Slifer the Sky Dragon vs Moltres

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close fight. Slifer is one of the God cards of course so his power is undeniable. While the power varies based on how many cards you have in your hand, we’ve seen that his power is always high. He lacks speed feats though. Meanwhile Moltres doesn’t appear to be as powerful as Slifer but I dare say that he’s much faster. A battle between these two would likely come right down to the wire, but ultimately I’d say that speed would triumph yet again. You just can’t defeat a foe this fast. Moltres wins.

Kyurem vs Moltres

Suggested by Sonic Normally in a battle between a fire and ice Pokemon you’d imagine it would be a clear stomp for the fire type right? Type advantage plays a huge advantage in the series, but Kyurem’s ice weakness is actually compensated by his other typings. He actually doesn’t take additional damage from fire which takes away Moltres’ huge advantage. When you equalize them like this then Moltres is in trouble because Kyurem has better stats and thunder attacks at the ready. Moltres won’t be able to keep up. Kyurem wins.

Aerodactyl vs Moltres

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of legendary Pokemon! Yes, Aerodactyl isn’t a legendary Pokemon in the same sense, but as he is extinct and only still around thanks to the fossils, he is legendary in a more literal sense. Moltres would typically win this fight rather easily, but Aerodactyl has two things in his favor. One, his rock type makes him double super effective against Moltres since it beats both fire and rock. Furthermore, he has access to a Mega Evolution which increases some of his stats even higher than Moltres. I’m afraid that this flame bird simply doesn’t have enough power to stop him. Aerodactyl wins.

Jimmy Neutron vs Moltres

Jimmy Neutron is back, but he won’t be able to handle the power of Moltres. Moltres is too fast and he has a lot of attacks at his disposal. One good fire blast should be enough to take Jimmy Neutron down. His inventions can’t save him in this round. Moltres wins.

Moltres vs Ash

Moltres is a fire pokemon of incredible ability! Of course that may not be enough to stop Ash Ketchum! Ash has a lot of pokemon at his disposal and with them he can do some massive damage! Moltres is strong, but can it really stack up against all of Ash’s other pokemon? I think not. Ash wins.