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Odin vs Zeus

Suggested by Anonymous Zeus is a pretty strong god with lightning abilities and super abilities far beyond those of mere mortals. That being said, Odin has displayed far more impressive feats over the years. While he is usually content to just sit in his throne all day he can get serious. Odin’s energy blasts would put Zeus down for the count and Zeus has nothing even close to being comparable to Odin’s power. Odin wins.

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Lazerman vs Zeus

His name is Lazerman! Zeus may have defeated some pretty tough opponents back in his day, but let’s face it…he stands no chance of defeating Lazerman. Lazerman has his powerful disruption beam and with a single shot he can take down just about any being who gets in his way! Lazerman wins.

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Zeus vs Tengu Shredder

Tengu Shredder can fire green energy blasts that would cancel out Zeus’s lighting. After that Tengu Shredder is superior in hand to hand combat and would defeat Zeus. Zeus just didn’t have a chance to take Tengu Shredder out. Tengu Shredder takes his win and gets closer to having a positive record. Tengu Shredder wins.