Lucia Raregroove vs Jaden

Lucia Raregroove is a powerful fighter/mage. He will have an exceptionally hard time going up against Jaden here though because of how many options Jaden has on the table. Jaden has dozens of monsters, traps, and spell cards at his disposal. He even has his Supreme King form at the ready as well. This will result in way too many targets for Lucia to worry about at one time. He just doesn’t have an answer for this many attacks coming from this many targets. It’s game over for him. Jaden wins.

Lucia Raregroove vs Odin

Suggested by iKnowledge Lucia Raregroove is an incredibly impressive villain from Rave Master. The guy’s speed and raw power are off the charts. His sword can cause explosions and shockwaves with enough power to deal many a fatal blow. Odin is strong in his own right and may have the edge in energy projection. That being said, it will not be enough to stop Lucia. Odin simply isn’t fast enough to keep up and his durability won’t protect him for very long. Lucia Raregroove wins.