Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Bella to go up against the leader of the scouts now! Sailor Moon is definitely a very interesting character as she is typically said to be super high tier (Some say she is Goku level) but I’ve never been all that impressed with her. Part of it is probably the art, but the other part is that most of her feats are dubious at best. Still, I do think she would have the edge against Bella. Sailor Moon does still have her energy blasts which have a wide range and are extremely powerful. One shot should take Bella down for the count. Sailor Moon wins.

Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Mercury

Suggested by Destroyer Mercury may not be known as one of the strongest Sailor Scouts out there, but she still does have some moves. Her best attack spell is probably the water magic she uses in the Sailor Moon R film where she fires off a powerful blast that looks like Hydro Pump. Bella won’t be able to endure that one and getting close will be tough thanks to Mercury’s mist abilities. It could be a close battle but the outcome is certain. Sailor Mercury wins.

Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Jupiter

Suggested by Destroyer Bella (Twilight) has had a rough time of it lately and it won’t get any better here. Jupiter can call down a powerful thunderbolt or she can spread it out and fire many smaller bolts. Either way, Bella won’t have the speed or power needed to challenge these attacks. Her only option would be to zip in and take Jupiter down in an instant, but that would require a greater feat of speed than her superhuman abilities. Sailor Jupiter wins.

Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Venus

Suggested by Destroyer Bella has returned, but now she is going to be fighting against one of the stronger Sailor Scouts. Venus has her handy finger laser which can cover a wide area. She was able to take down a whole army of opposing monsters with it and Bella cannot escape such an attack. It’s simply too fast and the damage output is far greater than what Bella can hope to endure. She is out of her league in this battle. Sailor Venus wins.

Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Mars

Suggested by Destroyer Bella (Twilight) is a pretty well known character. Just about everyone has seen or at least heard of Twilight before and she is the main character. While she was initially human, Bella did become a vampire later on in the series and with that transformation she also gained superhuman abilities. The speed in particular does make her more of a serious threat, but she will have a hard time getting past Mars’ flames. Mars can surround herself with the flames and keep on firing the blasts. Bella won’t be able to dodge them all. Sailor Mars wins.