Voldemort vs Searchman

Suggested by Megapot Network It’s time for another Megaman BN vs Harry Potter verse battle. Voldemort has a lot of spells, but he has earned the nickname Moldy Voldy for a reason. He simply isn’t very fast so Searchman can easily snipe him from afar. Voldemort can’t move quick enough to dodge and even launching an attack in time will be difficult. He’s just really outmatched in this fight and won’t be able to do much. Searchman wins.

4 thoughts on “Voldemort vs Searchman

    • Yest that’s right but still Voldy can attack with conventional elemental spells like Fiendyfire.

      The idea of vs battles between HP and MMBN is interesting because the wizardkind, just like Darkloids, have disdain towards humankind (muggles).
      It would be wonderful to see a new anime based on that scenario.

      • Yeah, it was definitely fun to have these crossover fights. I do think that if it got an anime the Harry Potter characters would need some heavy power ups to keep up though. Their spells are strong, but they need some extra speed and defense to stay in for a prolonged fight. I’m sure there are probably status type spells that would work for such a thing though.

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