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Daniel X vs Harry Potter

Suggested by Destroyer Harry Potter may not be all that strong physically but his spells pack a punch. A direct hit may be enough to KO Daniel X. The same level of attack power can be said for Daniel X as well though and he has a significant advantage since he can shape shift and create whatever he wants. He has a much bigger array of attack options up his sleeve so I’d say that 9 times out of 10 he will claim victory. Daniel X wins.

Battles, Daniel X Battles, Ren Battles

Daniel X vs Ren

Daniel X has a power, the power to create anything, sadly it won’t really do him any good. He’s just not as good as Ren and never will be. Daniel X may try and beat Ren, by getting an anime and getting some power ups but even then he wouldn’t stand a chance. Ren wins.