Slifer The Sky Dragon vs Scorponok

Suggested by Sonic Scorponok is very strong so I wouldn’t assume this is an auto win for Slifer, but Slifer does still have the advantage. His raw firepower is absolutely crazy and would shred through Scorponok’s defenses. Additionally his durability is enough where he can take Scorponok’s attacks for quite a while too. Scorponok’s best bet is to try and do a hit and run strategy which could work to an extent but I see Slifer tagging him before his health gets brought all the way down. Slifer The Sky Dragon wins.

Wasp Woman vs Scorponok

Suggested by Sonic Wasp Woman may have some decent super strength but that’s really not going to be enough to win here. Scorponok still has the edge in overall firepower and is physically more powerful as well. In a battle between the two of them, the Wasp Woman just won’t be able to keep up and isn’t fast enough to dodge the attacks either. That means game over for her. Scorponok wins.

Jackknife Dragon vs Scorponok

Suggested by Sonic Scorponok is a pretty powerful Transformers fighter and I’d even say that he’s a bit underrated. He can certainly hold his own with the bigger fighters in the series. That said, Jackknife is far too difficult of a foe for Scorponok to handle. Jackknife has obtained countless power ups over the years and his base form was already pretty fast and strong. When you take all of that into consideration then there’s really no chance that he will be suffering defeat here. When you have the absolute edge in combat you aren’t going to lose. Jackknife Dragon wins.

Scorponok vs Alucard (Hellsing)


Suggested by Unknown Scorponok is a pretty powerful robot and he gave the Autobots quite a bit of trouble in the original Transformer cartoons. That being said, he is definitely not fast enough to stop Alucard. Alucard’s regenerative abilities will also help him endure the energy blasts long enough to land some hits of his own. Scorponok won’t be able to recover from these hits and his large frame makes him a really easy target. That’s why he doesn’t stand a chance. Alucard (Hellsing) wins.

Fortress Maximus vs Scorponok

Fortress Scorponok
Both of these fighters are some of the strongest in Transformers. Their sheer size puts them above most of the robots in attack power and that’s very important in a beam fight. Fortress Maximus has had more opportunities to fight in hand to hand combat, but we also can’t forget about Scorponok’s powerful grip. Just by clenching his claw, he can easily shatter the arm of someone as powerful as Grimlock. This’ll be a pretty tricky fight and it’ll go down to the wire, but I would say that Fortress Maximus has the edge. At his biggest, he is definitely bigger than Scorponok and he has the firepower to prove it. Fortress Maximus wins.

Scorponok vs Grimlock

Grimlock is an interesting Transformer. He is one of the Dinobots so he is supposed to definitely be stronger than most of the other opponents, but he really only shows this in the G1 continuity. Luckily, one strong version is enough to make this a good fight. Scorponok has been shown to be very powerful in Headmasters though and I would actually give him the edge here. He was able to take on Fortress Maximus after all! Scorponok wins.