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Gog vs Odin

Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for Gog to debut! This guy is definitely an impressive fighter and has even managed to best Superman in the past. Not just anyone can pull off such a feat. Of course Odin is also very powerful and has taken down his share of powerful opponents. We’ve seen Odin in action a little more than Gog, but both have cosmic level abilities. Surprisingly enough, I’m inclined to say that Odin has the edge here. His energy output seems to be quite a bit better and while Gog is incredibly strong a good chunk of his battle potential comes from summoning infinite clones of characters from different timelines which of course won’t be helping here. Odin wins.


2 thoughts on “Gog vs Odin”

    1. Definitely, Gog isn’t nearly as well known as I’d expect considering how powerful the guy is. He can definitely go toe to toe with heavyweights like Odin.

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