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Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Bella to go up against the leader of the scouts now! Sailor Moon is definitely a very interesting character as she is typically said to be super high tier (Some say she is Goku level) but I’ve never been all that impressed with her. Part of it is probably the art, but the other part is that most of her feats are dubious at best. Still, I do think she would have the edge against Bella. Sailor Moon does still have her energy blasts which have a wide range and are extremely powerful. One shot should take Bella down for the count. Sailor Moon wins.

2 thoughts on “Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Moon”

  1. I’ll believe Bella can win when she has the power of a universe. Nothing I’ve read about Mrs. Meyer’s work makes me think otherwise, even if the vampires are more powerful than most. Usagi wins.

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