Ren vs Yuya

Suggested by Sonic Yuya has a ton of powerful monsters and trap cards at his disposal but those will still not be enough to defeat Ren. Ren got considerably more powerful over the years compared to how he was at the start of Shaman King. In his current mode he would be able to quickly overwhelm Yuya in close quarters combat and has enough speed to dodge any counters. Ren wins.

Yuri Lowell vs Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Yuri Lowell is a powerful Tales of character. He has a lot of different techniques ranging from standard sword flurries to energy blasts and barriers. In terms of offensive capabilities he would have to be one of the stronger Tales of characters. That said, Shaman King became absolutely crazy by the end of the series. Ren was one of the characters fortunate enough to get many different power ups before it was all over. I would make the case that as high tier as Yuri is, Ren is stronger still. His speed and power are just a bit better than hers and the fact that his Oversouls are huge helps to ensure she will have a tough time getting to him. Ren can also keep on rebuilding his OS over and over again to protect him as needed. This is a close fight, but one that Ren should win. Ren wins.

Kazuya vs Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Kazuya has a demon form that makes him a true threat, He has solid range and a whole lot of attack power. Still, that will not be enough to take Ren down. Ren is from the prestigious Tao family and has a lot of high level modes of attack. His sheer volume of energy is massive by the end of Shaman King. When you factor in his speed as well then he will be able to overwhelm Kazuya with massive attacks of pure power. Ren wins.

Trunks vs Ren

This is a tribute to Wrath of The Dragon. Trunks didn’t look too impressive and loses to Ren. Ren is one of those guys who doesn’t lose. He’s just too powerful in the end. He will never lose so long as he’s a high above. Ren wins.

Trunks has SSJ3…nuff said. Trunks wins.

Goten vs Ren

This is a tribute for Bio Broly In the end Goten didn’t look good enough to win his match. Ren is a high above and always wins in the end. It’s just how it goes. Ren will always be known as the strongest. Ren wins.

Well, Goten has Gotenks SSJ3 form which pwns. Goten wins.