against one of the greatest tactical minds in all of media. She won’t be able to out think him and Yami is also privileged to have a large army of powerful monsters on his side. There is absolutely no way for her to get past them which means that it’s game over. Yami Yugi wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Sailor Mercury

Suggested by Destroyer Tuxedo Mask is back once again, but you can’t help but feel bad for him here. Sailor Mercury may not have the raw power that Mars possesses, but she is still a really skilled heroine who has more than enough might to deal with him. Tuxedo Mask’s rose will manage to give him an opening for a split second, but it simply won’t be enough since he is sorely lacking in long range abilities. Sailor Mercury wins.