Kyurem vs Moltres

Suggested by Sonic Normally in a battle between a fire and ice Pokemon you’d imagine it would be a clear stomp for the fire type right? Type advantage plays a huge advantage in the series, but Kyurem’s ice weakness is actually compensated by his other typings. He actually doesn’t take additional damage from fire which takes away Moltres’ huge advantage. When you equalize them like this then Moltres is in trouble because Kyurem has better stats and thunder attacks at the ready. Moltres won’t be able to keep up. Kyurem wins.

Esdeath vs Kyurem

Suggested by Random Esdeath has been fighting quite a lot of opponents lately and she’s still got a few left to go. Kyurem is a pretty impressive Pokemon whose ice abilities are certainly top tier among the various powerhouses of Pokemon. His speed is solid as well and his attack arsenal is large. Still, he will have a hard time keeping up with Esdeath and while her ice attacks may not do much in terms of freezing him, they can still pierce his armor like skin. Esdeath wins.

Kyurem vs Bass

Kyurem is back after his first victory on the blog, but this is the end of the line for him. He has a lot of powerful physical attacks as well as long range options, but none of them will be enough to stop Bass. Bass can absorb all projectiles and his speed allows him to evade any frontal assault. It is only a matter of time until Bass launches a counter attack and defeats Kyurem. His power is legendary so it is inevitable that Bass will claim victory. Bass wins.

Kyurem vs Leader

Kyurem makes his blog debut with this round and that will spell trouble for the Leader! The Leader is a smart fighter, but he doesn’t have any real combat experience. His plans won’t do anything against a foe of Kyurem’s level and one slash can defeat the green foe. Kyurem is a legendary Pokemon and that means that his skills are well beyond that of the Leader’s. Kyurem wins.