Hellboy vs Deadpool

Suggested by Anonymous Hellboy has returned and now he is up against one of the craziest fighters in all of Marvel. Deadpool is definitely not the kind of guy who likes to stay silent about anything. When he has a thought in his head he lets you know. He’ll certainly have fun distracting Hellboy throughout the fight. Hellboy’s stats aren’t bad but Deadpool’s gotten a ton of crazy power ups over the years. It’ll be very difficult for Hellboy to put him down and would be dead long before that point. Deadpool wins.

Birdy Cephon Altera vs Deadpool

Suggested by iKnowledge Birdy’s stats may not sound that incredible when simply reading about them, but after doing some research she is quite high tier. Her speed is incredible and her durability is so great that she can withstand being pummeled across the city as she is thrown through building after building. Deadpool definitely still has the better durability thanks to his healing factor, but he will be spending is quite a lot as Birdy pummels him. Ultimately Deadpool won’t be able to regenerate forever. Her attacks will definitely wear him down and he won’t be fast enough to land any real counters here. Birdy Cephon Altera wins.

Deadpool: Samurai Review

It’s time to take a look at a quick one shot that came out for Deadpool a while back. It’s always nice to see Marvel have some collaborations with Shonen Jump. It definitely breaks the wall quite a lot as you would expect from a Deadpool comic and definitely delivers on all the action you would expect. It’s pretty entertaining and at only one chapter you’ll be breezing through this story real quick.

It starts with a bunch of samurai gangsters attacking a girl. Fortunately they are interrupted as Deadpool shows up inside of a baby carriage. He decides to stop these guys and save the girl while hurling insults the whole time. The gangsters have never dealt with anyone quite like Deadpool so as you can imagine they are definitely not too well equipped to handle this guy. They’ll have to try using all the weapons at their disposal, but against a guy who is basically immortal all this will ultimately do is prolong the inevitable. The victor is never in doubt in this title.

The artwork is certainly pretty nice. The action scenes are on point and there is a lot of detail here. Whoever drew the comic definitely gave it their all and didn’t phone it in. I could easily see this getting some more chapters and doing well as an ongoing series. There’s just a lot you can do with Deadpool and the art would be able to keep up.

The actual story may not have a lot of stakes since it’s obvious that Deadpool will beat up on these humans, but for a one shot it’s not like you’re trying to build up any big plots anyway. It’s really just about introducing people to Deadpool and throwing in some one liners. There are a lot of third wall breaking moments as Deadpool keeps plugging in the comics. I’m definitely fine with skipping his origin story here since as he mentioned most people will likely know it anyway. Even if he was a brand new character, I feel like the origin story isn’t something that you worry about for the pilot. It would take too much time away from everyone else.

Most of the story is Deadpool just owning everyone and reminding the audience that he isn’t a total hero like the others. Ultimately he is protecting the girl but he is murdering everyone else so think of him like the Punisher. His goals align more with the average hero’s, but he doesn’t go all in on trying to save everyone the way that they do. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time and took advantage of that. The manga can get a little violent even with the parody nature so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re reading of course. Pretty much everyone gets bullets and stabs into them before the day is through.

Overall, It was a little surprising to see Deadpool as one of the first characters to get his own manga one shot, but I suppose he should have a lot of international value. I wonder if the movies did well in Japan. The final scene of the manga is definitely pretty fun and it’s something I would like to see more characters do. Since nobody in this world knows who Deadpool is he can really go crazy with trolling everyone. We get a quick guest star near the end which was fun. I think the artist could definitely do a good job with this character as well. If you haven’t read this story yet then you should check it out. It’s quite fast and a solid enough read on its own.

Overall 7/10

Guyver vs Deadpool

Suggested by Anonymous Deadpool is no pushover. I just wanted to get that out of the way to start things off. He’s obtained many power ups over the years. Enough that even the strongest of fighters know to give him respect. Still, Guyver can blast him into oblivion. That’s how much firepower Guyver has. He wins this match in terms of attack power and speed so why should he be scared? Guyver wins.

Saitama vs Deadpool

Suggested by Random A common misconception of healing regeneration plus immortality is that people claim these fighters can never be truly defeated as they can’t die. Well, every character can eventually succumb to oblivion as long as the attacks are strong enough and that’s what will happen to Deadpool here. Honestly, I think a single punch should be enough to win the round. Deadpool’s not exactly much of a fighter compared to the bald hero and no amount of healing will save him from this incredible power. Saitama wins.

Eren Jaeger vs Deadpool

This can be a pretty tricky match since neither one of these fighters is extremely powerful. Both of them have regenerative abilities, but Deadpool has a pretty big advantage in close combat. Eren’s Titan Mode is really his only chance and will it be enough to defeat Deadpool? It’ll be close, but for now I’ll say that Eren has the slight edge…for now! Eren Jaeger wins.

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Agent Bob vs Deadpool

You may not have heard of Agent Bob, but he’s met Deadpool in the past. They’ve teamed up several times and Agent Bob is not someone who should be taken lightly. That being said, Deadpool has the clear advantage in this battle. Deadpool is an expert hand to hand fighter and his unpredictability will prove to be deadly for Agent Bob. Agent Bob won’t be able to read his movements. Deadpool wins.

Ironman vs Deadpool

Deadpool has a pretty good healing factor and he’s a tough guy, but it won’t be enough to stop Ironman. Ironman has his anime armor and one good punch should be enough to take a lot of the fight from Deadpool. Deadpool won’t be able to keep up with Ironman and drops down the ranks with this loss. At least he can make some good puns while losing. Ironman wins.

Maverick vs Deadpool

Maverick is pretty good with a gun and he definitely has some experience with battling other gunmen, but it won’t be enough to stop Deadpool. Deadpool has a healing factor and he’s also pretty quick. His striking power is deadly and he also has some pretty good close combat skills. Maverick won’t be winning this round. Deadpool wins.

Mr Mxyzptlk vs Deadpool

Mr Mxyzptlk is back, but he won’t be able to stop Deadpool! Deadpool has his healing factor and his guns at the ready. Mr Mxyzptlk will have a hard time trying to deal with all of that. He definitely likes making tricks, but Deadpool always manages to get the last laugh. Deadpool wins.

Update! As of 07/11/2016 It has been pointed out that Mr. Mxyzptlk aqctually has had some decent moments and feats in the comics with serious firepower. I don’t think Deadpool will be able to keep up with this guy. Mr. Mxyzptlk wins.