Lucia Raregroove vs Odin

Suggested by iKnowledge Lucia Raregroove is an incredibly impressive villain from Rave Master. The guy’s speed and raw power are off the charts. His sword can cause explosions and shockwaves with enough power to deal many a fatal blow. Odin is strong in his own right and may have the edge in energy projection. That being said, it will not be enough to stop Lucia. Odin simply isn’t fast enough to keep up and his durability won’t protect him for very long. Lucia Raregroove wins.

Grunbeld vs Odin

Suggested by iKnowledge Grunbeld has returned and now he will have to deal with the mighty Odin. Odin doesn’t get a whole lot of respect and for the most part he doesn’t really show anything worthy of giving it to him. Still, he is pretty powerful and in the comics has stepped up when the need arose. His physical power is impressive and his staff allows him to fire off powerful blasts of energy. I believe he would be able to keep Grunbeld down and overpower him in a drawn out fight. Odin wins.

Odin vs Zeus

Suggested by Anonymous Zeus is a pretty strong god with lightning abilities and super abilities far beyond those of mere mortals. That being said, Odin has displayed far more impressive feats over the years. While he is usually content to just sit in his throne all day he can get serious. Odin’s energy blasts would put Zeus down for the count and Zeus has nothing even close to being comparable to Odin’s power. Odin wins.

Gog vs Odin

Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for Gog to debut! This guy is definitely an impressive fighter and has even managed to best Superman in the past. Not just anyone can pull off such a feat. Of course Odin is also very powerful and has taken down his share of powerful opponents. We’ve seen Odin in action a little more than Gog, but both have cosmic level abilities. Surprisingly enough, I’m inclined to say that Odin has the edge here. His energy output seems to be quite a bit better and while Gog is incredibly strong a good chunk of his battle potential comes from summoning infinite clones of characters from different timelines which of course won’t be helping here. Odin wins.

Bass vs Odin

Bass is back and ready for another win. Odin has great power which he has shown throughout the years. Of course Bass has faced many who had great power and lived to tell the tale. Not only lived, but lived without a loss! Bass is pretty much the meaning of power! With one Earth breaker he can take out many opponents. Bass wins.

Thor vs Odin

Thor has fought many opponents, but you could argue that Odin is the toughest of them all! He’s taken on Thor in the past. It was a close fight and I won’t spoil the ending, but if they were to both fight at their height of power I have little doubt that Thor would win. He’s just too powerful for Odin. Thor wins.