Garnet vs Shademan

Shademan is a powerful Navi who took down Megaman and Protoman in a single blow. As strong as Garnet is he is out of his league here. Shademan’s attacks aren’t particularly flashy so he may not always look ultra impressive but he’s still pretty tough. His durability is quite high and the fact that he was able to keep fighting even after getting his arm taken out of action was pretty impressive. Garnet’s not going to pull off the upset here. Shademan wins.

Perpetua vs Garnet

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 It’s time for a battle of cosmic proportions. Perpetua is a pretty intense DC villain who has a lot of cosmic ability. She can vaporize people with a thought and contains the whole multiverse within her. She’s not powerless the way a lot of cosmic characters are as she can fire an energy blast, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to stop Garnet. Garnet has some pretty solid attacks of her own with good speed and power feats to boot. I think Garnet is in a pretty good position to basically just overwhelm Perpetua in a battle. Perpetua can’t take too many strikes. Garnet wins.