Mr Majestic vs Wendy Marvell

Suggested by Sonic Mr Majestic may be a tough customer but he isn’t ready to handle Wendy and her Dragon Force. Wendy also got a significant power boost from Irene which has turned her into one of the most dangerous dragon slayers. Mr Majestic would put up a reasonable fight but Wendy can ultimately dodge him when needed and also shoot out powerful hurricanes that he can’t break free from. Wendy Marvell wins.

Wendy Marvell vs Vegeta

Wendy Marvell is a pretty tough member of Fairy Tail who has proven herself many times over. She can hit Vegeta with a lot of long range wind abilities to keep him at a distance and those attacks will certainly begin to take their toll as the match rages on. Still, she doesn’t have anything that will ultimately be able to knock him out so a victory is still out of fight. Once he goes Super Saiyan then it’s all over. Vegeta wins.

Wendy Marvell vs Voldemort

Suggested by iKnowledge Voldemort is one of the most well known Harry Potter characters out there. His reputation is well deserved as most of his spells tend to be lethal. That being said, I think he is definitely outmatched against Wendy. Her physical strength and speed easily surpass his own stats. That means that he will be unable to land any actual hits on her. Meanwhile he can’t endure too many of her own moves. Wendy Marvell wins.

Wendy Marvell vs Mini Moon

Suggested by Sonic Mini Moon may be a sailor scout, but she has yet to reach the same levels as someone like Sailor Saturn. Meanwhile Wendy has grown stronger and stronger during the course of Fairy Tail and even unlocked her dragon mode. In that form all of her stats take a big jump and Mini Moon quickly becomes completely outmatched here. She just doesn’t have the same level of firepower or speed that would be needed to keep up with Wendy. Plus Wendy can fly to evade Mini Moon’s attacks. Wendy Marvell wins.