Voldemort vs Darth Sidious

Suggested by jordypresto0418 Voldemort has a lot of good magical spells at his disposal but none of them will be able to take down Darth Sidious. What gives Sidious the big advantage here is his sheer speed and the powerful Force abilities he has. He will be able to zip in and strike Voldemort down before the sorcerer even has a chance to counter attack. That’s why speed is such a powerful asset to have at your disposal. Voldemort’s regeneration won’t be enough against a lightsaber combo attack. Darth Sidious wins.

6 thoughts on “Voldemort vs Darth Sidious

  1. This is one of those fights better for thematic similarity/comparison and contrast rather than balance. Darth Sidious is on a whole different caliber.

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