Ren vs Tigra

Now Ren has made it to 20 wins. A pretty great feat in the end. It never gets old. Tigra will most likely never make it to 20, but at least she is now in the blog. That’s what matters in the end. Ren wins.


The Angelus vs Ren

The Angelus is a being who is above power. Of course in the end she still cannot beat Ren. Ren is just too strong and never loses to anyone. Ren will stay undefeated forever. The Angelus cannot stop him. The Angelus drops to the 0-1’s. Ren wins.

Trunks vs Ren

This is a tribute to Wrath of The Dragon. Trunks didn’t look too impressive and loses to Ren. Ren is one of those guys who doesn’t lose. He’s just too powerful in the end. He will never lose so long as he’s a high above. Ren wins.

Trunks has SSJ3…nuff said. Trunks wins.

Goten vs Ren

This is a tribute for Bio Broly In the end Goten didn’t look good enough to win his match. Ren is a high above and always wins in the end. It’s just how it goes. Ren will always be known as the strongest. Ren wins.

Well, Goten has Gotenks SSJ3 form which pwns. Goten wins.