Diddy Kong vs Leader

The Tournament continues! Diddy Kong is a Smash Bros character who is actually high tier. The problem is that he isn’t a very strong character. His bananna tricks won’t do anything except slow the Leader down and his hand to hand skills aren’t good enough. Diddy Kong would need a significant speed upgrade to deal with the Leader’s Gamma Power and at that point he’d be DK. Diddy ends up dropping out of the tourney rather quickly, but best of luck for next time! Leader wins.


Kyurem vs Leader

Kyurem makes his blog debut with this round and that will spell trouble for the Leader! The Leader is a smart fighter, but he doesn’t have any real combat experience. His plans won’t do anything against a foe of Kyurem’s level and one slash can defeat the green foe. Kyurem is a legendary Pokemon and that means that his skills are well beyond that of the Leader’s. Kyurem wins.

Megaman SF vs Leader

The Leader gets to return one last time today, but he’s doomed to obtain another loss. Megaman SF is a pretty smart fighter in his own right and sleeping gas won’t work on him. Megaman SF has too many wind abilities to let any smoke get to him and his speed is also far too great. The Leader has taken a few shots to his record today and it’s safe to say that climbing up the ranks will be difficult for him. Megaman SF wins.

Leader vs Cell

The Leader may be pretty smart, but that’s not going to help him against a foe as powerful as Cell. Cell can easily decimate planets in a single blow and the Leader can’t hope to match that kind of power. He has always been a thorn in the Hulk’s side with his tricks and plans, but nothing will give him a shot against Cell. This match will be over as soon as it starts. Cell wins.

Ironman vs Leader

The Leader may be pretty smart, but he’s definitely not a match for Ironman. Ironman’s in a different league as far as superheroes go and his armors definitely have what it takes to win. Ironman’s pretty good at hand to hand combat when he has to be and he also possesses the speed advantage. I don’t see him losing this one. Ironman wins.

Leader vs Bass

The Leader is back and he’s up against the powerful Bass! Bass has some pretty potent abilities at his disposal and one good Darkness Overload should end this match in a flash. The Leader doesn’t have enough defense to stop such an attack and he would be blown away. Bass is starting the long climb towards 600 wins! Bass wins.

Leader vs Bly

The Leader is a pretty smart guy, but his intellegence alone won’t be able to defeat someone as powerful as Bly! Bly has some pretty overwhelming power and his swordsmanship is very advanced. He’s defeated far more powerful opponents in the past and he’ll continue to defeat more in the future. Bly wins.

Lazerman vs Leader

The Leader may be a pretty smart guy, but when it comes down to it he lacks the fighting skills that Lazerman has. Lazerman can shoot energy blasts that are so powerful they cannot be overcome. Lazerman also has his disruption beam which could destroy The Leader in one blow. Lazerman wins.

Hulk vs Leader

The Leader will always be known as one of Hulk’s classic foes. The Leader is so smart, that he can match his brain against Hulk’s brawn. Of course The Hulk still wins in the end because Brain isn’t a match against incredible brawn. The Hulk gets himself a win after all this time. He has a bright future ahead thanks to his awesome power. The Leader has less hope in the near future. Hulk wins.