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Aerodactyl vs Moltres

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of legendary Pokemon! Yes, Aerodactyl isn’t a legendary Pokemon in the same sense, but as he is extinct and only still around thanks to the fossils, he is legendary in a more literal sense. Moltres would typically win this fight rather easily, but Aerodactyl has two things in his favor. One, his rock type makes him double super effective against Moltres since it beats both fire and rock. Furthermore, he has access to a Mega Evolution which increases some of his stats even higher than Moltres. I’m afraid that this flame bird simply doesn’t have enough power to stop him. Aerodactyl wins.

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Aerodactyl vs Sniper Wolf

Aerodactyl is a pretty strong pokemon and his hyper beam can have some deadly results! Sniper Wolf is pretty good with a gun, but I’m afraid that it just won’t be enough to take down Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl has been taking down opponents for ages and he’s not the type of fighter to lose. Aerodactyl wins.

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Aerodactyl vs Ash

Aerodactyl is a pretty tough looking pokemon! He can fly and he definitely knows how to pwn! Of course Ash has his pokemon skills and his hand to hand combat. While it would be tough for him to KO Aerodactyl without pokemon, Ash should be able to land some blows. With Pikachu and friends he can’t lose! Ash wins.