Yuri Lowell vs Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Yuri Lowell is a powerful Tales of character. He has a lot of different techniques ranging from standard sword flurries to energy blasts and barriers. In terms of offensive capabilities he would have to be one of the stronger Tales of characters. That said, Shaman King became absolutely crazy by the end of the series. Ren was one of the characters fortunate enough to get many different power ups before it was all over. I would make the case that as high tier as Yuri is, Ren is stronger still. His speed and power are just a bit better than hers and the fact that his Oversouls are huge helps to ensure she will have a tough time getting to him. Ren can also keep on rebuilding his OS over and over again to protect him as needed. This is a close fight, but one that Ren should win. Ren wins.

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