Slifer the Sky Dragon vs Moltres

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close fight. Slifer is one of the God cards of course so his power is undeniable. While the power varies based on how many cards you have in your hand, we’ve seen that his power is always high. He lacks speed feats though. Meanwhile Moltres doesn’t appear to be as powerful as Slifer but I dare say that he’s much faster. A battle between these two would likely come right down to the wire, but ultimately I’d say that speed would triumph yet again. You just can’t defeat a foe this fast. Moltres wins.

Slifer The Sky Dragon vs Mr Majestic

Suggested by Sonic Slifer is a powerful dragon, but I don’t think he would be able to handle someone like Mr Majestic. Majestic’s speed and strength are on a whole different league when compared to Slifer’s abilities. Slifer’s blasts probably still would be able to get past Majestic’s defenses, but landing the hit in the first place would be nearly impossible. Majestic is more athletic and nimble in the air, he won’t be getting hit unless he gets overconfident. Mr Majestic wins.

Slifer The Sky Dragon vs Bass

The first of the 4 blog winners has shown up! Bass is here to take Slifer down a peg or two after the dragon’s earlier win against The Colossal Titan! Slifer’s main strength is his long range combat, but that will be rendered ineffective against Bass’ barrier, which reflects or absorbs all projectiles. Bass has never lost a match before and that won’t be changing right now! Bass wins.

Slifer The Sky Dragon vs Colossal Titan

Slifer The Sky Dragon has entered the blog! He is known as one of the strongest Yugioh cards in existence. Slifer may not be the strongest of the three god cards, but his special ability is easy to use and his immunity to all spells and traps is quite good. The Colossal Titan could deal a lot of damage if he could get near the dragon, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. Slifer would wreck him from a distance using his lasers. Slifer The Sky Dragon wins.

Image created by D3-shadow-wolf. Link to the original image is below.