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Raven Branwen vs Raven (Tekken)


Time for Branwen to take down one more Raven. This Tekken fighter is a skilled master at hand to hand combat and could give Raven a good fight there, but Branwen is simply too fast. Her sword would likely shatter this guy’s blade very quickly and unlike Cinder he won’t be able to keep on restoring it. He’ll be put at a disadvantage early on and simply won’t be able to recover from it. This fight will end up being one sided. Raven Branwen wins.

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Raven Branwen vs Raven


Raven has some impressive shadow abilities at her disposal which will help her in this fight. She can throw a lot of debris to try and slow Raven Branwen down. It’s not going to be enough to stop this bird though as Raven Branwen can just incinerate everything in her path. She also has the massive speed advantage and can quickly just hit the teen with her power palm. The sheer impact from that ability sent Cinder over the edge afterwards so I wouldn’t doubt its power. You just can’t stop a fighter who is this fast. Raven Branwen wins.

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Raven Branwen vs Unalaq

Raven Branwen is an incredibly powerful fighter and already was a big threat before she became a Maiden. While Unalaq could have potentially given her a good fight before that, now he stands no chance. Even his Dark Avatar form wouldn’t be able to keep up with her abilities. She would be speedblitzing him throughout the whole fight and he would have a tough time getting in a hit. They’re just in different leagues. Raven Branwen wins.