Kyurem vs Bass

Kyurem is back after his first victory on the blog, but this is the end of the line for him. He has a lot of powerful physical attacks as well as long range options, but none of them will be enough to stop Bass. Bass can absorb all projectiles and his speed allows him to evade any frontal assault. It is only a matter of time until Bass launches a counter attack and defeats Kyurem. His power is legendary so it is inevitable that Bass will claim victory. Bass wins.

10 thoughts on “Kyurem vs Bass

  1. Kyurem flash freezes him with his aura before smashing him apart with a Draco Meteor. If you watched the Pkmn movie then you would know Kyurem CAN flash freeze things easily with his aura.

    • Yes, Kyurem’s ice is pretty amazing, but why would it work on Bass? Bass would be out of range before Kyurem could get close and his aura would likely protect him anyway. A single good energy blast should have this.

      • Oh really? REALLY? Kyurem has tanked energy blasts before and attacks from Keldeo. Kyurem could easily swamp Bass with Hyper beam, draco meteor, fusion flare, blue flare etc.
        Also that scan was only a guy with shades saying that Bass was light speed so I will do what you do and say “hurr durp that guy iz hyping!!!” Because we have no proof of Bass moving at light speed, just a guy hyping it while Bass is floating.

      • Could Keldeo shake a planet by powering up? His attacks aren’t as good as Bass’ so tanking them doesn’t mean that he can endure an attack from the king of the blog. Bass would also just absorb the projectiles.

        As for the guy with the shades…he couldn’t have been bluffing because he is supersonic speed so he knows what he is talking about. It just works…

      • And the LT depowered the Infinity Gems, beat Thanos and Strange and overpowered Eternity yet you say that his talk about TOAA is all hype. Caught you there. Kyurem could easily pull a win against Bass if he pulls off a powerful enough Fusion flare to form a supernova.

      • But…TOAA is all hype. The LT is extremely powerful as we’ve seen, but he may just fear TOAA on reputation. TOAA could simply be playing him like a fiddle and the LT just wouldn’t know. Kyurem could try, but Bass would just blow it away with his darkness overload. It’s why Bass never loses.

      • Darkness overload= weak little beam for showing. That video was unimpressive. Kyurem stomps Bass who isn’t lightspeed because shades guy was bluffing. Supersonic speed isn’t even that fast since there’s also hypersonic which is faster.

      • How was the video not impressive? Couldn’t you just imagine the planet blowing up right when Bass shot that blast? The shades guy wasn’t bluffing since he is still pretty fast. Supersonic is definitely not hypersonic, but it’s still impressive. Trust me when I say that Bass and Megaman are the fastest characters in fiction and Kyurem just wouldn’t be able to keep up.

      • That weak little blast couldn’t even sink small islands. Also yes Bass may be fast compared to some versions of Kyurem but Kyurem as Black Kyurem? Bass gets tagged.

      • I don’t see it. Kyurem’s good, but you could say that he’s only slightly faster than guys like Superman so that’s not going to cut it against Bass. Bass is simply too overwhelmingly powerful.

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