Shinobu (Demon Slayer) vs Tyrian

Suggested by Sonic Tyrian and Shinobu are both close quarter fighters who specialize in poison so their combat styles will be a bit similar. Tyrian is more of a brute force fighter while Shinobu goes for strategic hits though. As always the fight comes down to speed here and that’s where Shinobu should be able to claim victory. I don’t see Tyrian being able to keep up with her for very long and a single good hit could take him out with the sheer dosage of poison that she puts into her strikes. Shinobu (Demon Slayer) wins.

Tyrian vs Cinder

Tyrian is a powerful fighter and if Cinder didn’t have her Maiden powers you could make a very fair case for him defeating her. He’s been shown to be even just a little more powerful than Qrow which would put him as one of the strongest non-maiden characters in the series. Still, the fact is that Cinder does have the Maiden powers which would make this a rather quick win for her. Cinder wins.

Scorpion King vs Tyrian

The Scorpion King is pretty powerful. He has enhanced strength and durability at his disposal so no average person can take him out without having something up their sleeve. Tyrian has poison and super speed though so he’s pretty well covered. No matter what the Scorpion King tries he just won’t be able to take Tyrian down for the count. He’d have a hard time hitting that quick villain either way. Tyrian is just on a different level. Tyrian wins.