Yu Yu Hakusho Review

It’s time to look at an incredibly well known anime in the form of Yu Yu Hakusho. This anime is one of the all time greats and after watching it I can confirm that the dub is top 5. Purely in terms of script it may be the best one yet. The anime really nails Yusuke’s character and makes him even greater than he was in the manga. (Where he was already pretty great) The show is definitely a very complete one and certainly an anime that you should find the time to watch. It’s fairly long, but that’s a good thing.

The basic premise is that Yusuke is a delinquent. He doesn’t like going to school and the teachers don’t like him. One day, he dies when saving a kid from a passing car. Yusuke’s soul did not pass on though and he was chosen as a spirit detective. Eventually he gets his body back, but the detective gig is still going on. Yusuke must now live a dual life as he fights off demons and would be conquerors while still dealing with school. Although, the first half takes up most of the anime as he rarely ever seems to be in the human world during the show. From the Dark Tournament to the big Demon Tournament, there’s a lot of epic action in this show.

Right away you’ll notice how great the script is. There’s enough memorable quotes to make long video compilations of them. Yusuke has dozens of amazing burns and zingers throughout. You know he’s gonna say something cool whenever he talks. I think part of what makes him so great is how he really isn’t afraid of anything. Even when he’s tied up he’ll talk about how the villain’s boring him. His humor can range from defiant to even edgy, but he’s always got something to say about everything. I’ve never seen such an amazing script before. He can pull off pretty much every emotion as Yusuke goes through a lot of sad moments mixed in with the rage and defiant ones. He also gets a lot of great character development throughout the series. It’s hard to believe he’s the same kid who began the series as a normal boxer and eventually goes on to Goku levels of strength. It’s pretty uncanny. I think Yusuke seems a little more merciful in the anime version than in the manga as I seem to remember him being quicker to try and axe the doctor there, but it’s been a while since I read it.

The animation is definitely really sharp. It only gets better and better as the series goes on. It has that distinct 90’s-early 2000s look about it. The colors are sharp and you can feel the power behind the hits in the fight scenes. The series also has fun using some experimental animation from time to time like Yusuke’s fight against the doctor or some of Hiei’s shadow dragon techniques. It’s nice that the series is confident enough to try these things out. Nowadays you don’t really see that very much. I mean, the experimental stuff usually doesn’t quite hold its own to the normal animation so it’s not a bad thing if they skip that altogether, but I don’t mind the attempts especially if they’re infrequent.

We also have to mention the soundtrack as that one is an easy 5/5. There are a lot of incredibly tense themes throughout the series. Pretty much all the top ones are in the Dark Tournament arc. I don’t know the exact names, but the anticipation theme from when the battles are about to start is always good or the feeling of unease theme when the villain powers up. The Sensui arc also had some solid tunes like Sensui’s theme as well. The final arc wasn’t quite as solid with the new themes, but by that point the series already had a huge selection so it’s not like it needed more.

Naturally a show that is over 100 episodes will likely hit some pitfalls along the way. There is some animal violence in the show via flashbacks as we learn someone’s sob story. There are also bits of the story that are pretty dark with torture and stuff. Almost surprisingly the series manages to avoid fanservice although in trying to make Yusuke a big delinquent we do get some dicey moments with him and Keiko. Even though they’re friends it can be a bit iffy. Still, 90% of the time the show avoids these things and it’s long enough where the positives manage to overpower these negatives. That’s a luxury that a shorter show would not have had.

After all, the show is not lacking in positives. Top notch dialogue and fights for over 100 episodes will do that to you. The show also has an incredible main cast and a lot of solid supporting characters. I already talked about Yusuke, but now lets take a look at the rest of his crew. First you’ve got Yusuke’s best friend Kuwabara. He starts out as a fellow delinquent, but gradually begins to hit the books more. Throughout the series a running theme is that he is trying his best to put down the fists and pick up some knowledge. At the same time he’ll never back down from a fight though and has a strong honor code. It’s pretty rough for him since he’s still just a human though and can’t quite keep up once the enemies start getting really high tier. He even missed out on the entire final arc as a result. He’s a fun character although from the main 4 he is certainly the weakest one both in strength and character.

Next up is Kurama, the brains of the group. He’s always thinking up a plan of action for the others, but can also fight quite well when necessary. He’s quite possibly the best executed brainiac type character. He’s not one of those smart characters who lacks common sense or is terrible at fighting. Part of being a top strategist is knowing how to defeat an opponent. He’s also got human ties which end up giving him a ton of character development. An opponent may get the upper hand against him temporarily, but this never lasts. Kurama always wins the end game.

Then we have Hiei, the best character in the show aside from Yusuke. He starts out as a villain very briefly, but then plays more of a Vegeta type role for the rest of the series. He’s probably one of the only characters who got a power boost from being good rather than evil. As a villain he was very weak, partially because the author likely hadn’t thought of what to do with him at the end. By the end of the series he is able to trade blows with all of the big shots. Hiei’s confidence always makes him a winner and makes for a lot of hype scenes. As I said, the core characters are very solid here.

Moving on to other big characters, we have Yusuke’s mentor Genkai. She’s far better than the average Shonen mentors like Jiraiya and Roshi. She actually knows how to fight and teaches Yusuke a lot of important life lessons. While she is old, Genkai is still able to fight with the stronger characters in the series. Keiko is the main heroine. She’s pretty solid although it would have been cool if she could have learned how to fight by the end of the series. She always protects Yusuke’s spirit animal though and never lets the villains get her into a hostage situation. She can take care of herself pretty well.

Botan is the more charismatic heroine though. Her accent is handled well and she does like trolling Yusuke quite a bit. She’s mainly here to drop off information from Spirit World or give the heroes a push in the right direction when they need it. Koenma is her boss, but he spends a lot of time panicking. He doesn’t actually intervene in the action until near the end of the series. He’s not really much of a fighter but his pacifier makes for a very powerful tool. It’s actually a very satisfying reason as to why he still uses one even though he’s grown up. I was blown away at this revelation.

Yukina is an ice princess who appears early on in the series and sticks around as a supporting character. While most of the characters know that she is Hiei’s sister early on that plot runs all the way through to the end as they keep it a secret from her. She’s not quite as outgoing as the other characters, but always presents herself in a very dignified manner. Rinku’s a yoyo user who’s definitely very confident. He’s not one of the more powerful characters in the series, but I suppose just making it into the Dark Tournament is enough to say you’ve earned the right to be confident. He’s not my favorite villain, but he’s not bad I suppose.

Chu is one of Rinku’s teammates and he is certainly a lot tougher. He definitely makes for good fight scenes although his character starts to go down towards the end of the series. Toya is a fierce ice ninja who’s definitely cool. There isn’t a whole lot to say about him but when the chips are down he is ready to help Yusuke. Jin is another ninja and he just loves a good fight. His accent is so strong that you might have a difficult time understanding anything he is saying, but that’s part of the fun with the character. He’s definitely eager and one of the more memorable characters from the tournament.

Then we have Younger Toguro who is certainly one of the most important characters in the series. He’s extremely powerful and serves as an impressive roadblock for Yusuke. He has a pretty solid backstory and his motivations for fighting aren’t bad either. Toguro is the kind of villain who does have an honor system while battling. I definitely think he wouldn’t have lasted long in demon world, but I think a part of him knew that from the start. He got greedy for power and paid the price, but it’s easy to see why he is one of the most popular villains. He certainly is cool.

Elder Toguro isn’t quite as solid. He’s definitely more of a trickster and is willing to achieve victory at any price. Definitely not a villain you want to turn your back to. You can’t deny that the guy is persistent though. With his regeneration and quick attacks he is one of the most deadly villains in the entire series. Not my kind of villain but he makes for good fights. Then we have Karasu who is certainly quick and manages to stay competitive in his fight even when up against Yoko Kurama. He’s slightly less engaging than the other members of Team Toguro but another big hit overall. Then we have Bui who has a really cool design with the armor. His weapon is comically large to the point where it seems impractical but that speaks to how strong he is. His fight with Hiei is definitely a lot of fun and we get a lot of DBZ visuals as well as abstract moments. He doesn’t talk much until the very end. Then we have Sakyo, who is the guy who orchestrated the events of the tournament behind the scenes. His backstory is definitely iffy and so he would have been a dicey villain had he not changed. Fortunately in the present he’s much better. He’s a tactician and not a fighter, but has the courage to stand next to villains who could wipe him out in an instant. Sakyo is ambitious and makes for a very interesting antagonist. He does give up a bit easy in the end, but definitely adds to the atmosphere.

Then we get to Sensui who is definitely an iconic villain. He’s basically insane and has a lot of split personalities. Sensui simply couldn’t deal with the pressures of being a spirit detective and so he became a citizen of evil. Still, he didn’t lose his tactical mind and what makes him such a dangerous villain is that he has super strength as well as a sharp intellect. He continues to get stronger and stronger throughout the arc and is definitely a villain that you’ll miss once he’s gone. He’s definitely one of the greats. He has a band of minions who all get a bit of a role. The smallest role likely belongs to Gourmet though. That guy just got too overconfident for his own good. He’s not nearly as dangerous as the other members of the group since his “Territory” abilities just aren’t too potent.

Itsuki is probably the only member of Sensui’s team who isn’t an underling. Without him Sensui’s plan wouldn’t have a chance and the ex detective knows this. Itsuki does a good job of maintaining the portal as well as buying time for Sensui. He’s not the most interesting villain, but he’s good at what he does. Minoru is a crazed doctor who worked as part of Sensui’s group. He’s probably the most psychotic as he doesn’t even care about the plan so long as he gets to murder people. There was definitely no reasoning with him. His episodes were fun though with the hospital being a very unique locale. You rarely see it being used for fights.

Kaname is definitely good with a weapon and gave Yusuke a lot of trouble during their fight. His ability is probably the most deadly in a typical situation since he has a ton of range. It’s hard to get close to him and he can shoot you at any time. If he fought almost anyone but Yusuke he might have won since even here it ultimately took a third party to stop him. Mitarai gets the most development from the group, but he also whines a whole lot so it’s a mixed bag. The guy ultimately sees the light, but I never became a big fan of the guy. He doesn’t really add much to the table. Then we have Amanuma who is a lot younger than the other characters and as a result it’s easy for Sensui to manipulate him. His end is actually one of the most tragic in the series. The kid was messing with forces beyond his comprehension.

Yomi is one of the 3 Kings and probably the one who gets the most screen time of the 3. He’s another master strategist as this series kept on its path to Hunter X Hunter levels of conflict. Like Sensui he is also ultra powerful though so don’t think that relying on his intellect is his only option. The voice they chose for him in the dub is perfect and he certainly commands the room whenever he appears. He’s always a few steps ahead of the other characters and seems to be ready for any angle. He only loses his cool once or twice during the series. I liked him a lot more in the anime than in the manga, maybe it’s just how the directing was or how they took the arc’s direction. Either way he was quite solid and so the series continued the trend of having great main villains for each arc.

Mukuro is another one of the Kings, although she is a little less impressive than Yomi. I think her character arc feels like it never had much of a final destination at times. By the time we get her origin story it’s pretty late in the game. Still, she’s a solid villain as well and we do get to see her fight quite a bit by the end. Then we have Raizen who lived and died by his ethics. At least he stayed strong so I’ll give him some props there. Still, I feel like he didn’t really handle any of his situations too well and ultimately came close to dooming his people. I never really became a fan of his in the end. There are quite a few other characters who show up in the final arc like Raizen’s friends and the lieutenants of each faction. The only one to get a really big role was Shigure I’d say. He definitely had a big part in Hiei’s origin story and made for an interesting wild card. The monks on Yusuke’s team were also interesting even if they did keep subtly saying that they were weaker than the other factions by a lot even once the tournament had started.

Naturally there are a bunch of other characters but if you want to see them all then check out the show. There’s not a whole lot to say about the pre arc adventures, but pretty much every story part of Yu Yu Hakusho is interesting and a lot of fun. Again, it comes down to the fact that this show was firing on all cylinders in every area. Each arc is also pretty different. The Dark Tournament is awesome because of the constant fights. It embraces its shonen nature and adds in a lot of danger and suspense constantly. The way the rounds are handled is also a lot of fun as you never know exactly how the next fight is going to be structured. This also makes things difficult on the heroes since they don’t know what to expect either. There’s a lot of backstabbing going on here as well.

Then you have the Sensui arc which is a big tonal shift in the series. We get a lot of new themes that fit in with this. It started out on an awesome note as well with Yusuke being kidnapped. It’s handled in a way that really makes you anticipate the next episode. Whether you watch the show weekly or binge it, you’ll be at the edge of your seat. Yusuke’s first encounter with Sensui in the city is also epic. This arc had the highest stakes and the most tension in the series. You really never knew what to expect and while Dark Tournament is certainly still my favorite arc, this one’s also dynamite.

In comparison the final arc is a little weaker, but it’s still pretty excellent. I think I enjoyed the build up and first half more than the tournament ironically. There were just so many players and plot threads moving early on that it was a lot of fun. In a sense it all climaxed when Yusuke went to Yomi’s base to discuss things. There were a lot of ways that could have gone. The tournament was fun and all, but I did like the idea of a 3 way war for the demon world. I think that would have made for a more enjoyable arc, but it probably would have been super long as well so it makes sense that the show shifted gears. The tournament was still a lot of fun anyway even if for the first time there were no real stakes here.

Overall, Yu Yu Hakusho is definitely one of the best anime out there. I highly recommend checking it out ASAP. The show is pretty great from the start, but it enters elite status once the Dark Tournament begins. That’s when the series really hits its groove. From there on the rest of the series continues to operate on that high level and never looks back. Even the transitions from arc to arc are incredibly smooth with new villains showing up and a lot of great fights. As the series is ending there are fights right up until the end. Whether we ever get a sequel or not, the series is definitely very complete. There’s so much to talk about in this series but at the end of the day you’ve really got to experience it yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

Overall 9/10


The Promised Neverland

Well, this series has been getting quite a lot of hype lately so it’s nice to finally start it. It’s definitely got a pretty unique premise so that’s good. I’m wondering how this plot can be stretched out for very long though and I’m hoping for a big time skip. Still, a solid start and I’ll review the series once it’s over.

Overall 6/10

My Hero Academia Season 3 Review

It’s time to look at the third season of My Hero Academy. This is the best one yet and finally adapts my favorite arc of the series, the Bakugou rescue arc. Now granted, I consider this arc to start when the villains arrive in the forest and that it doesn’t conclude until after the All Might vs One For All fight. That may not officially be the case as it’s possible that these are actually 3 different arcs. If that is the case…well, it’s still my favorite chunk at any rate.

This season pretty much starts with that plot right off the bat. The heroes have gone to a secluded mountain to train since the villains keep infiltrating the school. The problem is that there still seems to be a mole within the school so this tactic doesn’t fare any better than the last one. The villains have arrived once again and aim to injure as many of the students as possible in order to further weaken trust in the heroes. Can Deku and the others stop these guys despite the professional heroes getting in their way at every turn?

It’s a great arc because there’s a lot of action right from the start and it never stops. Even though Deku and a few other select students have fought with real villains before, most of the class still isn’t ready for this. There are those who can fight and those who have to flee. It’s pretty tense all around and as expected Deku steps up to the plate. His fight with Muscular is quite epic and certainly one of the better fights. It does ultimately end up getting beat out by the All Might fight, but it certainly won’t be forgotten. It’s also always fun to see larger scale free for all fights as there are a bunch of villains and heroes in the area so it’s always hard to tell what’s going to happen next.

This also leads to one of Bakugou’s best scenes as he refuses to be tainted by the villains and prepares to fight them all off. The series has managed to completely avoid the trope of the rival turning evil and I’m glad to see him staying strong. That classic trope can be used really well and has been in many occasions but sometimes it’s nice to see the tough rival stay heroic throughout it all. While he didn’t stand much of a chance, Bakugou certainly wasn’t doing half bad for himself. His powers are pretty well equipped for a group fight, I like to think that he would have done some damage before going down.

Finally that leads to the big climax where we finally get to see All Might take on One For All. It’s definitely a battle that lived up to the hype. We’ve been waiting to see this match up since season 1 after all. All Might is as strong as a person can get and One For All has as many powers as he could find. It’s the ole quality vs quantity debate and as always the latter does tend to look quite impressive. I think it’s a case by case basis but I’m inclined to go for the latter at times myself. Still, it’s a very even match up.

I guess that leads to the only tough part for the season which is the fact that you really can’t top that. The fight almost should have been the final part of the season. Instead we get the start of the next arc right after it. The students are back to training and now they are going to meet some of the senior students. I’ll give the author some credit here, no matter how big the arc, he always brings the students back to the training grounds right afterwards. Even if it may seem a little anticlimactic, it’s consistent. It’s also not as if it gets boring or anything, you may just have a tough time taking the school seriously after a while. The series still tries to paint the other students as also being on roughly the same level and all, but you can’t help but feel that Deku and the rest of the strike squad have completely left them in the dust. Nothing beats real life experience after all.

The animation is basically the same as the last season. It’s very polished and all of the colors are very vibrant. It really looks like a new anime and I don’t think the animators took any shortcuts. It all feels like it’s at the level where the series should be right now. It’s actually fun to take a look at season 1 and you’ll see how the animation has really improved. It’s not something that you’ll notice week to week but it’s more noticeable if you look at it from such a big time gap. There are also a few new themes here including one that plays for the big All Might fight. It’s definitely a great track and continues the series on a high note there as well. None of the openings are quite able to beat the first one as of yet with the music, but the final opening of the season probably has the best visuals yet. With the next season bringing a lot of fights with it I’m also expecting a lot of fun visuals there as well.

Most of the characters are unchanged so I’ll mainly talk about the ones who had a big role here for better or worse. While most characters look pretty good here, I’m afraid that Ida was not one of them. In the last season he had his big run in with Stain which unfortunately gave him the wrong lesson. He now believes that the law is absolute and he has to obey it without question. While this is portrayed as being the right attitude for the most part I disagree with it as much now as I did back in the manga. It’s the same issue as in the movie. Ida is willing to let people’s lives be in danger as long as the rules are followed. As the students are now technically allowed to engage villains even in self defense, he believes they should stay at the hospital while the pros try to rescue Bakugou. It just shows where the limits of his friendship are and the others should definitely remember that. He spends the whole arc grumbling and holding everyone back. So, this is where I stopped liking Ida completely and he never managed to make it back. His character appears to be irrevocably ruined.

Meanwhile Deku is at his best here. He refuses to simply wait and quickly decides to go along with the others to save Bakugou. For something like this you can’t just wait and I’m glad that he went with the others. Deciding to go definitely helps show me which characters to root for in the future. It also certainly was good that the heroes went as things would have likely gotten very messy without them. Deku and Bakugou certainly stole the show in this arc. Meanwhile other characters like Kirishima and Todoroki continue to look good. They’re both around to help as needed and continue to keep up with the others in terms of ability. Others are doomed from the start with their quirks and will need to try and find a way around them.

This is also All for One’s big debut for the most part as he finally gets a role. He’s definitely a fun villain to have. He doesn’t waste much time trying to get the audience to sympathize with him. He just wants to throw the world into chaos and is going to do whatever he can for that purpose. He’s the complete opposite of All Might’s symbol of hope for the heroes. He sparks confidence in the villains. While he will likely be on the sidelines for quite a while, I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns at some point. Unlike All Might you get the feeling that he’s still got a lot more energy in the tank and probably has some contingency plans to put himself in a good spot.

Tomura’s allies also get some more screen time here. Dabi gets to use his blue flames and he seems like one of the stronger villains. He was even able to get the jump on Eraserhead. Then we have Toga whose shape shifting abilities are incredibly useful. The split personality guy definitely seems more crazy than being a real threat, but I guess just having him around will help a bit. We also get a tease on the villain for the next arc. This gangster is just as tough as he appears and his group will be appearing quite a lot in the next season. We also can’t forget about Muscular who is pretty much everything you could want in a villain. He’s very powerful and he’s got a lot to prove. The guy has a lot of determination and while he isn’t anything more than just a villain, he perfectly achieves his role in the story. He’s a real fun villain. My favorite one in the series will finally be showing up in the next season.

Mirio also appears at the very end. He gets a lot of hype and as he is a third year student you can see how he should be very skilled. His powers are a lot of fun and he definitely outshines the other students with ease. He seems like a fun character. I’m going to restrain myself on talking about the next season for him. I should only judge him on how he appears here after all. While I can’t say that I’m hyped for the next season it makes the ending to this one that much better. It got in as much as it could without going too far and holding the season back and that’s a very good thing.

As always the writing is top notch. As I mentioned, the season ends on a much calmer note than the first half as it’s about being at the school festival with class B and trying to save civilians. It’s fun to see the guy who voiced Kirito play a role as one of the new students. It’s a shame that we won’t be seeing more of him. It also makes sense that the author would throw the heroes in some missions like this one rather than classic beat the villain type ones since class A would be way overqualified here. There’s just no way that the others could keep up. That’s why I feel bad for Deku at times though. It’s tough to be constantly holding back around everyone. He’s just almost too strong.

Of course, we do get the big rematch between Bakugou and Deku in this season which really shows off my point to its fullest extent. Bakugou is very strong and aside from Deku I think he’s probably the strongest student in their class right now. The problem for Deku is that he has to try and keep up with Bakugou’s speed and power without going too far above it and actually hurting him. I remember in the manga a lot of people thought he would accidentally cause a serious injury to Bakugou by being goaded into using too much power at once. Fortunately that didn’t happen but that’s why win or lose it is definitely tough for Deku. Once everyone else begins to catch up to his level then it’ll be easier for him to fight normally.

Overall, This was definitely an epic season of My Hero Academy. As always the series continues to be super interesting and the world around the characters is just so vast and well developed. I also don’t think this season shall be surpassed since the next arc is my least favorite of the series. I don’t doubt that the anime will do the best it can with the adaption, but when the source material is no good then there is only so much you can do. Still, once it gets past that hump then we’ll be back in business. Although, we’ve only really had one true arc since then so we’ll have to see where it goes from there. As this is season 3 I’m thinking by now you’re either watching My Hero or not. If you aren’t, I guess you could start with season 3 but it probably won’t feel quite as much fun as it would be if you start with season 1 instead. This series does have a pretty tight continuity after all. As long as the production values continue to stay at this high level I don’t see MHA’s popularity declining anytime soon.

Overall 8/10

Astra Lost in Space

This is definitely a fairly obscure manga. It’s off to a reasonable start. I wouldn’t say that it is particularly exciting compared to most of the other big titles but it’s not bad either. I think the manga just needs its stride and then it can go to the next level. The question is whether it will find that stride in time. I’ll have a review for the series up when I have finished it.

Overall 6/10

Kuroko’s Basketball

Shonen Jump has always been pretty solid with its action and sports lineup. Kuroko’s Basketball is no exception and after reading the first 4 volumes I can certainly see why it got a lot of attention back in the day. I’ll have a review for the series up once I’ve wrapped up the final volumes.

Overall 7/10

Black Clover Quartet Knights Review

It’s rare that I pre order games. Honestly there are probably only around 10 or so that I can think of at the moment. I’m only counting games that I actually paid for so pre orders for Christmas or my Birthday don’t count. Off the top the games that I can think of are Super Smash Bros 3DS, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Pokken, Street Fighter V, Star Fox Zero, Black Clover Quartet Knights, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, Sonic Forces, and Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. There may be a few more that I’m missing but that’s basically it. Considering that this spans a time frame of around 10 years, you can see that I basically only started pre-ordering recently. It’s definitely fun to get a game at launch, but it’s also risky if the game ends up being underwhelming or just not worth the money. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I actively regret any of these or anything like that, but some were certainly more rewarding than others. I’d probably say that (not counting Super Smash since those would be the easy answers) Pokken was probably my favorite one. I definitely spent a lot of time with that game and the PVP was just a lot of fun. Definitely good times remembering when you didn’t have to pay to go online. Getting off topic though, lets talk about Black Clover.

The story has our heroes head to a cavern after stopping a villain named Mars when they are split up from Captian Yami. Asta and Noelle break through the rounds of enemies and find him, but now he has de-aged 14 years. What could have happened to him in the moments it took them to find him? They don’t have much time to rest though as a group of terrorists known as the Eye of the Morning Star have decided to team up with a mysterious lady from Yami’s past. Asta doesn’t have time to worry about the specifics here as he has a kingdom to save.

The story is extremely short as it is just 10 battles long and you’ll clear it in around 2 hours. I was a little dubious after finishing up the story. Naturally I know that the main point of this game is the online play so I wasn’t going to harsh on it too much, but only 10 levels? Fortunately by beating the game you unlock an alternate route with Yami which adds 8 more levels. After that you also get 2 “extra” levels so in total the game is a little closer to 4 hours which is nice. That definitely makes a difference. There are also other offline modes to play which extends the length. Each character has a challenge tutorial which is fairly easy and lets you get used to the characters. I’ll definitely try doing all of them at some point, but that may not happen for a while yet. Still, it does extend the game’s length.

Of course, this may go without saying, but you will enjoy the game a lot more if you have online play activated. After all, this game’s not exactly as mainstream as Naruto or DBZ so if you want to fight a bunch of people online you’ll want to do it right away. If you want until everyone is gone then it will certainly be way too late at that point. The offline content may last you around 6 hours and a little more if you decide to beat every level on hard mode. That may not seem like enough for your $60 dollar purchase, but the quality of the game is high so I don’t think you’ll feel bad about it afterwards.

For example, this game does have fully animated cutscenes which was definitely a blast. Not many games do that so I can only imagine how difficult it must be. We also get a bunch of CGI cutscenes and still illustrations as well. I definitely think that quite a bit of care was put into this game. The story is short but memorable. The graphics are definitely quite solid and are in the familiar Bandai style. If you like how the Naruto/Seven Deadly Sins game looks then you’ll enjoy this one as well. The soundtrack is a little less impressive though as there is only one really rocking theme. The lyrical song for the final boss is all kinds of hype. The other themes are all very forgettable. I think the game should have just brought in a bunch of themes from the anime, that would have certainly worked out well.

I haven’t even talked about the gameplay yet so I should get on that. It’s a pretty fast paced fighting game. It’s in squads format so you go 3 v 3. You want to construct your team carefully as you have mages, fighters, healers, and a different kind of fighter. My favorite characters to play as are definitely fighters and healers are the worst, but naturally you want a balanced squad. It plays a bit like a beat em up I’d say or Dissidia if you are familiar with that game. You have roughly 4-5 attack options so there isn’t a crazy amount of options to use, but this’ll help you memorize them quickly. The game is easy to start while being difficult to master which is definitely a good balance. I definitely enjoyed the gameplay a lot although I am definitely a sucker for fighters. They always just manage to hit the right notes which is why I always try to snag them right away.

Overall, Black Clover Quartet Knights is definitely a great game. It is on the short side which is unfortunate, but it’s a short game that really excelled in its presentation and pacing. For example, I’d say that a lot more effort was put into the actual story than Blazblue. It’s around the same length but ends up feeling a lot more like a complete adventure. I’d still be pretty hyped for a sequel after playing this one. It’s a shame that there isn’t a local multiplayer though. It seems like that would have been really easy to program in even if it would be tough to keep track of everything on only half a screen. Better a crunched option than none at all right? (Well, I guess critics would take shots at it anyway, but the devs can ignore those) If you don’t have the game yet then I definitely recommend checking it out. If you don’t have online and feel that the length is too short, then I get that and you should probably go get a different fighting game. Any of the old Naruto Ninja Storms would work in that case and will be cheaper by now.

Overall 8/10

Current Fighter Standings 3

It’s been half a year so the next edition of the Blog’s Fighter Standings is finally here. Currently there are 4695 Fighters on this site which is 127 more than the last time. Since the last Records we’ve gotten hundreds of battles including requests from Destroyer, Sonic, iKnowledge, Random, Anonymous, Adrogoz, Dylan Hooton, etc. It’s time to see how all of your fights have moved the rankings around. I think we all know who the first and last place fighters are, but the others are anyone’s guess. It’s been a hype year of blog fights and more are sure to come. If you want to look up a fighter in particular, I highly recommend using ctrl-F and then typing in their name.

Time for some fun facts. There’s no easy way to get all of the data that I’d like on this so instead of bringing in the traditional awards I figured that I would instead take a look at various universes and see how they stack up. I’ll be having a separate page for this as well soon which will have a bunch of them. In the meantime here is a preview of what it will look like. I’m gonna grab the top 10 characters for each franchise and average their records to see how they stack up. They are as follows

Shonen Jump 1.0
Capcom .970
Marvel .917
Sega .886
Yugioh .880
DC .868
Digimon .863
Nintendo .845
Toho Kaijuverse .805
Transformers .791
Gameraverse .497

Shonen Jump is truly OP! I just grabbed a few for this one, but you can bet that the other page will go into more depth, but that’s more of a long term section so don’t expect it to really pop up for quite a while. I also plan to shake up some of the lower ranks as they have been rather stagnant for a while so they have one last chance to enjoy the bottom ranks for this Standings report. The next one will pop up in early January. Now enjoy the records!!

Time for the ranks!

1st BASS 817-0

2nd Bly 104-0

3rd Vegeta 85-0

4th Sasuke 76-0

5th Train 60-0

6th Ryoma 52-0

7th Jaden 50-0

8th Kaiba 32-0

9th Grimmjow 27-0

10th Gon 309-5 .984

11th Tsuna 41-1 .976

12th Ichigo 104-3 .971

13th Goku 176-6 .967

14th Megaman 83-3 .965

15th Sonic 102-4 .962

16th Bakura 25-1 .961

17th Zero 48-2 .960

18th Yami Yugi 41-2 .953

19th Zeke 19-1 .950
19th Sora 19-1 .950

20th Frieza 37-2 .948

21st Medaka Kurokami 18-1 .947

22nd Syaoran 16-1 .941

23rd Yusuke 46-3 .938

24th Jean Grey 15-1 .937
24th Gigan 15-1 .937

25th Ash 218-15 .935

26th Metal Sonic 28-2 .933
26th Lightning 14-1 .933
26th Aizen 14-1 .933

27th Cell 67-5 .930

28th Megaman SF 26-2 .928

29th Ironman 73-6 .924

30th Marcus 24-2 .923
30th Blackheart 12-1 .923
30th Rainbow Dash 12-1 .923
30th Gohan 36-3 .923

31sth Buu 23-2 .920
31st Byakuya 23-2 .920

32nd Batman 178-16 .917

33rd Ms Marvel 11-1 .916
33rd Obito 11-1 .916

34th Lazerman 261-25 .912

35th Protoman 31-3 .911

36th Yang 10-1 .909
36th Mukuro 20-2 .909
36th Kaguro 20-2 .909
36th Zaraki 20-2 .909
36th Kanda 20-2 .909
36th Simon (Gurren Lagann) 10-1 .909
36th Atlas 20-2 .909
36th Oga Tatsumi 10-1 .909

37th Gao Mikado 19-2 .904

38th Ryu 18-2 .900
38th Accelerator 9-1 .900
38th Iori 9-1 .900
38th Kimimaro 9-1 .900
38th Hao 9-1 .900
38th Yoh 18-2 .900
38th Kazuki 9-1 .900
38th Jiren 9-1 .900

39th Sephiroth 26-3 .896

40th Naruto 77-9 .895

41st Kenshin 17-2 .894
41st Optimus Prime 17-2 .894

42nd Level 3 Akuma 8-1 .888
42nd Lan 8-1 .888
42nd Savageman 48-6 .888
42nd Dark Samus 8-1 .888
42nd Segata Sanshiro 8-1 .888
42nd Kite (Yugioh) 8-1 .888
42nd Copy X 8-1 .888
42nd Black Star 8-1 .888
42nd Killua 16-2 .888
42nd Pyrrha Nikos 8-1 .888

43rd Spiderman 79-10 .887

44th Mega Man 46-6 .884

45th Slur 15-2 .882

46th Sigma 22-3 .880
46th Shadow 37-5 .880
46th Supergirl 22-3 .880

47th Trunks 29-4 .878

48th Lenalee 7-1 .875
48th Ruby Rose 7-1 .875
48th Zamasu 14-2 .875
48th Lucario 21-3 .875

49th Cloud 34-5 .871

50th Pharohman 20-3 .869
50th Kazuya 20-3 .869
50th Alucard 20-3 .869

51st Ulquiorra 13-2 .866
51st Vent 13-2 .866

52nd Pac Man 25-4 .862

53rd Green Lantern 32-5 .864

54th Gravityman 37-6 .860
54th Gemini Saga 99-16 .860

55th Level 4 Akuma 6-1 .857
55th Black War Greymon 6-1 .857
55th Yoshimori 6-1 .857
55th Lust 6-1 .857
55th Gate 6-1 .857
55th Ginta 6-1 .857
55th Gallantmon 12-2 .857
55th Dormammu 6-1 .857
55th Aichi Sendou 6-1 .857
55th Homura Akemi 6-1 .857

56th Hibari 17-3 .850

57th Shazam 11-2 .846
57th Greymon 11-2 .846
57th Legion 11-2 .846
57th Dialga 11-2 .846

58th Spiderman 2099 32-6 .842
58th Madara 16-3 .842

59th Pit 21-4 .840
59th Luffy 42-8 .840

60th Zoro 26-5 .838

61st Rokuro 5-1 .833
61st Crowley Eusford 5-1 .833
61st Ratchet 10-2 .833
61st Lewa 5-1 .833
61st Takanuva 5-1 .833
61st Iihiko 5-1 .833
61st Garurumon 5-1 .833
61st Groudon 5-1 .833
61st Caulifla 5-1 .833
61st Megaman X 20-4 .833
61st Sensui 5-1 .833
61st Amazo 5-1 .833
61st Hollow Ichigo 5-1 .833
61st Cia 5-1 .833
61st Alastor 5-1 .833
61st Machamp 5-1 .833
61st Roy 10-2 .833
61st Beerus 5-1 .833
61st Yuichiro 5-1 .833
61st Nemu 5-1 .833
61st Dorothy 5-1 .833
61st Tasuku 10-2 .833

62nd Thor 188-39 .828

63rd Riku 19-4 .826

64th Goten 14-3 .823

65th Rogue 9-2 .818
65th Dark Megaman 9-2 .818
65th Ferid 9-2 .818
65th Misaka 9-2 .818
65th Samus 36-8 .818
65th Dr Strange 9-2 .818

66th Mecha Godzilla 13-3 .812

67th Prismman 34-8 .809
67th Ultron 17-4 .809

68th Allen 21-5 .807

69th Kirito 25-6 .806

70th Searchman 37-9 .804

71st Tai 8-2 .800
71st Zoran Lazarevic 4-1 .800
71st Vincent 4-1 .800
71st Janemba 8-2 .800
71st Gama 4-1 .800
71st Roy (FMA) 4-1 .800
71st Krul Tepes 4-1 .800
71st Starkiller 4-1 .800
71st Maka 4-1 .800
71st Moguera 4-1 .800
71st Aile 4-1 .800
71st Scarface 4-1 .800
71st Rock Lee 4-1 .800
71st Crocodile 4-1 .800
71st Mew 4-1 .800
71st Kyogre 4-1 .800
71st Gary 4-1 .800
71st Zack Taylor 4-1 .800
71st Billy Cranston 4-1 .800
71st Trini Kwan 4-1 .800
71st Kimberly Ann Hart 4-1 .800
71st Xanxus 4-1 .800
71st Ren 16-4 .800
71st God Ginrai 4-1 .800
71st Younger Toguro 4-1 .800
71st Yubel 4-1 .800
71st Bravenwolf 4-1 .800
71st Najimi Ajimu 4-1 .800
71st Miss Martian 4-1 .800
71st Rai 4-1 .800
71st Reiji 4-1 .800
71st Power Girl 4-1 .800
71st Soundblaster 8-2 .800
71st Ray Mk II 4-1 .800
71st Kaz Gordon 4-1 .800
71st Baby 4-1 .800
71st Psylocke 4-1 .800
71st Raikage 4-1 .800
71st Charizard 28-7 .800
71st Rukia 8-2 .800
71st Green Lantern (Stewart) 8-2 .800
71st Saber 4-1 .800
71st Bardock 4-1 .800
71st Tahiri Veila 4-1 .800
71st Sinestro 4-1 .800
71st Genos 4-1 .800
71st Drum Bunker Dragon 8-2 .800
71st Pride 8-2 .800
71st Rayquaza 8-2 .800
71st Marik 4-1 .800
71st Weiss 4-1 .800
71st Thanos 28-7 .800
71st Wonder Woman 48-12 .800
71st Piccolo 28-7 .800
71st Omega Shenron 12-3 .800

72nd Darkseid 19-5 .791

73rd Emma Frost 11-3 .785

74th Broly 36-10 .782
74th Ganondorf 18-5 .782

75th Kurapika 7-2 .777
75th Mikaela 7-2 .777
75th Veemon 7-2 .777
75th Burter 7-2 .777
75th Android 17 7-2 .777
75th Infinite 7-2 .777
75th Astro Boy 14-4 .777
75th Exodia 7-2 .777
75th Serenade 14-4 .777
75th Snake Eyes 7-2 .777
75th Cobra Commander 7-2 .777
75th Strauss 7-2 .777
75th Ansem 7-2 .777
75th Ness 14-4 .777
75th Mewtwo 28-8 .777
75th Venom 42-12 .777
75th Vakishim 7-2 .777
75th Dante 7-2 .777

76th Cyclops 17-5 .772
76th Zane 17-5 .772
76th Punk 34-10 .772

77th Falzar 10-3 .769
77th Starfire 10-3 .769
77th Hiei 20-6 .769
77th Kyle Rayner 10-3 .769

78th The BioLizard 33-10 .767

79th Cooler 13-4 .764
79th Sherlock Holmes 13-4 .764

80th Sanji 16-5 .761

81st Biollante 22-7 .758

82nd Spikeman 31-10 .756
82nd Fox 28-9 .756

83rd Flash (Barry) 18-6 .750
83rd Leon (Cardfight) 3-1 .750
83rd Natsu 6-2 .750
83rd Cinder 3-1 .750
83rd Yuya 3-1 .750
83rd Blake 3-1 .750
83rd Takuya 3-1 .750
83rd Pegasus Seiya 3-1 .750
83rd Chris Walker 3-1 .750
83rd Rouga Aragami 6-2 .750
83rd Tyki Mikk 6-2 .750
83rd Magoroku Shido 6-2 .750
83rd Creed 3-1 .750
83rd Hibito 6-2 .750
83rd Ranmaru 3-1 .750
83rd Miss Yuri 3-1 .750
83rd Chaos Bahamut 3-1 .750
83rd Hisoka 3-1 .750
83rd Gen 3-1 .750
83rd Ventus 3-1 .750
83rd Kuneida 3-1 .750
83rd Omega Xis 3-1 .750
83rd Tenguman 6-2 .750
83rd Redips 6-2 .750
83rd Sora (naruto) 6-2 .750
83rd Misty 3-1 .750
83rd Garchomp 3-1 .750
83rd Butterfree 3-1 .750
83rd Anna 3-1 .750
83rd Blaze 6-2 .750
83rd ROB 6-2 .750
83rd Jack (5ds) 6-2 .750
83rd Rodimus Prime 3-1 .750
83rd Ninetails 3-1 .750
83rd Hikaru 15-5 .750
83rd Zorc 3-1 .750
83rd Kyodaigumo 3-1 .750
83rd Sakura (Cards) 6-2 .750
83rd Owlman 3-1 .750
83rd Twilight Sparkle 3-1 .750
83rd Jin Kariya 3-1 .750
83rd Kamui 3-1 .750
83rd Grave Joker 3-1 .750
83rd Vice 3-1 .750
83rd Setsuna F Seiei 3-1 .750
83rd Omega (Zero) 3-1 .750
83rd Metallo 3-1 .750
83rd Shadow Android 3-1 .750
83rd Nirvash 3-1 .750
83rd Rey 3-1 .750
83rd Skin 3-1 .750
83rd Hikaru Shidou 3-1 .750
83rd Promethean Knight 3-1 .750
83rd Kuroyukihime 3-1 .750
83rd Kenshiro 3-1 .750
83rd Rikuo Nura 3-1 .750
83rd Joey 6-2 .750
83rd Captain Marvel 6-2 .750
83rd Hibiki 3-1 .750
83rd Dan 3-1 .750
83rd Erza 3-1 .750
83rd Alduin 3-1 .750
83rd Dark Pit 3-1 .750
83rd Davide Yamazaki 6-2 .750
83rd Toothless 3-1 .750
83rd Cyber End Dragon 6-2 .750
83rd Alfred 3-1 .750
83rd Davis 3-1 .750
83rd Sofia Sakharov 3-1 .750
83rd Sailor Galaxia 6-2 .750
83rd Sena Arata 3-1 .750
83rd Graviton 3-1 .750
83rd Bayonetta 3-1 .750
83rd Genma 3-1 .750
83rd Beast Titan 3-1 .750
83rd Knuckles 9-3 .750
83rd Yugi 15-5 .750
83rd Tifa 9-3 .750

84th Vile 17-6 .739

85th Link 55-20 .733
85th Doomsday 11-4 .733

86th Ben 10 27-10 .729

87th Cyber Shredder 8-3 .727
87th Lina Inverse 8-3 .727
87th Colossus 8-3 .727

88th Invisible Woman 21-8 .724

89th Judgeman 34-13 .723

90th Dr Doom 13-5 .722
90th Superman 182-70 .722
90th Gemini Spark 13-5 .722

91st Mario 83-32 .721

92nd Mothra 18-7 .720

93rd Quickman 33-13 .717

94th Toshiki Kai 5-2 .714
94th Human Torch 10-4 .714
94th Shukaku 5-2 .714
94th Emerl 5-2 .714
94th King Cold 5-2 .714
94th Skullman 30-12 .714
94th Soundwave 10-4 .714
94th Ridley 5-2 .714
94th Beet 5-2 .714
94th Battra 20-8 .714

95th Blasterman 32-13 .711

96th Godzilla 112-46 .708

97th Dark Vader 12-5 .705

98th Hirudegarn 7-3 .700
98th Megalon 7-3 .700
98th Shulk 7-3 .700
98th Black Doom 7-3 .700
98th Skeith 14-6 .700
98th Crimson Dragon 7-3 .700
98th Juggernaut 7-3 .700
98th Jin 7-3 .700
98th Kazane 7-3 .700

99th Blastman 30-13 .697

100th Scar 16-7 .695

101st Dark Gaia 9-4 .692
101st Nine Tailed Fox 9-4 .692
101st Blaziken 9-4 .692
101st Red 9-4 .692
101st Eren Jeager 9-4 .692
101st Unicron 9-4 .692
101st King Cobra 9-4 .692

102nd Videoman 29-13 .690
102nd Deadpool 29-13 .690

103rd Zelda 20-9 .689

104th Zero EXE 11-5 .687
104th Martian Manhunter 11-5 .687
104th Megatron 11-5 .687

105th King Ghidorah 15-7 .681

106th Robin 17-8 .680
106th Rodan 17-8 .680
106th Pikachu 32-15 .680

107th Touma 2-1 .666
107th Asta 2-1 .666
107th Aerodactyl 2-1 .666
107th Breakdown 2-1 .666
107th Chiaotzu 2-1 .666
107th Paruko Nanana 2-1 .666
107th Tahu 8-4 .666
107th Lehvak Kal 2-1 .666
107th Guts 2-1 .666
107th Mercutio 2-1 .666
107th Azumarill 4-2 .666
107th Maylu 2-1 .666
107th Raven Branwen 2-1 .666
107th Sailor Saturn 4-2 .666
107th Kopaka 4-2 .666
107th Grand Fisher 8-4 .666
107th Hitsugaya 2-1 .666
107th Harribel 2-1 .666
107th Vision 6-3 .666
107th Shrieker 2-1 .666
107th Ren Suzugamori 2-1 .666
107th Yoruichi 2-1 .666
107th Mikey 2-1 .666
107th Togemon 2-1 .666
107th Gomamon 2-1 .666
107th Guy 2-1 .666
107th Al 2-1 .666
107th Wrath 2-1 .666
107th Sting Eucliffe 2-1 .666
107th Android 16 6-3 .666
107th Hilda 2-1 .666
107th Furuichi 2-1 .666
107th Viral 2-1 .666
107th Orga 8-4 .666
107th Drax The Destroyer 8-4 .666
107th Phantom (MAR) 2-1 .666
107th Vilius 2-1 .666
107th Sharkman 8-4 .666
107th Freezeman 4-2 .666
107th Ra Thor 2-1 .666
107th Ban 2-1 .666
107th Tobirama Senju 2-1 .666
107th Kaguya 2-1 .666
107th Epsilon 2-1 .666
107th Grey 2-1 .666
107th Kabuto 4-2 .666
107th Choji 2-1 .666
107th Sakon 4-2 .666
107th Mihawk 2-1 .666
107th Blue 2-1 .666
107th Pokemon Trainer 2-1 .666
107th Geodude 2-1 .666
107th Ho-Oh 4-2 .666
107th Rapidash 2-1 .666
107th Magneton 2-1 .666
107th Silver Sonic 2 2-1 .666
107th Zebra (Toriko) 2-1 .666
107th Shark (Yugioh) 2-1 .666
107th Dark Magician Girl 2-1 .666
107th Ghost 2-1 .666
107th Primo 2-1 .666
107th Diabound 2-1 .666
107th Obelisk 2-1 .666
107th Skeebo 2-1 .666
107th Kurama 4-2 .666
107th Hollow 4-2 .666
107th Captain Atom 4-2 .666
107th Destroyer 4-2 .666
107th Blue Beetle 2-1 .666
107th Arshes Nei 2-1 .666
107th Wonderman 4-2 .666
107th Hanon 2-1 .666
107th Masamori 2-1 .666
107th Setsuki 2-1 .666
107th Aihi 2-1 .666
107th Cyborg Superman 2-1 .666
107th Zangetsu 2-1 .666
107th Simon 2-1 .666
107th Shio 2-1 .666
107th Daniel X 2-1 .666
107th Pluto 2-1 .666
107th Metastacia 2-1 .666
107th Terra 2-1 .666
107th Genkai 2-1 .666
107th Kikyo 2-1 .666
107th Caroni 2-1 .666
107th Kouya 2-1 .666
107th Mirage (Spychanger) 2-1 .666
107th Togera 2-1 .666
107th Ashe 2-1 .666
107th Captain Bravo 2-1 .666
107th Jak 2-1 .666
107th Ryoma Nagare 2-1 .666
107th Phantom (Zero) 2-1 .666
107th Victor 2-1 .666
107th Saki 2-1 .666
107th Mu 2-1 .666
107th Huey 2-1 .666
107th Quickster 4-2 .666
107th Omega 4-2 .666
107th Matt 2-1 .666
107th Death Saurer 2-1 .666
107th Tigerstar 2-1 .666
107th Bio Broly 2-1 .666
107th Chuck Greene 2-1 .666
107th Quantosaurous Rex 2-1 .666
107th Booster Gold 2-1 .666
107th Aqualad 2-1 .666
107th Ezio 4-2 .666
107th Ueki 2-1 .666
107th Suicider 2-1 .666
107th Sesshomaru 2-1 .666
107th Zenon 2-1 .666
107th Baron 2-1 .666
107th Boogyman 2-1 .666
107th Beltorze 2-1 .666
107th Cunningham 2-1 .666
107th Desmond Miles 2-1 .666
107th Grineed 2-1 .666
107th Garonewt 2-1 .666
107th Jet Black 2-1 .666
107th Virus Beast 4-2 .666
107th Superboy 2-1 .666
107th Orphen 2-1 .666
107th Kyoko Sakura 2-1 .666
107th Bart Simpson 2-1 .666
107th Mami Tomoe 2-1 .666
107th Lobo 2-1 .666
107th XJ 9 2-1 .666
107th Atom 2-1 .666
107th Blue Knight 2-1 .666
107th Joey Jones 2-1 .666
107th Sally 4-2 .666
107th Skull Reaper 2-1 .666
107th Nail 2-1 .666
107th Rhydon 2-1 .666
107th Rin Okumura 4-2 .666
107th Ivy 2-1 .666
107th Ichinose 2-1 .666
107th Akuma 2-1 .666
107th Gray (Fairy Tail) 2-1 .666
107th Tank (Left 4 Dead) 2-1 .666
107th Spyro 2-1 .666
107th Skynet 2-1 .666
107th Alain 2-1 .666
107th Thomas 2-1 .666
107th Assassin 2-1 .666
107th Kouki 2-1 .666
107th Koutei 2-1 .666
107th Leonard 2-1 .666
107th Nova (Sam) 2-1 .666
107th Gilgamesh 2-1 .666
107th Shirou 2-1 .666
107th Cell Jr 8-4 .666
107th Ornstein 2-1 .666
107th Bryan Mills 2-1 .666
107th Ryu Hayabusa 2-1 .666
107th Dromus 2-1 .666
107th Genesect 2-1 .666
107th Takamiya 2-1 .666
107th Gourry 2-1 .666
107th Berserker 2-1 .666
107th Tojo Hidetora 2-1 .666
107th Volga 2-1 .666
107th Ai Enma 4-2 .666
107th Havok 6-3 .666
107th Lord Boros 2-1 .666
107th Fuji 2-1 .666
107th Lana 2-1 .666
107th Gaara 10-5 .666
107th Percy Jackson 2-1 .666
107th Asura 2-1 .666
107th Iroh 2-1 .666
107th Elisa Maza 2-1 .666
107th Wraith 2-1 .666
107th Ozai 2-1 .666
107th Snail 2-1 .666
107th Kami Tenchi 2-1 .666
107th Namorita 2-1 .666
107th Zuko 2-1 .666
107th Jason Lee Scott 4-2 .666
107th Dracena 6-3 .666

108th Metalman 27-14 .658

109th Pain 11-6 .647
109th Desertman 11-6 .647

110th Godzilla Junior 9-5 .642
110th Colonel 9-5 .642
110th Duo 9-5 .642
110th Anguirus 18-10 .642
110th Sentry 459 9-5 .642
110th Lex Luthor 9-5 .642
110th Kirby 18-10 .642
110th Three Giant Snakes 9-5 .642

111th Clover 16-9 .640
111th Silver Surfer 16-9 .640

112th Destoroyah 23-13 .638

113th Palutena 7-4 .636
113th Palkia 7-4 .636
113th Itachi 14-8 .636
113th Kiri 7-4 .636
113th Raditz 7-4 .636

114th Eggman 12-7 .631
114th Galactus 12-7 .631
114th Titanosaurus 12-7 .631
114th Captain America 24-14 .631
114th Elecman 12-7 .631
114th Wolverine 24-14 .631

115th Ike 10-6 .625
115th Sailor Mars 5-3 .625
115th Dark Link 5-3 .625
115th Minato 5-3 .625
115th Uryu 5-3 .625
115th Krystal 5-3 .625
115th Akame 10-6 .625
115th Nuova Shenron 5-3 .625
115th Black Panther 5-3 .625
115th Tsunade 5-3 .625
115th Kid Bass 5-3 .625
115th Proto Man 5-3 .625
115th Bugs Bunny 5-3 .625
115th Yusei 10-6 .625
115th Time Eater 5-3 .625
115th Kratos 5-3 .625
115th Chun Li 5-3 .625
115th Akiza 5-3 .625
115th Enchantress 5-3 .625
115th Raiden 5-3 .625

116th Kiva 13-8 .619

117th Megaguirus 8-5 .615
117th Shredder 8-5 .615

118th Greninja 11-7 .611
118th Rosalina 11-7 .611
118th Ghost Rider 22-14 .611

119th Diaboromon 14-9 .608

120th Magicman 26-17 .604

121st Iron Giant 6-4 .600
121st Bison 3-2 .600
121st Cole MacGrath 3-2 .600
121st Finn 3-2 .600
121st Rio 3-2 .600
121st Corrin 3-2 .600
121st al’Lan Mandragoran 3-2 .600
121st Regal 3-2 .600
121st Lucina 9-6 .600
121st Iblis 3-2 .600
121st Renamon 3-2 .600
121st Android 18 9-6 .600
121st Guiron 3-2 .600
121st Ukon 3-2 .600
121st Eevee 3-2 .600
121st Brightman 3-2 .600
121st Gridman 6-4 .600
121st Jonathan Joestar 3-2 .600
121st Blue Eyes White Dragon 3-2 .600
121st Wigglytuff 3-2 .600
121st Solaris 6-4 .600
121st Mecha Sonic 3-2 .600
121st Dark Zorc 3-2 .600
121st Zangya 3-2 .600
121st Namor 3-2 .600
121st Iron Fist 3-2 .600
121st Swamp Thing 2-2 .600
121st Bobobobobobobo 3-2 .600
121st Mephiles 21-14 .600
121st Mirage (Girl) 3-2 .600
121st Bugriser 6-4 .600
121st Judge Dredd 3-2 .600
121st Jason Bourne 3-2 .600
121st Muk 3-2 .600
121st Clefairy 3-2 .600
121st Teridax 12-8 .600
121st Black Widow 6-4 .600
121st Star Saber 3-2 .600
121st Levi 3-2 .600
121st Chazz 3-2 .600
121st Cammy 3-2 .600

122nd Space Godzilla 31-21 .596

123rd Kakashi 10-7 .588

124th Viewtiful Joe 7-5 .583
124th Japanman 7-5 .583
124th Manda 7-5 .583
124th Tien 7-5 .583
124th Wii Fit Trainer 7-5 .583
124th Bahamut (SIN) 7-5 .583

125th Cosmoman 11-8 .578

126th Krillin 12-9 .571
126th Spectre 4-3 .571
126th Rick Grimes 4-3 .571
126th Cerberus (Disney) 4-3 .571
126th Roll 24-18 .571
126th Cup Ramen Man 4-3 .571
126th Gregar 4-3 .571
126th Arceus 4-3 .571
126th Takeshi Yamamoto 4-3 .571
126th Lois Lane 4-3 .571
126th Batman Beyond 4-3 .571
126th Grimlock 4-3 .571
126th Status Quo 4-3 .571
126th Gali 4-3 .571
126th Eis Shenron 4-3 .571
126th King Boo 16-12 .571
126th Nova 4-3 .571

127th Napalmman 22-17 .564

128th Kumonga 9-7 .562

129th Rallen 5-4 .555
129th Sentry 5-4 .555
129th Franky 5-4 .555
129th Surtur 5-4 .555
129th Road Runner 10-8 .555
129th Barugon 5-4 .555

130th Kingman 21-17 .552

131st Mecha Godzilla 2 16-13 .551

132nd Jigglypuff 6-5 .545

133rd Virgo Shaka 7-6 .538
133rd Aquaman 7-6 .538
133rd Sakura 7-6 .538
133rd Orochimaru 7-6 .538
133rd Yuma 7-6 .538
133rd Captain Falcon 14-12 .538

134th Little Mac 15-13 .535

135th Spinosaurus 8-7 .533

136th Red Hulk 10-9 .526
136th Dio Brando 10-9 .526

137th Numberman 21-19 .525

138th Master Chief 13-12 .520

139th Wyatt Halliwell 1-1 .500
139th Hulk 31-31 .500
139th Haru Glory 1-1 .500
139th Tarzan 1-1 .500
139th Mara Jade Skywalker 1-1 .500
139th One Above All (Marvel) 1-1 .500
139th Combustion Man 1-1 .500
139th Ayane 1-1 .500
139th Kasumi 1-1 .500
139th Dudley Dursley 1-1 .500
139th Sulley 1-1 .500
139th Nausicaä 1-1 .500
139th Saitama 2-2 .500
139th Gaston 1-1 .500
139th Mittens 1-1 .500
139th Stannis Baratheon 1-1 .500
139th Euron Greyjoy 1-1 .500
139th Lightning McQueen 1-1 .500
139th Gandalf 3-3 .500
139th Nick Gant 1-1 .500
139th Zaheer 1-1 .500
139th Zanya Kisaragi 4-4 .500
139th Tsurugi 1-1 .500
139th Suki 1-1 .500
139th Exar Kun 1-1 .500
139th Roland Deschain 1-1 .500
139th Unalaq 1-1 .500
139th Captain Answer 1-1 .500
139th Haruo Sakaki 1-1 .500
139th Takashi 1-1 .500
139th HIM 1-1 .500
139th Bishop 3-3 .500
139th Lute 1-1 .500
139th Star Lord 7-7 .500
139th Kuei 1-1 .500
139th Vaatu 1-1 .500
139th Papa Bear 1-1 .500
139th Ujio 1-1 .500
139th Lyn 1-1 .500
139th Toadman 6-6 .500
139th Jack Torrance 1-1 .500
139th Orser Kleinz 1-1 .500
139th Roku (Avatar) 1-1 .500
139th Demon Inzaidi 1-1 .500
139th Mr Mxyzptlk 4-4 .500
139th Card Burn 1-1 .500
139th Heracles 1-1 .500
139th Ikarino 1-1 .500
139th Misaki Suzuhara 1-1 .500
139th Sailor Pluto 2-2 .500
139th Feitan 2-2 .500
139th Tenzin 1-1 .500
139th Edward Kenway 2-2 .500
139th Anira 1-1 .500
139th Jinora 1-1 .500
139th Kisame 4-4 .500
139th Hit 1-1 .500
139th Black Adam 3-3 .500
139th Quicksilver 5-5 .500
139th Iceman 5-5 .500
139th Bastion 2-2 .500
139th Kisara 1-1 .500
139th Riptide (Girl) 1-1 .500
139th Ripley 1-1 .500
139th Darren 1-1 .500
139th Kurumu Kurono 1-1 .500
139th Towa 1-1 .500
139th Wile E Coyote 1-1 .500
139th Jasmine 1-1 .500
139th Fuego 1-1 .500
139th Tesla 1-1 .500
139th Giovanni 1-1 .500
139th Grim hunter 1-1 .500
139th Miko 1-1 .500
139th Cortana 2-2 .500
139th Commissioner Gordon 1-1 .500
139th Ukitsu 1-1 .500
139th Yasuha 1-1 .500
139th Zazan 1-1 .500
139th Shizuku Sangou 1-1 .500
139th Cyclopian Guard 1-1 .500
139th Nohime 1-1 .500
139th Kamikaze 1-1 .500
139th Ringer (Davis) 1-1 .500
139th Worm (X) 1-1 .500
139th Princess Dusk 1-1 .500
139th Zeru 1-1 .500
139th Jane Foster 1-1 .500
139th Yakon 1-1 .500
139th Dizzy 1-1 .500
139th Nora 1-1 .500
139th Calamity Coyote 1-1 .500
139th Jam Kuradoberi 1-1 .500
139th Firestar (Marvel) 1-1 .500
139th Zavok 1-1 .500
139th Viki 1-1 .500
139th Wayne Campbell 1-1 .500
139th Angela (Marvel) 1-1 .500
139th Coop 1-1 .500
139th Durandal (UESC) 1-1 .500
139th Hellrunner 1-1 .500
139th Emmet (Lego) 1-1 .500
139th Jiralhanae Chieftain 1-1 .500
139th Mifune 1-1 .500
139th Mutavore 1-1 .500
139th Raijin 1-1 .500
139th Jin Magatsu 3-3 .500
139th Kiyo Takamine 1-1 .500
139th Robocop 1-1 .500
139th Shu Ouma 1-1 .500
139th Sangheili 1-1 .500
139th Shade Man 1-1 .500
139th Ryoko Hakubi 1-1 .500
139th Hunter (Halo) 4-4 .500
139th Crazy Hand 4-4 .500
139th He Man 7-7 .500
139th The Noid 1-1 .500
139th Dr Light (DC) 1-1 .500
139th Fortress Maximus 1-1 .500
139th Rabbit 1-1 .500
139th Rubik 1-1 .500
139th Dark Schneider 4-4 .500
139th Scarlet Rain 1-1 .500
139th Lewis (Simpsons) 1-1 .500
139th Avak 1-1 .500
139th Big Daddy (Alpha) 1-1 .500
139th Black Rock Shooter 1-1 .500
139th Elmo 1-1 .500
139th Siena 1-1 .500
139th Empath 1-1 .500
139th Pai 1-1 .500
139th Rust 1-1 .500
139th Red Monika 1-1 .500
139th Shana 1-1 .500
139th Ord 1-1 .500
139th Nariko 1-1 .500
139th Foxbat 1-1 .500
139th Tusk 1-1 .500
139th Vermin 1-1 .500
139th Leo Kingdom 1-1 .500
139th Leo Regulus 1-1 .500
139th Panda King 1-1 .500
139th Pegasus Koga 1-1 .500
139th Nuparu 1-1 .500
139th War Machine 5-5 .500
139th Feraligatr 2-2 .500
139th Bloody Rachel 1-1 .500
139th Jarrod 1-1 .500
139th Serenity 1-1 .500
139th Maria (Castlevania) 1-1 .500
139th Bulwark 2 1-1 .500
139th Aisha Clanclan 1-1 .500
139th Airi 1-1 .500
139th Blair 1-1 .500
139th Takion 1-1 .500
139th Tracey 1-1 .500
139th Thardus 1-1 .500
139th Tentacruel 1-1 .500
139th Arcanine 1-1 .500
139th Arlong 1-1 .500
139th Bellamy 1-1 .500
139th Typhlosion 1-1 .500
139th Tyranitar 2-2 .500
139th Venonat 1-1 .500
139th The Source 1-1 .500
139th Totoro 1-1 .500
139th Cole 1-1 .500
139th Firefly 1-1 .500
139th Alphamon 1-1 .500
139th Slappy Squirrel 1-1 .500
139th Casey 1-1 .500
139th Skyhawk 1-1 .500
139th Farmer 1-.500
139th Sagittarius Aiolos 1-1 .500
139th Sam B 1-1 .500
139th Megamind 1-1 .500
139th Mordecai 1-1 .500
139th Gazimon 1-1 .500
139th Joe Umitsubame 1-1 .500
139th Jonathan 1-1 .500
139th Ken Tenku 1-1 .500
139th Lance (Sym Bionic Titan) 1-1 .500
139th Odin (Myth) 1-1 .500
139th Pagaya 1-1 .500
139th Perrikus 1-1 .500
139th Phoenix 1-1 .500
139th Porygon 1-1 .500
139th Priest 1-1 .500
139th Raleigh Becket 1-1 .500
139th Red X 2-2 .500
139th Beelzemon 1-1 .500
139th Coby 1-1 .500
139th Earthworm Jim 1-1 .500
139th Faora 1-1 .500
139th Finn (Adventure Time) 1-1 .500
139th Flash Thompson 1-1 .500
139th Leomon 1-1 .500
139th Marty McFly 1-1 .500
139th Master Hand 1-1 .500
139th Megalodon 3-3 .500
139th Tresspasser 1-1 .500
139th Wasp Woman 1-1 .500
139th Wildebeest 1-1 .500
139th Yamato Agari 1-1 .500
139th Stan Smith 1-1 .500
139th Saria 1-1 .500
139th Steve Smith 1-1 .500
139th Stewie 1-1 .500
139th Hello Kitty 1-1 .500
139th Jesse 1-1 .500
139th Hayley Fischer 1-1 .500
139th Kevin 11 1-1 .500
139th Leonidas 1-1 .500
139th Oogie Boogie 1-1 .500
139th Shinnojou 1-1 .500
139th Mr Mime 1-1 .500
139th Mantine 1-1 .500
139th Max 1-1 .500
139th Kagura 1-1 .500
139th Agent Coulson 1-1 .500
139th Allelujah Haptism 1-1 .500
139th Age 1-1 .500
139th Awaki 1-1 .500
139th Andrea (Walking Dead) 1-1 .500
139th Bobby Pendragon 1-1 .500
139th Brambleclaw 1-1 .500
139th Brent Ernst 1-1 .500
139th Cerberus (Cardcaptor) 1-1 .500
139th Chip 1-1 .500
139th Dragon Shiryu 1-1 .500
139th Hahli 1-1 .500
139th Heel Navi 1-1 .500
139th Yzma 1-1 .500
139th Naraku 1-1 .500
139th Orion Eden 1-1 .500
139th Jaller 1-1 .500
139th Jabberwocky 1-1 .500
139th Jabberwock 1-1 .500
139th Walter White 1-1 .500
139th Yoshimitsu 1-1 .500
139th Iggy Koopa 1-1 .500
139th Botis 1-1 .500
139th Pidove 1-1 .500
139th Onoki 1-1 .500
139th Bor 1-1 .500
139th Buizel 1-1 .500
139th Pinsir 1-1 .500
139th Nurse Joy 1-1 .500
139th Clawster 1-1 .500
139th Beleth 1-1 .500
139th Cut Man 1-1 .500
139th Joystick 1-1 .500
139th Duplica 1-1 .500
139th Dragonite 1-1 .500
139th Dark Man 1-1 .500
139th Colossal Boy 1-1 .500
139th Donphan 1-1 .500
139th Ron 1-1 .500
139th Psyduck 1-1 .500
139th Plutonian 2-2 .500
139th Voltron 1-1 .500
139th The Life Virus 4-4 .500
139th Albert 1-1 .500
139th Byakuran 1-1 .500
139th Hewkii 1-1 .500
139th Poseidon (Saint Seiya) 1-1 .500
139th Ruri Hoshino 1-1 .500
139th Reed Wallbeck 1-1 .500
139th Kokuoh 1-1 .500
139th Kokuto 1-1 .500
139th Tommy Noble 1-1 .500
139th Trafalgar Law 1-1 .500
139th Maxwell 1-1 .500
139th Merle Dixon 1-1 .500
139th Mr Zorg 1-1 .500
139th Shuren 1-1 .500
139th Snoopy 1-1 .500
139th Serpent 1-1 .500
139th Yasha 1-1 .500
139th Kongu 1-1 .500
139th Ralph 1-1 .500
139th Staraptor 1-1 .500
139th Black Abbott 1-1 .500
139th Scizor 2-2 .500
139th Scraggy 1-1 .500
139th Seismitoad 1-1 .500
139th Samurott 1-1 .500
139th Rudy 1-1 .500
139th Dartz 1-1 .500
139th Revy 1-1 .500
139th Klonoa 1-1 .500
139th Reptar 1-1 .500
139th Settra The Inperishable 1-1 .500
139th Seymour Redding 1-1 .500
139th The Evil Midnight Bomber 1-1 .500
139th Thunderstrike 1-1 .500
139th Vinnie 1-1 .500
139th Piyon 1-1 .500
139th Pakunoda 1-1 .500
139th Despero 1-1 .500
139th Black Tarantula 1-1 .500
139th Kurenai 1-1 .500
139th Chance 1-1 .500
139th Thornn (Guy) 1-1 .500
139th Daisuke 1-1 .500
139th Dark 1-1 .500
139th Murmur (Mummy) 1-1 .500
139th Alisa Boskonovitch 1-1 .500
139th CC 1-1 .500
139th Nunnally 1-1 .500
139th Slab 1-1 .500
139th Reaper 1-1 .500
139th Artemis 1-1 .500
139th Anita 1-1 .500
139th Deidre 1-1 .500
139th Guren 1-1 .500
139th Iris 1-1 .500
139th Jessie 1-1 .500
139th Galatea 1-1 .500
139th Beta Ray Bill 1-1 .500
139th Star Sapphire 1-1 .500
139th Livewire 1-1 .500
139th Polaris 1-1 .500
139th Big Barda 2-2 .500
139th Umi 1-1 .500
139th Fuu 1-1 .500
139th Lightmaster 1-1 .500
139th Palm 1-1 .500
139th Bluebell 1-1 .500
139th Satana 1-1 .500
139th Malice 1-1 .500
139th Rhedosaurus 1-1 .500
139th Scalphunter 1-1 .500
139th Emboar 1-1 .500
139th Takeshi 1-1 .500
139th Thomas The Tank Engine 1-1 .500
139th Tinker Bell 1-1 .500
139th Enerjak 1-1 .500
139th Goro (MK) 1-1 .500
139th Suzaku 1-1 .500
139th Marrow 1-1 .500
139th White King 1-1 .500
139th Tarot 1-1 .500
139th Ikkaku 1-1 .500
139th Skid (Z) 1-1 .500
139th Sublime 1-1 .500
139th Copperhead (Beam) 1-1 .500
139th Copperhead 1-1 .500
139th Chimera (Joe) 1-1 .500
139th Chimera 1-1 .500
139th Bat 1-1 .500
139th War Wolf 1-1 .500
139th Evil Turtle Bot 1-1 .500
139th Nel 1-1 .500
139th Lupa 1-1 .500
139th Buggy The Clown 1-1 .500
139th Lelouch 1-1 .500
139th Kurse 1-1 .500
139th King Chappa 1-1 .500
139th Krookodile 1-1 .500
139th Kang The Conqueror 1-1 .500
139th Kabutops 1-1 .500
139th Grim Reaper 1-1 .500
139th Great Reaper 1-1 .500
139th Kingler 1-1 .500
139th Albert Alligator 1-1 .500
139th Amber Bailey 1-1 .500
139th Ash Williams 1-1 .500
139th Beheeyem 1-1 .500
139th Big Bird 1-1 .500
139th Captain Magma 2-2 .500
139th Captain Qwark 1-1 .500
139th Charizardtwo 1-1 .500
139th Cyborg Commando 1-1 .500
139th Dark Phantom 1-1 .500
139th Dewey 1-1 .500
139th Diego 1-1 .500
139th Doug 1-1 .500
139th Frylock 1-1 .500
139th Gargoyle 1-1 .500
139th Genkishi 1-1 .500
139th Johnny Cage 1-1 .500
139th Makunouchi Ippo 1-1 .500
139th MC Pee Pants 1-1 .500
139th Mokujin 1-1 .500
139th Pepper Potts 1-1 .500
139th Marco 1-1 .500
139th Professor Impossible 1-1 .500
139th Orko 1-1 .500
139th Yumichika 1-1 .500
139th Ishizu 1-1 .500
139th Kai (MAR) 1-1 .500
139th Ken Kazaki 1-1 .500
139th Vegeta Jr 1-1 .500
139th Arcee 2-2 .500
139th Kid Flash 2-2 .500
139th Alpha 152 1-1 .500
139th Yuffie 1-1 .500
139th May 1-1 .500
139th Trigon 6-6 .500
139th Alien Queen 2-2 .500
139th Love Machine 2-2 .500
139th Firestorm 3-3 .500
139th Eureka 1-1 .500
139th Ruri 1-1 .500
139th Air Man 1-1 .500
139th Whitebeard 1-1 .500
139th Timmy Turner 1-1 .500
139th Oliver Haddo 1-1 .500
139th Dr Rotwang 1-1 .500
139th Color Kid 1-1 .500
139th Dragon D Monkey 1-1 .500
139th Donna Troy 1-1 .500
139th Feathers McGraw 1-1 .500
139th Flaming Carrot 1-1 .500
139th Goddard 1-1 .500
139th Jelly Jiggler 1-1 .500
139th King Kazma 1-1 .500
139th Hayato Furinji 1-1 .500
139th Lavi 1-1 .500
139th Silva Zoldyck 1-1 .500
139th Omega Supreme 1-1 .500
139th Metroplex 1-1 .500
139th Miguel 1-1 .500
139th Grounder 1-1 .500
139th Bandit Keith 2-2 .500
139th Guy Gardner 2-2 .500
139th Papillon 2-2 .500
139th Li 2-2 .500
139th Roadblock (Energon) 2-2 .500
139th Jeri 2-2 .500
139th Whiplash 2-2 .500
139th Saturn Girl 2-2 .500
139th Scourge 2-2 .500
139th Shade 3-3 .500
139th Umi Matsuzaki 1-1 .500
139th Box Ghost 1-1 .500
139th Leo Aiolia 1-1 .500
139th Pesche 1-1 .500
139th Ghost (GOT) 1-1 .500
139th Saito 1-1 .500
139th Officer Trudge 3-3 .500
139th Antivenom 4-4 .500
139th Alien (Skyline Flower Type) 1-1 .500
139th Ares 1-1 .500
139th Faceless Hunter 1-1 .500
139th Smith (Matrix) 1-1 .500
139th Shriek 1-1 .500
139th Metagross 1-1 .500
139th Pharoh Man 1-1 .500
139th Hiruko 1-1 .500
139th Gmerl 1-1 .500
139th Bubble man 1-1 .500
139th Genyumaru 1-1 .500
139th Stygimoloch 1-1 .500
139th Sharpner 1-1 .500
139th Basho 1-1 .500
139th Decoe 1-1 .500
139th Navarre 1-1 .500
139th Maria 1-1 .500
139th Ukitake 1-1 .500
139th Aqua 1-1 .500
139th Neon 1-1 .500
139th Bionic Bunny 4-4 .500
139th Predaking 1-1 .500
139th Tarantula (Animal) 2-2 .500
139th Gajeel 1-1 .500
139th Robin (Jason) 3-3 .500
139th Mugino 2-2 .500
139th Littlefoot 1-1 .500
139th Michonne 1-1 .500
139th Saten Ruiko 1-1 .500
139th Pohatu 4-4 .500
139th Vezok 1-1 .500
139th Onua 3-3 .500
139th Sven 1-1 .500
139th Coyote Starrk 1-1 .500
139th Muramasa 1-1 .500
139th Chad 2-2 .500
139th Tsukishima 1-1 .500
139th Takato 1-1 .500
139th Stingmon 1-1 .500
139th Arukenimon 1-1 .500
139th Wizardmon 1-1 .500
139th Gatomon 2-2 .500
139th Zhuqiaomon 1-1 .500
139th Belphemon 1-1 .500
139th Seadramon 1-1 .500
139th Mako 1-1 .500
139th Armadillomon 1-1 .500
139th Edward 2-2 .500
139th Alphonse 1-1 .500
139th James Marshall 1-1 .500
139th Jet Jaguar 1-1 .500
139th Joseph Joestar 2-2 .500
139th Black Bolt 3-3 .500
139th Aoshi 1-1 .500
139th Xavier Quinn 1-1 .500
139th Jinei 1-1 .500
139th Sanosuke 2-2 .500
139th Roxas 1-1 .500
139th Skull Kid 1-1 .500
139th Toon Link 9-9 .500
139th Cranky Kong 1-1 .500
139th Alviss 2-2 .500
139th Fletchling 1-1 .500
139th Darth Bane 1-1 .500
139th Torchman 2-2.500
139th Cloudman 4-4 .500
139th Tomohawkman 5-5 .500
139th Stoneman 7-7 .500
139th Chargeman 5-5 .500
139th Windman 3-3 .500
139th Burnerman 1-1 .500
139th Ice Man 1-1 .500
139th Axl 4-4 .500
139th Colonel X 1-1 .500
139th Mother Brain 1-1 .500
139th Pinkie Pie 1-1 .500
139th Hiruko (Naruto) 1-1 .500
139th Zabuza 2-2 .500
139th Neji 3-3 .500
139th Kiba 1-1 .500
139th Might Guy 1-1 .500
139th Hashirama 1-1 .500
139th Andromeda 2-2 .500
139th Ra Mu 3-3 .500
139th Tauras Fire 1-1 .500
139th Misogi Kumagawa 1-1 .500
139th Sixshot 1-1 .500
139th Rogue Cheney 1-1 .500
139th Yagura 5-5 .500
139th Nebula Lord Dragon 1-1 .500
139th Suicune 1-1 .500
139th Staryu 1-1 .500
139th Owen Grady 1-1 .500
139th Squirtle 4-4 .500
139th Dedenne 1-1 .500
139th Entei 1-1 .500
139th Lapras 1-1 .500
139th Sticks 1-1 .500
139th Gigalith 1-1 .500
139th Gliscor 1-1 .500
139th Victor (Pokemon) 1-1 .500
139th Jirachi 1-1 .500
139th Chikorita 1-1 .500
139th Tyrogue 1-1 .500
139th N 1-1 .500
139th Gallade 1-1 .500
139th Regice 1-1 .500
139th Goldeen 3-3 .500
139th Espio 3-3 .500
139th Soul 1-1 .500
139th Horo Horo 2-2 .500
139th Moonface 1-1 .500
139th Faust 1-1 .500
139th Professor Oak 1-1 .500
139th 139th Poliwrath 1-1 .500
139th Gemini Aspros 1-1 .500
139th Carnage 8-8 .500
139th Spirit of Fire 1-1 .500
139th Midna 1-1 .500
139th Cyborg 3-3 .500
139th Blackfire 2-2 .500
139th Ratchet (TF) 1-1 .500
139th Roadblock (Pretender) 1-1 .500
139th Heihachi 2-2 .500
139th Haku (Spirited Away) 1-1 .500
139th Toriko 2-2 .500
139th Lili (Tekken) 2-2 .500
139th Dark Magician 1-1 .500
139th Skull Knight 1-1 .500
139th Gagaga Girl 1-1 .500
139th Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon 1-1 .500
139th Dean Winchester 1-1 .500
139th Darth Nihilus 1-1 .500
139th Two Headed King Rex 1-1 .500
139th Cable 1-1 .500
139th Rezo 1-1 .500
139th Fennekin 1-1 .500
139th Ms Pac Man 1-1 .500
139th Griffith 1-1 .500
139th Fei Wang Wong 1-1 .500
139th Arale 1-1 .500
139th Dan Hibiki 1-1 .500
139th Valgaav 1-1 .500
139th Zoroark 1-1 .500
139th Raviel 1-1 .500
139th Princess Vivi 1-1 .500
139th Cosmos 1-1 .500
139th Ahab 1-1 .500
139th Lyla 1-1 .500
139th Aldra 1-1 .500
139th Basilisk (Morbius) 1-1 .500
139th Basilisk (European) 1-1 .500
139th Boa Constrictor 1-1 .500
139th Kallen 1-1 .500
139th Chouun Shiryuu 1-1 .500
139th Doris Lang 1-1 .500
139th Chizuru Minamoto 1-1 .500
139th Kurogane 1-1 .500
139th Angel (Girl) 1-1 .500
139th Layer 1-1 .500
139th Shimrra Jamaane 1-1 .500
139th Gorgatron 1-1 .500
139th Chihaya Hiiragi 1-1 .500
139th Biko Daitokuji 1-1 .500
139th Beetle 1-1 .500
139th Shinichi Ozaki 1-1 .500
139th Douglas Gordon 1-1 .500
139th Miwa 1-1 .500
139th Tori (Yugioh) 1-1 .500
139th Asuka 1-1 .500
139th Milan 1-1 .500
139th Asami Sato 1-1 .500
139th Lala 1-1 .500
139th Shelly 1-1 .500
139th Myosai Kakouen 1-1 .500
139th Chaud 1-1 .500
139th Mundus 1-1 .500
139th Ace 1-1 .500
139th Larry Koopa 1-1 .500
139th Daniel Witwicky 1-1 .500
139th Omega Glendios 1-1 .500
139th Inkay 1-1 .500
139th Kyurem 1-1 .500
139th Lucius Malfoy 1-1 .500
139th Falco 3-3 .500
139th Darth Sidious 1-1 .500
139th Sasha 1-1 .500
139th Sarah Connor 1-1 .500
139th Ralf Jones 1-1 .500
139th Mr Majestic 1-1 .500
139th Zordon 1-1 .500
139th Erwin 1-1 .500
139th Demigra 1-1 .500
139th Sayaka Miki 1-1 .500
139th Rinoa Heartilly 1-1 .500
139th Lucy Heartfilia 2-2 .500
139th Leatherback 1-1 .500
139th Clark Still 1-1 .500
139th Clare 1-1 .500
139th Weather Wizard 1-1 .500
139th Jyn Erso 1-1 .500
139th Anakin Solo 1-1 .500
139th Gregory 1-1 .500
139th Jesse Pinkman 1-1 .500
139th Roger Smith 1-1 .500
139th Hyperion 1-1 .500
139th Ageha 1-1 .500
139th Chakravartin 1-1 .500
139th Yoichi 1-1 .500
139th Euryale 1-1 .500
139th L 3-3 .500
139th Serpentor 1-1 .500
139th Lucas 2-2 .500
139th Pyrrha 1-1 .500
139th David Van Driessen 1-1 .500
139th Deoxys 1-1 .500
139th Niskaru Bloodhunter 1-1 .500
139th Hagrid 1-1 .500
139th Plusle 1-1 .500
139th Ereshkigal 1-1 .500
139th Boruto 1-1 .500
139th The Car 1-1 .500
139th Captain Murphy 1-1 .500
139th Captain Nemo 1-1 .500
139th Max Taylor 1-1 .500
139th Slifer The Sky Dragon 1-1 .500
139th Shiho 1-1 .500
139th Nathan Algren 1-1 .500
139th Zoom (Zolomon) 3-3 .500
139th Daniel Turpin 1-1 .500
139th Ken Ichijouji 1-1 .500
139th Shao Kahn 1-1 .500
139th Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy 1-1 .500
139th Dex 3-3 .500
139th Samui 1-1 .500
139th Bulletproof 1-1 .500
139th Luud 1-1 .500
139th CC 1-1 .500
139th Cheesecake 1-1 .500
139th Harpoon 1-1 .500
139th Dakki 1-1 .500
139th Scorpia 1-1 .500
139th Rusty (Acolyte) 1-1 .500
139th Dore 1-1 .500
139th Sabrina 1-1 .500
139th Neiz 1-1 .500
139th Pui Pui 1-1 .500
139th Iroha 1-1 .500
139th Kaileena 1-1 .500
139th Rin Tohsaka 1-1 .500
139th Helena 1-1 .500
139th Tomoe 1-1 .500
139th Number Four 1-1 .500
139th Reina Soho 1-1 .500
139th Anna (Frozen) 1-1 .500
139th Beel 1-1 .500
139th Madoka Kaname 1-1 .500
139th Shinoa 1-1 .500
139th Carl Denham 1-1 .500
139th Tengu Shredder 19-19 .500
139th Green Goblin 7-7 .500
139th Slade 7-7 .500
139th Vineman 4-4 .500
139th Lin Beifong 1-1 .500
139th Tybalt 1-1 .500
139th Cade Yeager 1-1 .500
139th Hillbilly 1-1 .500
139th Ginyu 2-2 .500
139th Duel Sieger 1-1 .500
139th Solomon Grundy 4-4 .500
139th Mercury 1-1 .500
139th Luke Cage 3-3 .500
139th Azula 1-1 .500
139th Drosselmeyer 1-1 .500
139th Rias Gremory 1-1 .500
139th Wimpy 1-1 .500
139th Baloo 1-1 .500
139th Mary Marvel 1-1 .500
139th Big Mac 1-1 .500
139th Pepsiman 1-1 .500
139th Fluttershy 1-1 .500
139th Jedah Dohma 1-1 .500
139th Motoko Kusanagi 1-1 .500
139th Momo 1-1 .500
139th Kino 1-1 .500
139th Terumi Kuchinawa 1-1 .500
139th Bloody Moon Dragon 1-1 .500
139th Toppo 1-1 .500

140th Gamera 19-20 .487

141st Nami 13-14 .481

142nd Zilla 10-11 .476

143rd King Caesar 9-10 .473

144th Kamacuras 8-9 .470

145th Flashman 7-8 .466

146th Flash 6-7 .461
146th Bizarro 6-7 .461

147th Bojack 5-6 .454
147th Bane 5-6 .454
147th Peach 10-12 .454

148th Ring 19-23 .452

149th Rideman 18-22 .450

150th Chrome 4-5 .444
150th Silver 4-5 .444
150th Squirrel Girl 4-5 .444
150th She Hulk 4-5 .444

151st Knightman 18-23 .439

152nd Firestar 7-9 .437
152nd Hunter Steele 7-9 .437
152nd Spawn 7-9 .437

153rd Turboman 17-22 .435
153rd Bowser 17-22 .435

154th Thunderman 3-4 .428
154th Oceanus Shenron 3-4 .428
154th Scorpion (MK) 3-4 .428
154th Diveman 3-4 .428
154th Electro 3-4 .428
154th Sandman 3-4 .428
154th Boo 3-4 .428
154th Han Solo 3-4 .428
154th Tron 3-4 .428
154th Tetsuya Kurodake 3-4 .428
154th Gladiator 3-4 .428
154th Tabuu 3-4 .428
154th Elder God Demonbane 3-4 .428
154th Mikasa 3-4 .428

155th Meddy 17-23 .425
155th Joker 20-27 .425

156th Gateman 18-25 .418

157th Elementman 5-7.416
157th Robin (Tim) 5-7 .416

158th Brook 11-16 .407

159th Mr Fantastic 8-12 .400
159th Ebirah 6-9 .400
159th Alucard (Hellsing) 6-9 .400
159th Darkman 2-3 .400
159th Blizzardman 2-3 .400
159th Hercule 4-6 .400
159th Boba Fett 2-3 .400
159th Marshmallow Man 2-3 .400
159th Haku 2-3 .400
159th Groundman 4-6 .400
159th Terminator 4-6 .400
159th Cancer Bubble 2-3 .400
159th Fire Man 2-3 .400
159th Suigetsu 2-3 .400
159th Nico Robin 4-6 .400
159th Sasori 2-3 .400
159th Kakuzu 2-3 .400
159th Meowth 2-3 .400
159th Dawn 2-3 .400
159th Tails 2-3 .400
159th Amy 2-3 .400
159th Johnny 2-3 .400
159th Black Cat 2-3 .400
159th Lizard 2-3 .400
159th Spiderwoman 2-3 .400
159th Apocalypse 2-3 .400
159th Pyro 2-3 .400
159th Tad 2-3 .400
159th Vector 2-3 .400
159th Yammy 2-3 .400
159th Black Tom Cassidy 2-3 .400
159th Darkside (KH) 2-3 .400
159th Mirage 2-3 .400
159th Kite 2-3 .400
159th Kogu 2-3 .400
159th Sena (Tai Chi) 2-3 .400
159th Fin Fang Foom 2-3 .400
159th Brood Queen 2-3 .400
159th Sylar 4-6 .400
159th Sonya Blade 2-3 .400
159th Storm 2-3 .400
159th Master Mold 2-3 .400
159th Vash The Stampede 2-3 .400
159th Nappa 2-3 .400
159th Spirit (Horse) 2-3 .400
159th Toon Zelda 2-3 .400
159th Wesker 2-3 .400
159th Daffy 2-3 .400
159th Zadkiel 2-3 .400
159th Cosmic Clone 2-3 .400
159th Shosetsu Kirisame 2-3 .400
159th Menos Grande 2-3 .400
159th Level 2 Akuma 2-3 .400
159th Asuna 2-3 .400
159th Ken Masters 2-3 .400
159th The Doctor 2-3 .400

160th Punisher 7-11 .388
160th Sailor Moon 7-11 .388

161st Voldemort 5-8 .384

162nd Mickey Mouse 3-5 .375
162nd Mongul 3-5 .375
162nd Naturon Shenron 3-5 .375
162nd Spica 3-5 .375
162nd Android 13 3-5 .375
162nd Vulture 3-5 .375
162nd Deidara 3-5 .375
162nd Raven 3-5 .375
162nd Hiruzen Sarutobi 3-5 .375
162nd Adam Sharp 3-5 .375
162nd Ino 3-5 .375
162nd Marino 3-5 .375
162nd Daredevil 9-15 .375
162nd Elec Man 3-5 .375

163rd Chaos 4-7 .363
163rd Vengeance 4-7 .363
163rd Little Beeper 4-7 .363
163rd Swordman 4-7 .363
163rd Alex Rider 4-7 .363

164th Blade 5-9 .357

165th Robin (Damian) 6-11 .352

166th King Dedede 7-13 .350
166th DK 7-13 .350

167th Luigi 11-21 .343

168th Hawkgirl 4-8 .333
168th Eve 1-2 .333
168th Grumpy Bear 1-2 .333
168th Moltres 1-2 .333
168th Ghirahim 1-2 .333
168th Ruckus 1-2 .333
168th Celia 1-2 .333
168th Noel Vermillion 1-2 .333
168th Felix Faust 1-2 .333
168th Baby Bonnie Girl 1-2 .333
168th Magneto 3-6 .333
168th Raven (Tekken) 1-2 .333
168th Scorponok 1-2 .333
168th Jack Reacher 1-2 .333
168th Jackknife Dragon 2-4 .333
168th Frank Moses 1-2 .333
168th Duck Hunt Dog 1-2 .333
168th Ursula 1-2 .333
168th Yuna 1-2 .333
168th Ariel 1-2 .333
168th Fang Slade Terrestrial XIII 1-2 .333
168th Derpy 1-2 .333
168th Phantomon 1-2 .333
168th Arm-Fall-Off Man 1-2 .333
168th Amon 1-2 .333
168th Armored Titan 2-4 .333
168th Mermaid Man 2-4 .333
168th Darth Maul 2-4 .333
168th Yajirobe 2-4 .333
168th Dora The Explorer 2-4 .333
168th Nnoitra 1-2 .333
168th Fishbone D 2-4 .333
168th Renji 1-2 .333
168th Saya 1-2 .333
168th Jeice 1-2 .333
168th Recoome 1-2 .333
168th Videl 1-2 .333
168th Fang (FF) 1-2 .333
168th Dr Gero 5-10 .333
168th Angemon 1-2 .333
168th Zeed Millenniummon 1-2 .333
168th Biscuit 1-2 .333
168th Baroness 2-4 .333
168th Kars 1-2 .333
168th Wamuu 1-2 .333
168th Cosmic Mario 1-2 .333
168th Axel 1-2 .333
168th Koopa 3-6 .333
168th Mistman 1-2 .333
168th Maddy 1-2 .333
168th Larkman 2-4 .333
168th Kid Roll 1-2 .333
168th Samus X 1-2 .333
168th Ace (One Piece) 1-2 .333
168th Hinata 1-2 .333
168th Alakazam 1-2 .333
168th Infernape 1-2 .333
168th Beedrill 1-2 .333
168th Arbok 1-2 .333
168th Togepi 1-2 .333
168th Noctowl 1-2 .333
168th Killer Bee 1-2 .333
168th Temari 1-2 .333
168th Manaphy 1-2 .333
168th Yellow 1-2 .333
168th Golem 1-2 .333
168th Bulbasaur 1-2 .333
168th Nidoqueen 1-2 .333
168th Phoenix Ikki 1-2 .333
168th Brock 1-2 .333
168th Snorlax 1-2 .333
168th Gwen Stacy 1-2 .333
168th Dhalsim 1-2 .333
168th Lady Octopus 1-2 .333
168th Hobgoblin 4-8 .333
168th Alpha (Spiderman) 1-2 .333
168th Master of Games 1-2 .333
168th Sunny 1-2 .333
168th Coco 1-2 .333
168th Starscream (Unicron) 1-2 .333
168th Optimus Primal 1-2 .333
168th Michelangelo 1-2 .333
168th Overlord 1-2 .333
168th Roulette (TF) 1-2 .333
168th Elder Toguru 1-2 .333
168th Super Adaptoid 1-2 .333
168th Dracula (Batman) 2-4 .333
168th Mecha Knuckles 1-2 .333
168th Purna 1-2 .333
168th Shirai Kuroko 1-2 .333
168th Sharktopus 4-8 .333
168th Black Canary 2-4 .333
168th Ender Dragon 3-6 .333
168th Count Olaf 2-4 .333
168th Epona 1-2 .333
168th Megaman Trigger 1-2 .333
168th Dr Psyche 1-2 .333
168th Blanka 1-2 .333
168th Khazrak The One Eye 1-2 .333
168th Firelord 2-4 .333
168th Juri 1-2 .333
168th X 23 2-4 .333
168th Tom 1-2 .333
168th Brainiac 1-2 .333
168th Hela 1-2 .333
168th Primid 1-2 .333
168th Superman Prime 2-4 .333
168th Abomination 3-6 .333
168th X Cutioner 1-2 .333
168th Absorbing Man 1-1 .333
168th Altair 1-2 .333
168th Largo 1-2 .333
168th Phanto 2-4 .333
168th Bouldergeist 2-4 .333
168th Static Shock 2-4 .333
168th Static (Marvel) 1-2 .333
168th Catseye (DC) 1-2 .333
168th Super Skrull 1-2 .333
168th Reborn 1-2 .333
168th Serah 1-2 .333
168th Sephiria 1-2 .333
168th Franklin Richards 1-2 .333
168th Magma (Spider Riders) 1-2 .333
168th General Rilldo 1-2 .333
168th Krypto 1-2 .333
168th Zangief 1-2 .333
168th Utrominator 1-2 .333
168th Madame Hydra 1-2 .333
168th Count Vertigo 1-2 .333
168th Princess Pride 1-2 .333
168th Jun The Swan 1-2 .333
168th Miss Arrow 1-2 .333
168th Gin Ichimaru 1-2 .333
168th Ann Zap 1-2 .333
168th Brood 1-2 .333
168th Kidomaru 2-4 .333
168th Tarantulas 1-2 .333
168th Moon Knight 1-2 .333
168th Daddy Long Legs 1-2 .333
168th Doc Samson 1-2 .333
168th Sentinel 1-2 .333
168th Emperor Ing 1-2 .333
168th Pirozhki 1-2 .333
168th Poison Ivy 2-4 .333
168th Killer Frost 1-2 .333
168th Terrax 1-2 .333
168th Kim Possible 1-2 .333
168th Living Laser 1-2 .333
168th Nights 1-2 .333
168th Shadow Queen 1-2 .333
168th Rangiku 1-2 .333
168th Lady Sif 1-2 .333
168th Chimera (Cap) 1-2 .333
168th Storm Shadow 1-2 .333
168th Samantha 1-2 .333
168th Dr Satan 1-2 .333
168th Roadblock 1-2 .333
168th Sebastien Michelis 1-2 .333
168th Dust 1-2 .333
168th Vanessa Z 1-2 .333
168th Alaskan Bullworm 1-2 .333
168th Andromeda Shun 1-2 .333
168th Black Beauty 1-2 .333
168th Dragon Sky 1-2 .333
168th Hatchiyack 1-2 .333
168th Nightmare (Marvel) 1-2 .333
168th Luna Platz 1-2 .333
168th Matoro 1-2 .333
168th Omega Red 2-4 .333
168th Gamma 2-4 .333
168th Haruyuki 1-2 .333
168th Metamorpho 1-2 .333
168th Tahnok Kal 1-2 .333
168th Tania 1-2 .333
168th Phantom Blot 1-2 .333
168th Nathan Drake 1-2 .333
168th Thel Vadam 1-2 .333
168th Yoshi 7-14 .333
168th Adam Warlock 2-4 .333
168th Doc Brown 1-2 .333
168th Rouge 3-6 .333
168th Ramrod 1-2 .333
168th Tsurugi Momotaro 1-2 .333
168th Sugarman 1-2 .333
168th Wendigo 1-2 .333
168th Giratina 1-2 .333
168th Atticus 1-2 .333
168th April 1-2 .333
168th Chrom 1-2 .333
168th Anaconda 1-2 .333
168th King K Rool 1-2 .333
168th Meta Knight 6-12 .333
168th Gambit 2-4 .333
168th Sophitia 1-2 .333
168th Discord 1-2 .333
168th Mata Nui 1-2 .333
168th Ra’s Al Ghul 1-2 .333
168th Annie Leonhart 1-2 .333
168th Sue Ellen 1-2 .333
168th Indominus Rex 1-2 .333
168th Atrocitus 1-2 .333
168th Neuro 1-2 .333
168th Unicorn 1-2 .333
168th Ego 1-2 .333
168th Man Bat 1-2 .333
168th Cattleya 1-2 .333
168th Light 5-10 .333
168th Beyonder 2-4 .333
168th Rosemarie Hathaway 1-2 .333
168th Gregor Clegane 1-2 .333
168th Zatanna 1-2 .333
168th Deathgaze Dragon 1-2 .333
168th Pyron 1-2 .333
168th Fludd 1-2 .333
168th Korvac 1-2 .333
168th Pidgey 1-2 .333
168th Basilisk 1-2 .333
168th Leader 4-8 .333

169th Robin (Fire Emblem) 7-15 .318

170th Bowlman 13-28 .317

171st Mephisto 6-13 .315
171st Jason Voorhees 6-13 .315

172nd Gutsman 5-11 .312

173rd Gorilla Grodd 4-9 .307

174th Thing 7-16 .304

175th Topman 12-28 .300
175th Colossal Titan 3-7 .300
175th Steel Massimo 3-7 .300
175th Flatman 3-7 .300
175th Yamcha 3-7 .300
175th Airman 3-7 .300
175th Hatman 12-28 .300
175th Smaug 3-7 .300
175th Demogoblin 3-7 .300
175th Elsa 3-7 .300
175th Shademan 3-7 .300

176th Manthing 2-5 .285
176th Freddy Krueger 6-15 .285
176th Real Black Widow 2-5 .285
176th Kamina 4-10 .285
176th Shadowman 2-5 .285
176th Lugia 2-5 .285
176th Aang 2-5 .285
176th Inuyasha 2-5 .285
176th Jubilee 2-5 .285
176th Speed Racer 2-5 .285
176th Ronan The Accuser 2-5 .285
176th Lucifer 2-5 .285
176th Salt 2-5 .285
176th Madeline 2-5 .285
176th Plasticman 2-5 .285

177th Cutman 11-28 .282

178th Normal Navi 11-29 .275

179th Wily 3-8 .272
179th Planetman 3-8 .272
179th Barney 3-8 .272
179th Storm Trooper 3-8 .272

180th Leonardo 4-11 .266
180th Santa Clause 4-11 .266
180th Fred 4-11 .266

181st Jammingman 10-28 .263

182nd Stegosaurus 1-3 .250
182nd Mary Moo Cow 1-3 .250
182nd Sailor Mercury 2-6 .250
182nd Beast 3-9 .250
182nd Nightmare 1-3 .250
182nd Silver Sonic 1-3 .250
182nd Tokine 1-3 .250
182nd Jolly Green Giant 1-3 .250
182nd Para Goomba 1-3 .250
182nd Shy Guy 3-9 .250
182nd Dumbledore 1-3 .250
182nd Yellow Devil 1-3 .250
182nd Sai 1-4 .250
182nd Shikamaru 1-3 .250
182nd Jugo 1-3 .250
182nd Pichu 1-3 .250
182nd Magikarp 1-3 .250
182nd Mirage (Spiderman) 1-3 .250
182nd Mary Jane 1-3 .250
182nd Lugnut Supreme 1-3 .250
182nd Airachnid 1-3 .250
182nd Mirage (Vehicon) 1-3 .250
182nd Mirage (Energon) 1-3 .250
182nd Mirage (Autobot) 1-3 .250
182nd Nightcrawler 1-3 .250
182nd Starscream 2-6 .250
182nd Demolition Man 1-3 .250
182nd Sartorius 1-3 .250
182nd Johnny Bravo 1-3 .250
182nd Kagemaru 1-3 .250
182nd Kraken 2-6 .250
182nd Captain Underpants 1-3 .250
182nd Shang Tsung 1-3 .250
182nd Didact 1-3 .250
182nd Hellboy 1-3 .250
182nd Eternity 1-3 .250
182nd Molten man 1-3 .250
182nd Zeus 1-3 .250d
182nd Nate The Great 2-6 .250
182nd Etrigan 1-4 .250
182nd Executioner 1-3 .250
182nd Shadow (KH) 1-3 .250
182nd Iron Monger 1-3 .250
182nd Lochness Monster 1-3 .250
182nd Lady Deathstrike 1-3 .250
182nd Question 1-3 .250
182nd Mai 1-3 .250
182nd Captain Planet 1-3 .250
182nd Tokiko 1-3 .250
182nd Crow 1-3 .250
182nd Zarbon 1-3 .250
182nd Cubot 1-3 .250
182nd Donha 1-3 .250
182nd Toad (Marvel) 1-4 .250
182nd Baron Zemo (12th) 1-4 .250
182nd Mojo 1-3 .250
182nd Donald 1-3 .250
182nd Wall E 1-3 .250
182nd Barbarus 1-3 .250
182nd Laserdisc Guardian 1-3 .250
182nd Steve Trevor 1-3 .250
182nd General Zod 1-3 .250
182nd Polly Pocket 1-3 .250
182nd Coraline 1-3 .250
182nd Agent Bob 1-3 .250
182nd Alice 1-3 .250
182nd Shuma Gorath 1-3 .250
182nd Voltorb 1-30 .250
182nd Edward (Twilight) 1-3 .250
182nd Predator 5-15 .250
182nd Sailor Jupiter 1-3 .250
182nd Dabura 1-3 .250
182nd Slug 1-3 .250
182nd Mr Freeze 1-3 .250
182nd Pegasus 1-3 .250
182nd Papa Lazarou 1-3 .250
182nd Ned Ryerson 1-3 .250
182nd Elastic Waistband 2-6 .250
182nd Connor 1-3 .250
182nd Shark 3-9 .250
182nd Bubbleman 3-9 .250
182nd Circusman 1-3 .250
182nd Harpnote 1-3 .250
182nd Android 14 1-3 .250
182nd Leviamon 1-3 .250
182nd Dr Wheelo 1-3 .250
182nd Bowser Jr 1-3 .250
182nd Fenfir (Myth) 1-3 .250

183rd Marth 5-16 .238

184th Hawkman 3-10 .230
184th Harley Quinn 3-10 .230

185th Balki Bartokomous 5-17 .227

186th Kendoman 2-7 .222
186th Scarlet Witch 2-7 .222
186th Frosty The Snowman 2-7 .222
186th Angel 2-7 .222
186th Cinnamon 2-7 .222
186th Noodleman 8-28 .222
186th Dustman 2-7 .222
186th Android 19 2-7 .222
186th Choomba 2-7 .222
186th Jiraiya 2-7 .222
186th Tony Tony Chopper 2-7 .222
186th Snake 2-7 .222
186th Luke Skywalker 2-7 .222

187th King Kong 11-39 .220

188th Antman 3-11 .214
188th Hawkeye 3-11 .214

189th Spirit Drinker 1-4 .200
189th Professor X 1-4 .200
189th Green Arrow 1-4 .200
189th Peewee Piranha 1-4 .200
189th Batgirl 1-4 .200
189th Drillmach 2-8 .200
189th Fridgeman 1-4 .200
189th Slashman 2-8 .200
189th Android 15 1-4 .200
189th Shenron 1-4 .200
189th Porunga 1-4 .200
189th Gamora 2-8 .200
189th Jotaro Kujo 1-4 .200
189th Level 1 Akuma 1-4 .200
189th Tayuya 1-4 .200
189th Konohamaru 1-4 .200
189th Squid 1-4 .200
189th Totodile 1-4 .200
189th Shadow Cat 1-4 .200
189th Dragon 1-4 .200
189th Zombie 1-4 .200
189th Blackout 1-4 .200
189th Mr Miracle 1-4 .200
189th Bido 1-4 .200
189th Vertigo 1-4 .200
189th Loki 1-4 .200
189th Steelix 1-4 .200
189th Sauron (LOTR) 1-4 .200
189th Forge 1-4 .200
189th Libra Scales 1-4 .200
189th Nick Fury 1-4 .200
189th Terra (TT) 1-4 .200
189th Mandarin 1-4 .200
189th Diano 1-4 .200
189th Liu Kang 2-8 .200
189th Mystique 1-4 .200
189th Skeletor 1-4 .200
189th Sailor Venus 1-4 .200
189th Guldo 1-4 .200
189th Sarah Kerrigan 1-4 .200
189th Spock 1-4 .200

190th Larry Appleton 6-25 .193

191st Glyde 7-32 .179

192nd Villager 4-19 .173

193rd Harry Potter 5-24 .172

194th Noboru Kodo 1-5 .166
194th Luke Benson 1-5 .166
194th Tatsumi 1-5 .166
194th Melkor 1-5 .166
194th Daniel Larusso 1-5 .166
194th Jack Sparrow 4-20 .166
194th Spongebob 2-10 .166
194th Tripod 2-10 .166
194th Nina Williams 1-5 .166
194th King Bob Omb 1-5 .166
194th Penguin (Animal) 1-5 .166
194th Crab 1-5 .166
194th Allosaurus 2-10 .166
194th Carnotour 1-5 .166
194th Praying Mantis 1-5 .166
194th Ankylosaurus 1-5 .166
194th Orihime 1-5 .166
194th Falcon 1-5 .166
194th Snakeman 1-5 .166
194th Sparkman 1-5 .166
194th Spoutman 1-5 .166
194th Hidan 1-5 .166
194th Gardevoir 1-5 .166
194th Morbius 1-5 .166
194th Black Dynamite 1-5 166
194th Cam Jansen 1-5 .166
194th Waddle Doo 1-5 .166
194th Jet 1-5 .166
194th Sabretooth 1-5 .166
194th Kushina 1-5 .166
194th Red Skull 1-5 .166
194th Yeti 1-5 .166
194th Nancy Drew 3-15 .166
194th Elecktra 1-5 .166
194th Hedorah 1-5 .166

195th Wario 6-31 .162

196th Arthur 3-16 .157

197th Rocketman 6-33 .153
197th Beast Boy 2-11 .153
197th T Rex 2-11 .153

198th Rocky Balboa 1-6 .142
198th Thunder Birdo 1-6 .142
198th Rhino 1-6 .142
198th Raccoon 1-6 .142
198th Bulma 1-6 .142
198th Alien 3-18 .142
198th Space Dandy 2-12 .142
198th Living Tribunal 1-6 .142
198th Esdeath 2-12 .142
198th Lampshade Spider 1-6 .142
198th Haze Shenron 1-6 .142
198th King Goomba 1-6 .142
198th Minya 1-6 .142
198th Lara Croft 1-6 .142
198th Raptor 1-6 .142
198th Giant Octopus 1-6 .142
198th Air Bud 1-6 .142
198th Ronald McDonald 1-6 .142
198th Jonah Hex 1-6 .142
198th Ryohei 1-6 .142
198th Shocker 1-6 .142
198th Chi Chi 1-6 .142
198th Hannah Montana 1-6 .142
198th II Piantissimo 1-6 .142
198th Kraven 1-6 .142
198th Plankton 1-6 .142
198th Bigfoot 1-6 .142
198th Inspector Gadget 1-6 .142
198th Elongatedman 1-6 .142
198th Mr Popo 1-6 .142
198th Minnie Mouse 1-6 .142
198th Silver Samurai 1-6 .142

199th Johnny Ohm 3-20 .130

200th Green Crusher Militaryman 5-34 .128

201st Captain Kirk 13-89 .127

202nd Carmen Sandiego 1-7 .125
202nd Scooby Doo 3-21 .125
202nd Eraseman 1-7 .125
202nd Rocket Raccoon 1-7 .125
202nd Francine 1-7 .125
202nd Catherine Frensky 1-7 .125
202nd Mr Game and Watch 1-7 .125
202nd Gokudera 1-7 .125
202nd Dr Manhattan 1-7 .125
202nd Usopp 1-7 .125
202nd Catwoman 1-7 .125
202nd Michael Myers 1-7 .125
202nd Tuxedo Mask 2-14 .125

203rd Chunk 6-43 .122

204th Dracula 2-16 .111
204th Imhotep 2-16 .111
204th Jack Frost 1-8 .111
204th Turkey 2-16 .111
204th Ethan Hunt 1-8 .111
204th Alien (Battle LA) 1-8 .111
204th DW 1-8 .111
204th Ant 2-16 .111
204th Pan 1-8 .111
204th Jigsaw Jones 1-8 .111
204th Dark Bunny 1-8 .111

205th Pink Crusher Militaryman 4-35 .102

206th Wasp 1-9 .100
206th Thumbelina (DC) 1-9 .100
206th Riddler 1-9 .100
206th Kingpin 1-9 .100
206th Grasshopper 1-9 .100
206th Goomba 1-9 .100

207th Master Roshi 2-19 .095

208th Yosemite Sam 1-10 .090
208th Giant Condor 1-10 .090

209th Daken 8-82 .088

210th Bones 2-21 .086

211th Cache 1-11 .083
211th Clockman 1-11 .083

212th Brontosaurus 1-12 .076
212th Shaggy 2-24 .076
212th Leagueman 3-36 .076
212th Sin Eater 1-12 .076
212th Hange 1-12 .076

213th Diddy Kong 1-13 .071

214th Presence 1-14 .066

215th Olimar 1-15 .062

216th James Bond 6-101 .056

217th Longshot 1-18 .052

218th Shiningman 2-37 .051

219th Waluigi 1-19 .050

220th Robin Hood 3-72 .040
220th Howard Aguello 1-24 .040

221st Lubba 1-26 .037

222nd Indiana Jones 1-38 .025
222nd Greenman 1-39 .025

223rd One Above All 4-176 .022

224th Silk 1-45 .021

All of the 0-1 fighters are tied for 225th.

Madam Mim 0-1
Uncle Fester 0-1
Wind Fairy Silph 0-1
Katara 0-1
Asriel 0-1
Severus Snape 0-1
Ribrianne 0-1
Accelerated Ninja Hayate 0-1
Leprechaun 0-1
P’Li 0-1
Shining Knight 0-1
Salacious B. Crumb 0-1
Alexis Rhodes 0-1
Dragowizard Qinus Axia 0-1
Kenny Ackerman 0-1
Great Priest 0-1
Zeno 0-1
Mater 0-1
Armorknight Ogre 0-1
The Crusader 0-1
Newt Scamander 0-1
Raistlin Majere 0-1
Jenny Foxworth 0-1
Tsukune Aono 0-1
Rainbow Mika 0-1
The Great Devourer 0-1
Samuel Rodrigues 0-1
Hou-Ting 0-1
Raava 0-1
Tutinax 0-1
King Reiss 0-1
Barristan Selmy 0-1
Monaka 0-1
King Louie 0-1
Ungoliant 0-1
Anti Electric 0-1
Doctor Poison 0-1
Zara 0-1
Crimson Centipede 0-1
Kanahebi 0-1
Cheese Sandwich 0-1
Tsurugi Takihara 0-1
Areus 0-1
Kyoshi 0-1
Phinxs 0-1
Darkwing Duck 0-1
Demon Lord Gagnar 0-1
Armorknight Demon 0-1
Egg Fu 0-1
Inversion 0-1
Queen Badra 0-1
Iron Claw 0-1
Angle Man 0-1
Fireworks Man 0-1
Nick Morton 0-1
Jacob 0-1
Tsukikage 0-1
Hannibal Lecter 0-1
Lisbeth 0-1
Death Gun 0-1
X’rphan 0-1
Lizardman Lord 0-1
Silica 0-1
Takuro Nakai 0-1
Stripe 0-1
Jottun Runelord 0-1
Kai (Legend of Korra) 0-1
Elliot Stabler 0-1
Umbra 0-1
Bi Beast 0-1
Thundra 0-1
Azathoth 0-1
Bolin 0-1
Death Ruler: Curse 0-1
Reshiram 0-1
Carl Johnson 0-1
Ancient Pistol 0-1
John Marston 0-1
Suyin Beifong 0-1
Phantom 0-1
Monsoon 0-1
Sparkleface 0-1
Ezekiel 0-1
Bass (100 Bullets) 0-1
Frost Giant Hrimthurs 0-1
Khyber 0-1
Elric of Melniboné 0-1
Falstaff 0-1
Dominic Toretto 0-1
Ancient Leanashe 0-1
Paddington 0-1
Deku 0-1
Minun 0-1
Gadflow 0-1
Ironing Man 0-1
E.T. 0-1
Adonis 0-1
Anomander Rake 0-1
Belt 0-1
Black 0-1
Karsa Orlong 0-1
El Quixote 0-1
Fighting Dragon Demongodol 0-1
Rerun 0-1
Mirio 0-1
Bahamut ZERO 0-1
Tom Anderson 0-1
Kaulder 0-1
Jon Snow 0-1
Mikaboshi 0-1
Kharis 0-1
Eugene The Jeep 0-1
Thailog 0-1
Mole Man (Escaflowne) 0-1
Megaman (Marvel) 0-1
Boo Boo Bear 0-1
Daniel Sousa 0-1
Maximum 0-1
Tyrion Lannister 0-1
Jack Harper 0-1
Kyouma Mabuchi 0-1
Loser 0-1
Balor 0-1
Set 0-1
The Inquisitor 0-1
Thomas (Maze Runner) 0-1
Bubbles 0-1
Frieda Reiss 0-1
Soma Cruz 0-1
Noctis 0-1
Olaf (Frozen) 0-1
John Connor 0-1
Tsotha-Lanti 0-1
Caine Wise 0-1
Harry Tasker 0-1
Thunderwing 0-1
Super Armordragon Galvanic Feather Dragon 0-1
Hanna Heller 0-1
Shinobu 0-1
Uiharu 0-1
Andrew Detmer 0-1
Honey 0-1
Robin (Animal) 0-1
Wolf (Animal) 0-1
Dilophosaurus 0-1
Mr Ratburn 0-1
Halberd Dragon 0-1
Fern 0-1
Ymir (Attack on Titan) 0-1
Jean 0-1
Weapon X 0-1
Robin (Carrie) 0-1
Batgirl (Wilson) 0-1
Whenua 0-1
Onewa 0-1
Karin (Bleach) 0-1
Whamon 0-1
Dokugumon 0-1
Andromon 0-1
Terriermon 0-1
Lady Devimon 0-1
Azulongmon 0-1
Kimeramon 0-1
Android 19000 0-1
Invisible Man 0-1
Aooni Konmae 0-1
Charlie McGee 0-1
Mecha Koopa 0-1
Uvogin 0-1
Medusa (FF) 0-1
Gary (Scooby Doo) 0-1
Benson Fuhrman 0-1
Scrappy Doo 0-1
Danny Darrow 0-1
Grandma Moonbeam 0-1
Phantom Virus 0-1
Daniel Prezette 0-1
Akaone Konmae 0-1
Jabu Jabu 0-1
King Zora 0-1
Rauru 0-1
King Harkinian 0-1
Bokoblin 0-1
Betrayus 0-1
Kaonashi 0-1
Demona 0-1
Mimi (Mario) 0-1
Betty Brant 0-1
Frederick Foswell 0-1
Eru Iluvatar 0-1
Eddy Gordo 0-1
Scrapheap 0-1
Chromedome 0-1
Smough 0-1
Rush EXE 0-1
Elisa 0-1
Cygnus Wing 0-1
V Rex 0-1
Richard Trager 0-1
Fu (Naruto) 0-1
Racer X 0-1
Shino 0-1
Gaav 0-1
Klein 0-1
Kankuro 0-1
Konan 0-1
Muramasa (Pokemon) 0-1
Cassandra (Pokemon) 0-1
Daisy (Pokemon) 0-1
Joe (Pokemon) 0-1
Eve (Pokemon) 0-1
Melvin (Pokemon) 0-1
Giselle (Pokemon) 0-1
Ninetails (Pokemon) 0-1
Bucky (Pokemon) 0-1
Ramona (Pokemon) 0-1
Floronic Man 0-1
Professor Banner 0-1
Abidos The Third 0-1
Leafa 0-1
Paarthurnax 0-1
Harry Osborn 0-1
Grizzly (Spiderman) 0-1
Spiderman (Miles) 0-1
Green Goblin (3) 0-1
Goblin (Unlimited) 0-1
Wolf 0-1
Li Ho 0-1
Valkyrie Cain 0-1
Death (Supernatural) 0-1
Lucifer (Supernatural) 0-1
Megatron 2 0-1
Sam Witwicky 0-1
Starscream (Beast) 0-1
Jeff 0-1
Systematic Dagger Dragon 0-1
Tori (Yugioh) 0-1
Ogudomon 0-1
Gagaga Magician 0-1
Great Moth 0-1
Rally 0-1
Sam Winchester 0-1
Locust (3000) 0-1
Kunimitsu 0-1
Hugo Strange 0-1
Locust 0-1
Syrus 0-1
Strawberry Shortcake 0-1
Nightshroud 0-1
John Anderton 0-1
Isabelle 0-1
Pooka 0-1
Riki 0-1
Extreme Sword Dragon 0-1
Coeval 0-1
Emperor of Mankind 0-1
Viridi 0-1
Seishiro 0-1
Zing Huo 0-1
Duck 0-1
Zelgadis 0-1
Atoq Navarro 0-1
Nadine Ross 0-1
Asav 0-1
Talbot 0-1
Necroface 0-1
Eri Haruue 0-1
Touya Kamijou 0-1
Himekawa 0-1
Jillas 0-1
Gravos Mauntopp 0-1
Filia 0-1
Robert 0-1
Robert Baratheon 0-1
Orco 0-1
Marine 0-1
The Other 0-1
Howard X Miller 0-1
Howard The Duck 0-1
Doll Chimera 0-1
Red Luma 0-1
Howl 0-1
Lord Gwyn 0-1
Titanite Demon 0-1
Kiritsugu 0-1
5 Volt 0-1
Ted Theodore Logan 0-1
Starman 0-1
The High 0-1
Todd Alquist 0-1
Tycho (UESC) 0-1
Unggoy 0-1
Vijaya 0-1
Vranx 0-1
Walter White Jr 0-1
Wanze 0-1
X 0-1
Z 0-1
Zaius 0-1
Whirlwind 0-1
Zatch Bell 0-1
Zenjiro Kasai 0-1
Zira 0-1
NKVDemon 0-1
Eel (DC) 0-1
Efreet 0-1
Elain Belloc 0-1
Dillon 0-1
Duncan MacLeod 0-1
Cornelius 0-1
Crumplezone 0-1
Colonel Hicks 0-1
Colonel Radec 0-1
Chika Tanaka 0-1
Blue Luma 0-1
Bonetail 0-1
Brik 0-1
Caesar Clown 0-1
Carlos Alvarez 0-1
Charles Bishop Weyland 0-1
Big Guy (Robot) 0-1
Audrey Timmonds 0-1
Anti Man 0-1
Alexa Woods 0-1
Taizo Hori 0-1
Takamaru 0-1
Scrapper 0-1
Fairy Queen 0-1
Fatality 0-1
Forrest Gump 0-1
Frank Underwood 0-1
Fujin 0-1
George Taylor 0-1
Gloomtail 0-1
Graf Toren 0-1
Greg Jenko 0-1
Grifter 0-1
Hacker 0-1
Hammer Bro 0-1
Hank Schrader 0-1
Hit Girl 0-1
Iggy 0-1
Jago 0-1
Jakita 0-1
Jane (Ender’s Game) 0-1
Jeremy 0-1
Joel 0-1
Joey Tribbiani 0-1
Johan Liebert 0-1
Julie Pierce 0-1
Omni Man 0-1
Orne 0-1
Rachel Green 0-1
Morton Schmidt 0-1
Moth Man 0-1
Motherboard 0-1
Nabbit 0-1
Nanami Ota 0-1
Nick Tatopoulos 0-1
Kamek 0-1
Keenan 0-1
Kurata 0-1
Lau Wong 0-1
Launch Octopus 0-1
Leela (UESC) 0-1
Lord Crump 0-1
Mac Radner 0-1
Marie Schrader 0-1
Maul 0-1
Ralph Hinkley 0-1
Rawk Hawk 0-1
Ryoko Asakura 0-1
Saltwater Crocodile 0-1
Crocodile Dundee 0-1
Shalla Bal 0-1
Sicks 0-1
Kylo Ren 0-1
Silk (Marvel) 0-1
Sir Grodus 0-1
Skyler White 0-1
Snow Flame 0-1
Spark Mandrill 0-1
Stegron 0-1
Strong Arm 0-1
Swordswoman 0-1
Dorry 0-1
Dr Cockroach 0-1
Dr Neo Cortex 0-1
Dr Orpheus 0-1
Dr Wiseman 0-1
Droom 0-1
Effigy 0-1
Ephraim 0-1
Evil Star 0-1
Face Thief 0-1
Farmer Brown 0-1
Fernando 0-1
Flood (Carrier) 0-1
Foster 0-1
Fire Leo 0-1
Gato 0-1
Gomess 0-1
Guru 0-1
Gypsy Danger 0-1
Hachi 0-1
Hades 0-1
Heimdall 0-1
Hellcat 0-1
Hoggoth 0-1
Human Flame 0-1
Hyperion (Final Fantasy) 0-1
Ageha Gokuraku 0-1
Ikura Maki 0-1
Jinx 0-1
Jirass 0-1
Jake 0-1
Jasmine (Viewtiful Joe) 0-1
Kil’jaeden 0-1
Klaw 0-1
Koji 0-1
Kuina 0-1
Kuroobi 0-1
Lakitu 0-1
Kani Maki 0-1
Johnny (One Piece) 0-1
Kenzo 0-1
Kissu 0-1
Le Bete Noir 0-1
Ledian 0-1
Maverick 0-1
Maya Hansen 0-1
Medaka 0-1
Logan Carter 0-1
Lord of The Coast 0-1
Louis 0-1
Maguro Maki 0-1
Maisy 0-1
Malachi 0-1
Mallen 0-1
Marie 0-1
Mario Auditore 0-1
Mother May Eye 0-1
Mr 9 0-1
Mr Haney 0-1
Mr Shadow 0-1
Muth 0-1
Myoga 0-1
Miki 0-1
Siri Tachi 0-1
Milton 0-1
Misdreavus 0-1
Mohji 0-1
Molecule Man 0-1
Monoeye 0-1
Megatak 0-1
Algol 0-1
Alligator 0-1
Andross 0-1
Ange Ushiromiya 0-1
Annihilator (Carl) 0-1
Anti Monitor 0-1
Arisia 0-1
Arnold Stromwell 0-1
Arthur Reeves 0-1
Atlas (DC) 0-1
Jiji 0-1
Baby Doll 0-1
Battler Ushiromiya 0-1
Batwing 0-1
Beatrice 0-1
Bedtime Bear 0-1
Ben Clark 0-1
Bernkastel 0-1
Bibi Love 0-1
Billy 0-1
Blitz Tiger 0-1
Blossom Ruso 0-1
Bob 0-1
Bob (De Blog) 0-1
Brian Griffin 0-1
Bribeclaw 0-1
Cleveland Brown 0-1
Richard Sharpe 0-1
Princess Elena 0-1
Condiment King 0-1
Cosmic Silverback 0-1
Cruella De Vil 0-1
Cyttorak 0-1
Captain Incredible 0-1
Carbonite War Droid 0-1
Cetea 0-1
Chaos Lord 0-1
Chao 0-1
Charon 0-1
Darknut 0-1
David Hoffman 0-1
Dartagnan 0-1
David Rice 0-1
Delphinus Guney 0-1
Desaad 0-1
Diego Montana 0-1
Doctor Bong 0-1
Doodlebob 0-1
Dragon Caesar 0-1
Dragon God 0-1
Dre Parker 0-1
Dylan Sanders 0-1
Earthwalker 0-1
Elf 0-1
Elf Kabala 0-1
Emile Dorian 0-1
Emperor Zurg 0-1
Eon 0-1
Ex Nihilo 0-1
Fafnir 0-1
Featherine Augustus Aurora 0-1
Fiona 0-1
Firecrawler 0-1
Casper 0-1
Francine Langstrom 0-1
General Hardcastle 0-1
General Pepper 0-1
Germs 0-1
Gintoki 0-1
Glover 0-1
Gorn 0-1
Gouki 0-1
Graystripe 0-1
Great Stamp 0-1
Greedy 0-1
Infinite Man 0-1
Bill 0-1
Mike Hagger 0-1
Black Abbot 0-1
Senta 0-1
Sergeant Keroro 0-1
Saxton Hale 0-1
Sarlaac 0-1
Ashitaka 0-1
Samurai 0-1
Kermit 0-1
Professor Ivy 0-1
Queen Gohma 0-1
Race Dunban 0-1
Prince Lumen 0-1
Delia Ketchum 0-1
Dr Mabuse 0-1
Dr Akihabara 0-1
Dodrio 0-1
Davy Jones 0-1
Don Krieg 0-1
Dario 0-1
Prospero 0-1
Ruby 0-1
Ruby (SHIELD) 0-1
Ruby (Marvel) 0-1
Opal 0-1
Pillsbury Doughboy 0-1
Danny 0-1
Captain Aidan 0-1
Charles Goodshow 0-1
Cheetah 0-1
Cissy 0-1
Regigigas 0-1
Perry The Platypus 0-1
Pete Pebbleman 0-1
Otoshi 0-1
Chopper 0-1
Corona 0-1
Drake 0-1
Moby Dick 0-1
Melanie 0-1
Masako 0-1
Marissa 0-1
Mandi 0-1
Idate 0-1
Igneous 0-1
Demios Sword Dragon 0-1
Isshin 0-1
Demise 0-1
Jeanette Fisher 0-1
Kageroza 0-1
Katie Kaboom 0-1
Ethan 0-1
Ignika 0-1
Magnus The Red 0-1
Horus 0-1
Niko Bellic 0-1
Magnus 0-1
Major Burrows 0-1
Mad Harriet 0-1
Luana 0-1
Leech 0-1
Lashina 0-1
Flaahgra 0-1
Flint 0-1
Flurrie 0-1
Gemini Killer 0-1
Giganta 0-1
Goobie 0-1
Gonzo 0-1
Katrina 0-1
Kuro 0-1
Kaz 0-1
Kay 0-1
Kaiser 0-1
Kaito Kid 0-1
Nam 0-1
Hexapodus 0-1
Kalibak 0-1
Keigo 0-1
Marta 0-1
Baki 0-1
Humbah 0-1
Ginny 0-1
Guy Smiley 0-1
Gulzar 0-1
Handy Manny 0-1
Gold Roger 0-1
Hally 0-1
Konoko 0-1
Hasky 0-1
Ultimecia 0-1
Uni Lord 0-1
Goliath (Gargoyles) 0-1
Queen Ophiuca 0-1
Adam Gibson 0-1
Aiwass 0-1
Aleister Crowley 0-1
Aleph 0-1
Sin 0-1
Crowler 0-1
Slither 0-1
Spoiler 0-1
Steven Lang 0-1
Skullbuster 0-1
Sara Pezzini 0-1
Slither (DC) 0-1
Miho 0-1
Muffy 0-1
Cadena 0-1
Blaster 0-1
Brain 0-1
Bellhop Goomba 0-1
Burner 0-1
Christie 0-1
Carly 0-1
Chimera (Marvel) 0-1
Claire 0-1
Cylla 0-1
Gronkle 0-1
Equilibrius 0-1
Fowler 0-1
Wendy 0-1
Ritchie 0-1
Wendy O Koopa 0-1
Carmilla 0-1
Ramona 0-1
Unohana 0-1
Aileen Harding 0-1
Aipom 0-1
Alex Greer 0-1
Alvida 0-1
Arqua 0-1
Banjo 0-1
Barney Rubble 0-1
Zing Zing Zingbah 0-1
Zoozie 0-1
Zumbah 0-1
Toofie 0-1
Jumbah 0-1
Jingbah 0-1
Schluufy 0-1
Zeno Zoldyck 0-1
Yuzu 0-1
Yosuke 0-1
Yasmin 0-1
Yas 0-1
Woodruff 0-1
Devil Girl 0-1
William Tavington 0-1
Fulgore 0-1
Tyrell 0-1
Wiper 0-1
Whomp King 0-1
Validus 0-1
Slattern 0-1
Sneasel 0-1
Spike Spiegel 0-1
Squiglet 0-1
Stratosfire 0-1
Sudowoodo 0-1
Gleam Eyes 0-1
Tippi 0-1
Tokichi 0-1
Tako Maki 0-1
Tazuna 0-1
Takosuke 0-1
Terraxia 0-1
The Brain (Supergirl) 0-1
Trixie 0-1
Shanks 0-1
Starlord 0-1
Tahoteh 0-1
Sylvester 0-1
Old Man Shuckle 0-1
Olesia 0-1
Omega (DC) 0-1
Paola 0-1
Parademons 0-1
Patience Phillips 0-1
Pearl 0-1
Protege 0-1
Jeroen Thorndike 0-1
Shizuku Tsukishima 0-1
Rigby 0-1
Otachi 0-1
Oz 0-1
Phineas 0-1
Benji 0-1
Bill Baggett 0-1
Bon Clay 0-1
Nemesis 0-1
Nightmask 0-1
Nimrod 0-1
O Chunks 0-1
Captain Blue 0-1
Detective Chimp 0-1
DJ Mary 0-1
Doomsday Man 0-1
Clayface 0-1
Dave Stutler 0-1
Daz Bones 0-1
Dazzler (DC) 0-1
Cody 0-1
Count Bleck 0-1
Creeper (Minecraft) 0-1
Cabaji 0-1
Cameron Clix 0-1
Cerberus 0-1
Charlie Brown 0-1
Charlie McCay 0-1
Charmaine 0-1
McCree 0-1
Cherry 0-1
Chuck E Cheese 0-1
Cinderblock 0-1
Boodikka 0-1
Boodle 0-1
Genghis Carnage 0-1
Girafarig 0-1
Gizmo 0-1
Baymax 0-1
Glenn Quagmire 0-1
Gnaw 0-1
Goblin Force 0-1
Fujibayashi Saizou 0-1
Fullbody 0-1
Zazz 0-1
Zim 0-1
Zomom 0-1
Zor 0-1
Scarlet Spider 0-1
Rosie (Bioshock) 0-1
Afro Samurai 0-1
Green Beetle 0-1
Guile 0-1
Gustaff 0-1
Tommy Vercetti 0-1
Gyuki 0-1
Gabriel Yulaw 0-1
Hamilton Hill 0-1
Hanzo (HXH) 0-1
Haruka Kaminogi 0-1
Haseo 0-1
Hawkfrost 0-1
Hazama 0-1
Hunter (Half Life) 0-1
Icon 0-1
Ideon 0-1
Inferno 0-1
Inza 0-1
Iris (X) 0-1
Izzy 0-1
Yellowfang 0-1
Yoda 0-1
Yomi 0-1
Yoru 0-1
Vibro 0-1
Gargantus 0-1
Titanium Man 0-1
Termite (Marvel) 0-1
Demolisher 0-1
Kartag 0-1
Thermal Man 0-1
Yudai Yamato 0-1
Yugi (Tenchi) 0-1
Zowie 0-1
Zushi 0-1
Vakama 0-1
Waweldrache 0-1
Vega 0-1
Virgo Fudo 0-1
Vladimor Tod 0-1
Volcana 0-1
Wacklaw Josek 0-1
Walker 0-1
Warren Lawford 0-1
White Wolf 0-1
Windeagle 0-1
White Tiger 0-1
White Tiger (Angela) 0-1
White Tiger (Ava) 0-1
Wilhelm 0-1
Willard G Wright 0-1
Wizard (DCAU) 0-1
Woody Woodpecker 0-1
Nekotama 0-1
Nick Cassidy 0-1
Nightscourge 0-1
Nitro (Batman) 0-1
Nix Uotan 0-1
Nokama 0-1
Nora Fries 0-1
Nuju 0-1
Michael Garibaldi 0-1
Omac 0-1
Nanami Yasuri 0-1
Jaws 0-1
Jin (Hakusho) 0-1
Joe 0-1
John Carter 0-1
Jor El 0-1
Jordan Hill 0-1
Josiah Wormwood 0-1
Jules Winnfield 0-1
Janet Van Dorn 0-1
Jack Skellington 0-1
Leslie Thompkins 0-1
Lizzie 0-1
Lock Up 0-1
Lori (Walking Dead) 0-1
Lain Iwakura 0-1
Lambdadelta 0-1
Last Order 0-1
Lematya 0-1
Pack Rat 0-1
Pegasus Magic 0-1
Phantom Quarterback 0-1
Pigma Dengar 0-1
Piranha 0-1
Po (Panda) 0-1
Vermithrax Pejorative 0-1
Pontos 0-1
Protocol Droid 0-1
ROB 64 0-1
Roland Daggett 0-1
Rugby 0-1
Rupert Thorne 0-1
Ryoga Echizen 0-1
Rampage 0-1
Randa Duane 0-1
Rando 0-1
Ravenpaw 0-1
Red Claw 0-1
Renee Montoya 0-1
Reverend Howell 0-1
Rey Yan 0-1
Azi Dahaka 0-1
Richard Dragon 0-1
Kagura (Gintama) 0-1
Kairi Tanaga 0-1
Kami 0-1
Kanzeon Bosatsu 0-1
Karb Brak 0-1
Kari 0-1
Karkull 0-1
Keigo Atobe 0-1
Kevin Winnicot 0-1
Kibano 0-1
Kihara 0-1
King Gojulas 0-1
Crypto Man 0-1
Dreadknight 0-1
Kriss Kross 0-1
Kubik 0-1
Kuranosuke Shiraishi 0-1
Kuwabara 0-1
Kyodai Ken 0-1
Tricky 0-1
Tygrus 0-1
Tyr 0-1
Moon Dancer 0-1
Spike 0-1
Tyrant 0-1
Tyrone King 0-1
Tartarus 0-1
Terra Man 0-1
Tetsuo Shima 0-1
Ikazuchi 0-1
Tiamut 0-1
Light Rim Alliot 0-1
Tim 0-1
Titano 0-1
TK 0-1
Takashi Komuro 0-1
Murota 0-1
Diavolo 0-1
Musclefoot 0-1
Jake Pentecost
Myron 0-1
Mzee 0-1
Mad Jim Jaspers 0-1
Madoushi 0-1
Maggie Sawyer 0-1
Majitani 0-1
Mala 0-1
Mandrakk 0-1
Manifold 0-1
Mariam 0-1
Maria Ushiromiya 0-1
Martha Kent 0-1
Master Hate 0-1
Master Jailer 0-1
Master Mogul 0-1
Matau 0-1
Max Payne 0-1
Maxie Zeus 0-1
Metabo 0-1
Mercy 0-1
Mighty Mom 0-1
Mimi 0-1
Miroku 0-1
Mistress Love 0-1
Mr Pork 0-1
Mephistopheles Yoma 0-1
Spinel Sun 0-1
Star Brand 0-1
Mr Doll 0-1
Captain Axis 0-1
Sub 0-1
Rand al’Thor 0-1
Summer Gleeson 0-1
Sackboy 0-1
Sadaso 0-1
Salaak 0-1
Sam Giddell 0-1
Sandstorm 0-1
Scorpio Sonia 0-1
Sedokan 0-1
Sewer King 0-1
Sun Seto 0-1
Death Ruler Gallows 0-1
Shadow King 0-1
Shippo 0-1
Roderigo 0-1
Shiseru 0-1
Smudge 0-1
Acid Ace 0-1
Agatha Harkness 0-1
Akhenaten 0-1
Alex Luthor 0-1
Alex Sawyer 0-1
Astonishman 0-1
Atlez 0-1
Atleza 0-1
Rigellian 0-1
Roku 0-1
Ryder White 0-1
Samaritan 0-1
Sandslash 0-1
Saruman 0-1
Satori 0-1
Scar (Lion King) 0-1
Totsuo Doai 0-1
Vidar 0-1
Wapol 0-1
Ameridroid 0-1
Wasabi Pow 0-1
Yuichi Aizawa 0-1
Kiki 0-1
Yurika Misumaru 0-1
Zachary Evans 0-1
Whitney 0-1
Wildfire 0-1
Xian Mei 0-1
Wizard 0-1
Shingo 0-1
Ruby (Tekken) 0-1
Silky 0-1
Simon Tycho 0-1
Flare Dancer 0-1
Francine Rhenquist 0-1
Frogger 0-1
Gan Gogh 0-1
GIR 0-1
Gohdan 0-1
Griff 0-1
Hakann 0-1
Hanumachine 0-1
Salem 0-1
Happy Mask Salesman 0-1
Agent Graves 0-1
Agent Ward 0-1
Aiai 0-1
Aldrich Killian 0-1
Amidamaru 0-1
Animal Man 0-1
Ari 0-1
The Lone Ranger 0-1
Killmonger 0-1
The Moon 0-1
Swinub 0-1
Thok 0-1
Thomas Wayne 0-1
Timothy Hunter 0-1
Topi 0-1
Tristan Thorn 0-1
Unimon 0-1
V (V For Vendetta) 0-1
Volvagia 0-1
Other Mother 0-1
Wailord 0-1
Yellow Pikmin 0-1
Asmodai 0-1
Zaktan 0-1
Eric Reibel 0-1
Firebird 0-1
Lakasei 0-1
Daiz 0-1
Cacao 0-1
Achilles 0-1
Achilles (Amazing) 0-1
Ginger 0-1
Nicky 0-1
Achilles (DC) 0-1
Rasin 0-1
Malice 2 0-1
Malice (Mayhem) 0-1
Malice (Image) 0-1
Prism 0-1
Prism (Wild) 0-1
Prism (Image) 0-1
Scrambler 0-1
Karima 0-1
Yuki Cross 0-1
Jake Lonergan 0-1
Jun 0-1
Wolfina 0-1
Miu Furinji 0-1
Carly Brooks 0-1
Kitty White 0-1
Garlic Jr 0-1
Murmur (Girl) 0-1
King Bedlam 0-1
Looter 0-1
Loss 0-1
Mammomax 0-1
Ryuji Suguro 0-1
Kamal 0-1
Fingolfin 0-1
Giselle 0-1
Chrome (Marvel) 0-1
Gargouille 0-1
General Hawk 0-1
The Grizzly 0-1
Tarantula 0-1
Tarantula (Maria) 0-1
Tarantula (Riley) 0-1
Tarantula (Luis) 0-1
Hector Barbossa 0-1
Tatterdemalion 0-1
Grizzly 0-1
Grizzly (AIM) 0-1
Hemmingway 0-1
Hikaru (GO) 0-1
Hurricane (Gunman) 0-1
Hurricane (Dark Rider) 0-1
Spoor 0-1
Spot 0-1
Fly 0-1
Foreigner 0-1
Jack 0-1
Stunner 0-1
Silvermane 0-1
Elias Bogan 0-1
Elise 0-1
Ever 0-1
Decay 0-1
Delgado 0-1
Destiny (Paul) 0-1
Lupo 0-1
Piper (3) 0-1
Piper 2 0-1
Paralyzer 0-1
Quill (3) 0-1
Quill (Warpie) 0-1
Quill (New) 0-1
Quill (image) 0-1
Quill 0-1
Reaper (Chill Jr) 0-1
Rayne 0-1
Rosie 0-1
Rhinestone Goomba 0-1
Reese 0-1
Riza 0-1
Paradox 0-1
Piper 0-1
Matthew Risman 0-1
Mentallo 0-1
Miko 0-1
Maron 0-1
Man Ape 0-1
Pachirisu 0-1
Sid (Ice Age) 0-1
Calvin 0-1
Camel Munzer 0-1
Cassidy 0-1
Cataleya 0-1
Chief Pachacamac 0-1
Chiyuri Kurashima 0-1
Chris Griffin 0-1
Connor Davenport 0-1
Count Dooku 0-1
Count Dawn 0-1
Daniel Bromely 0-1
Dark Hand 0-1
Dark Ranger 0-1
Deadhand 0-1
Dizzy Cordova 0-1
Dream of The Endless 0-1
Eddie Morra 0-1
Elemental Hero Sparkman 0-1
Eliot G Ballade 0-1
Ellen Berent 0-1
Dona 0-1
Ruka 0-1
Paine 0-1
Rikku 0-1
Furball 0-1
Van Zant 0-1
Mallory 0-1
Eddie Gluskin 0-1
Tamako 0-1
Smitty 0-1
Emma Bishop 0-1
Jackie Tristan 0-1
Baba 0-1
Amond 0-1
Armor 0-1
Princess Teela 0-1
Koyuki Kazahana 0-1
Connie Matsu 0-1
Ulik 0-1
Steppenwolf 0-1
Yoroi 0-1
Paul 0-1
Stephanie 0-1
Anko Mitarashi 0-1
Miss Piggy 0-1
Nitro 0-1
General Beatrix 0-1
Chu 0-1
Zigfried 0-1
Don Para 0-1
Leon Wilson 0-1
Lucifer Morningstar 0-1
Hiyono Yuizaki 0-1
Miki Saegusa 0-1
Tohru 0-1
Elizabeth 0-1
Gale 0-1
Natsuki Shinohara 0-1
Talking Tina 0-1
Sheela 0-1
Zoonama 0-1
Jerry 0-1
Dolltaki 0-1
Aoi Rokusho 0-1
Don Kee 0-1
Shigure 0-1
Bogey Orangutan 0-1
Vertigo (Girl) 0-1
Angelina 0-1
Daisuke (DD) 0-1
Piebald Ball Python 0-1
Santa Paws 0-1
Scarecrow (marvel) 0-1
Natalie (Charlie) 0-1
Projector 0-1
Pyro (Transformers) 0-1
Sam (Cyber) 0-1
Forearm 0-1
Nui Harime 0-1
Atora 0-1
Jade Dragon (Image) 0-1
Orator 0-1
Dastan 0-1
Ramrod (Nasty) 0-1
Bud 0-1
Locus 0-1
Nuwa 0-1
Princess 0-1
Suigestu (Kekkaishi) 0-1
Reaper (Paul) 0-1
Venus (Spy) 0-1
Cui 0-1
San (Princess Mononoke) 0-1
Chris Redfield 0-1
Chicken 0-1
IX 0-1
Ramrod (Ram) 0-1
Deathwing 0-1
Shigure Kosaka 0-1
Shenhua 0-1
Shimei Ryomou 0-1
Shizuku 0-1
Red Sonja 0-1
Ranke 0-1
Rosarita Cisneros 0-1
Runo Misaki 0-1
Sayu Yagami 0-1
Misaki 0-1
Yukio Washimine 0-1
Durok 0-1
Yui Hirasawa 0-1
Diplodocus 0-1
Mammoth 0-1
Mammoth (DC) 0-1
Shallot 0-1
Suchomimus 0-1
Ink Nijihara 0-1
Izumi (Queen) 0-1
Irene Lew 0-1
Jubei Jagyu 0-1
Junko Hattori 0-1
Kula Diamond 0-1
Kiyomi Takada 0-1
Lisa Hamilton 0-1
Li Mei 0-1
Elina Vance 0-1
Echidna (Queen) 0-1
Huang Quan 0-1
Taki 0-1
Shelke 0-1
Sanya 0-1
Sadi Chan 0-1
Shiori Tsuzuki 0-1
Risty 0-1
Shigi 0-1
Shizuka 0-1
Razia 0-1
Aoi 0-1
Annelotte 0-1
Arane 0-1
Alice (Q Blade) 0-1
Anarista 0-1
Athena Asamiya 0-1
Ayame 0-1
Bellatrix 0-1
Lilandra 0-1
Luna Luna 0-1
Leina Vance 0-1
Liliana 0-1
Lamica 0-1
Melona 0-1
Mamiya 0-1
Maria (Witch) 0-1
Mai Shiranui 0-1
Miko 0-1
Maria (DOA) 0-1
May (Guilty Gear) 0-1
Mirim 0-1
Mina Majikina 0-1
Martin Harris 0-1
Karolina Dean 0-1
Melpha 0-1
Maron Makaron 0-1
Miyako 0-1
Hanamichi Sakuragi 0-1
Masane Amaha 0-1
Marrow 0-1
Nowa 0-1
Nyx 0-1
Nanael 0-1
Puia 0-1
Painkiller Kotone 0-1
Presea 0-1
Rosso 0-1
Rio (DOA) 0-1
Yukio 0-1
Ymir (Queen) 0-1
Yuri Sakazaki 0-1
Zefie 0-1
Zafina 0-1
Xi Wang Mu 0-1
Banzai Bill 0-1
Dora (Queen) 0-1
Emmy 0-1
Eiren 0-1
Emily 0-1
Alcyone 0-1
Alleyne 0-1
Baiken 0-1
Branwen 0-1
Boa Hancock 0-1
Cham Cham 0-1
Claudette Vance 0-1
Cute 0-1
Cerate 0-1
Farah 0-1
Atari Hitotonari 0-1
Asuna Kagurazaka 0-1
Anne 0-1
Aika Sumeragi 0-1
Sumeragi 0-1
Annie 0-1
Aria Kanzaki 0-1
Anna Aoi 0-1
Ashelin 0-1
Arare Amano 0-1
Lyra Silvertongue 0-1
Barrage (DC) 0-1
Bedlam (Alpha) 0-1
Arachne 0-1
Astra (Brotherhood) 0-1
Clara 0-1
Dihal 0-1
Samon Taguchi 0-1
Controller X 0-1
Neridah 0-1
Yamu 0-1
Cecily Cambell 0-1
Charlotte Hazelrink 0-1
Chiaki 0-1
Oracle 0-1
Cilan 0-1
Aura 0-1
Chitose Nanbu 0-1
Lebreau 0-1
Benisato 0-1
Bouquet 0-1
Miwa (Beelzebub) 0-1
Danielle Baptiste 0-1
Cartia Goldschmidt 0-1
Kenji Koiso 0-1
Kalifa 0-1
Nana Asta Deviluke 0-1
Minatsuki Takami 0-1
Madame Lorraine 0-1
Shiro 0-1
Meril 0-1
Kiri Koshiba 0-1
Doronjo 0-1
Tina Armstrong 0-1
Launch 0-1
Mephista 0-1
Machi 0-1
Kourin 0-1
Luminus 0-1
Leap Frog 0-1
Madman 0-1
Maxima 0-1
Midgard Serpent 0-1
Metron 0-1
Pennywise 0-1
Oblivion 0-1
Okina 0-1
Hermione 0-1
Odion 0-1
Perry White 0-1
Parasite 0-1
Professor E Gadd 0-1
Ravage 0-1
Radioactive Man 0-1
Ray The Squirrel 0-1
Reactron 0-1
Ms Arrow 0-1
Menagerie 0-1
Mokuba 0-1
Mumm Ra 0-1
Sister Bear 0-1
Shoukyou 0-1
Sniper 0-1
Rooster 0-1
Vinegar 0-1
Wings 0-1
Spice 0-1
Mokona 0-1
Sansho 0-1
Salt (DBZ) 0-1
Salza 0-1
God Guardon 0-1
Garlic 0-1
Haggar 0-1
Jun Tendo 0-1
Mustard 0-1
Medamatcha 0-1
Mettaur 0-1
The Angelus 0-1
Whispair A Daire 0-1
Wordgirl 0-1
West Supreme Kai 0-1
Supreme Kai of Time 0-1
Thorn 0-1
Queen Beryl 0-1
Rafael 0-1
Nanao Ise 0-1
Sokka 0-1
Megumi Sokabe 0-1
Maya Kurinoki 0-1
Melody 0-1
Menchi 0-1
Moah 0-1
Kasuga (HXH) 0-1
Kanu Unchou 0-1
Kara 0-1
Koumei Shokatsuryou 0-1
Koudai Chinkyuu 0-1
Komugi 0-1
Li Xinlin 0-1
Leroute 0-1
Lady Blackhawk 0-1
Julie Makimoto 0-1
Kikyo Zoldyck 0-1
Kyoko (Reborn) 0-1
Kishime 0-1
Kamira 0-1
Jane 0-1
Genpou Saji 0-1
Hinamori 0-1
Hina (HXH) 0-1
Hikari Hanazono 0-1
Housen Ryofu 0-1
East Kai 0-1
Eda 0-1
Eliza (HXH) 0-1
Lady Clayface 0-1
Eeta 0-1
Elena 0-1
Ebifurya 0-1
Frederica Sawyer 0-1
Fugai 0-1
Fabiola Iglesias 0-1
Goei 0-1
Gillian (Eureka Seven) 0-1
Gentoku Ryuubi 0-1
Gell 0-1
Bio Man 0-1
Charlie Kenton 0-1
Canary 0-1
Clook 0-1
Chouhi Ekitoku 0-1
Baise 0-1
Balalaika 0-1
Balrog 0-1
Balrog (Street Fighter) 0-1
Appule 0-1
Shego 0-1
Pikkon 0-1
Green Hornet 0-1
Leo 0-1
Perro 0-1
Skaar 0-1
Show Zama 0-1
Snow 0-1
Scarface (Batman) 0-1
Sean 0-1
Tashigi 0-1
Temujin 0-1
Tamao Tamamura 0-1
Urahara 0-1
Usui 0-1
Udon 0-1
Weevil 0-1
Woodgod 0-1
Yoshino 0-1
Krona 0-1
Komorka 0-1
Doctor Destiny 0-1
Dondochakka Birstanne 0-1
Dominus 0-1
Dordoni 0-1
Dalek 0-1
Draaga 0-1
Etta Candy 0-1
Flux 0-1
Ganryu 0-1
Haido 0-1
Helspont 0-1
Hanzo 0-1
Infinity 0-1
Jynx 0-1
Koga 0-1
Half Life 0-1
Jiger 0-1
Atlas (Teen Titans) 0-1
Attuma 0-1
Baraka 0-1
Barinade 0-1
Baron Mordo 0-1
Belowski 0-1
Ben Willis 0-1
Benjamin Sisko 0-1
Biddybud 0-1
Blastaar 0-1
Blue Pikmin 0-1
Bo (Bo On The Go) 0-1
Boris Tepes Dracula 0-1
Hassleberry 0-1
Haytham Kenway 0-1
Helen Shivers 0-1
Erik Selvig 0-1
Helmaroc King 0-1
Hiro Kala 0-1
Hobbes 0-1
Hogun 0-1
Imus Champion 0-1
Iron King 0-1
Ixis Naugus 0-1
Janine King 0-1
Jay Solano 0-1
Jesse Custer 0-1
Jonathan Archer 0-1
JP 0-1
Julie James 0-1
Juliette 0-1
Kalle Demos 0-1
Kano 0-1
Commander Gor 0-1
Snagriff 0-1
Kamon Nandaba 0-1
Kapp’n 0-1
Karen O Malley 0-1
Mowgli 0-1
Keegan 0-1
Kelly 0-1
Kryptonite Man 0-1
Laserman 0-1
Little Boy Blue 0-1
Loop Hughes 0-1
Majora 0-1
Master Zik 0-1
Meg 0-1
Meg Griffon 0-1
Megumi Wakamiya 0-1
Mighty 0-1
Molgera 0-1
Moondark 0-1
Mr Little Lake 0-1
Mr Shepherd 0-1
Murkrow 0-1
Nanni 0-1
Naoko Yamada 0-1
Negi Springfield 0-1
Octorok 0-1
Odolwa 0-1
Ogre 0-1
Oknox 0-1
Pahrak Kal 0-1
Randyll Tarly
Parker 0-1
Pea Shooter 0-1
Peepa 0-1
Piranha Jones 0-1
Porcupuffer 0-1
Prongo 0-1
Purple Man 0-1
Qui Gon 0-1
Ray Bronson 0-1
Rayman 0-1
Richard Harland 0-1
Riddick 0-1
Rintarou Okabe 0-1
Roofus 0-1
Rory 0-1
Rotor 0-1
Saint of Killers 0-1
Samurai Jack 0-1
Sandmaargh 0-1
Savage Pan 0-1
Sengoku 0-1
Shayne Yamada 0-1
Shroud 0-1
Oodako 0-1
Orka 0-1
Overmaster 0-1
Access 0-1
Ace Hardlight 0-1
Aeon Flux 0-1
Anguish 0-1
Arielle 0-1
Arnold 0-1
Arnold Schwartzburger 0-1
Aureolus Izzard 0-1
Axonn 0-1
Bailey 0-1
Barnacle Boy 0-1
Basil 0-1
Black Manta 0-1
Black Mask 0-1
Browning 0-1
Carl Wheezer 0-1
Clank 0-1
Click 0-1
Commander Kraken 0-1
Courtney Gears 0-1
Crystal Bailey 0-1
Dai Atlas 0-1
Decreator 0-1
Defensor 0-1
Dino 0-1
Donkey (Shrek) 0-1
Dragon Man 0-1
Drek 0-1
Eagle 0-1
Ed 0-1
Eddie 0-1
Eiji Kikumaru 0-1
El Gigante 0-1
Ellen 0-1
Eric Cartman 0-1
Fei Wong 0-1
Firebrand 0-1
Fleuve 0-1
Floyd Stone 0-1
Fu 0-1
Fuuta 0-1
Gargamel 0-1
Gelaro 0-1
Gemini Man 0-1
Galactic Golem 0-1
Giga Aspis 0-1
Giotto 0-1
Giran 0-1
Grapple 0-1
Griffin 0-1
Grubsnuckers 0-1
Haruka Hikari 0-1
Harigane Onigase 0-1
Haru Miura 0-1
Hivolt 0-1
Hope 0-1
Isahaya 0-1
Kadaj 0-1
Kanata Irie 0-1
Kei Tanishi 0-1
Keldeo 0-1
Kintaro Toyama 0-1
Koga (Medaka Box) 0-1
Kokuo 0-1
Krang 0-1
Kunimitsu Tezuka 0-1
Kunisaki 0-1
Kup 0-1
Ladd Spencer 0-1
Latoya Parker 0-1
Lawrence 0-1
Liza 0-1
Lurerre 0-1
Maaldor 0-1
Madame Muchmoney 0-1
Magnus 0-1
Mammon 0-1
Manhunter 0-1
Mareep 0-1
Mary 0-1
Mazdamundi 0-1
Mr Hyde 0-1
Mr Parker 0-1
Mr Saturn 0-1
Mr Timbertoe 0-1
Munakata 0-1
Nabla Natives 0-1
Nagatha 0-1
Nekron 0-1
Pandora 0-1
Pi Right Ponderer 0-1
Pigeon Man 0-1
Pokey (Gumby) 0-1
Prairie 0-1
Prometheus 0-1
Quagsire 0-1
Death ​Tallica 0-1
Rama Kushna 0-1
Red Mnm 0-1
Rhodan 0-1
Rochelle 0-1
Rufus 0-1
Sakuno Ryuzaki 0-1
Sauron 0-1
Sazh Katzroy 0-1
Seiichi Yukimura 0-1
Shiva 0-1
Hush 0-1
Shoichi Irie 0-1
Shusuke Fuji 0-1
Snubbull 0-1
Snuffleupagus 0-1
Spanner 0-1
Spencer Aimes 0-1
Ken Kaneki 0-1
American Panther 0-1
Starbreaker 0-1
Stilt Man 0-1
Swiper 0-1
Takachiho 0-1
Takamura 0-1
Takeshi Momoshiro 0-1
Pabu 0-1
Tallahassee 0-1
Talwyn Apogee 0-1
Ted Smith 0-1
The Serpent 0-1
Thorgrim Grudgebearer 0-1
Tiny Tina 0-1
Thor (Myth) 0-1
Toxie 0-1
Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun 0-1
Tyler Durden 0-1
Manwe 0-1
Ultimator 0-1
Weeja Dell 0-1
Wesley Gibson 0-1
Yellow Mnm 0-1
Yuki Nagato 0-1
Zagan 0-1
Yuni 0-1
Yuta Fuji 0-1
Zack 0-1
Zackie 0-1
Zagine Axelox 0-1
Zenkichi 0-1
Grandmaster 0-1
Death (Endless) 0-1
Bob The Builder 0-1
Vanilla Ice 0-1
Funny Valentine 0-1
Bolt 0-1
Black Knight 0-1
Elastigirl 0-1
Alex Mercer 0-1
Amagai 0-1
Atsuko Urameshi 0-1
Valerian 0-1
Acidwire 0-1
Amoeba Man 0-1
Agent J 0-1
Atomic Skull 0-1
Beshimi 0-1
Bob Omb 0-1
Bean 0-1
Coldcast 0-1
Chain Chomp 0-1
Chameleon 0-1
Volstagg 0-1
Utakata 0-1
Ururu 0-1
Ulrich Stern 0-1
Tarantox 0-1
Uhura 0-1
Topmaniac 0-1
Tommy 0-1
Tatsuki 0-1
Suzy 0-1
Chiyo 0-1
Botamo 0-1
Charlie Brown 0-1
Caterpy 0-1
Clevar 0-1
Sinister 0-1
Silver Spooner 0-1
Soldier 0-1
Sorbetti 0-1
Seymour 0-1
Sinon 0-1
Shiki 0-1
Skids (Auto) 0-1
Sherri 0-1
Nanny 2 0-1
Neko 0-1
Mahiro Muto 0-1
Mio Akiyama 0-1
Macon 0-1
Joanna Dark 0-1
Jemmie 0-1
Keira 0-1
Nimrod (DC) 0-1
Fonda 0-1
Flex Mentallo 0-1
Nimrod (Fake) 0-1
Nanny 0-1
William Blake 0-1
Shera 0-1
William Cage 0-1
Maleficent 0-1
Ganthet 0-1
Ch’p 0-1
Sailor Uranus 0-1
Sailor Neptune 0-1
Berthier 0-1
Jafar 0-1
Luke Castellan 0-1
Brutaka 0-1
Heathcliff 0-1
Bumi 0-1
Cthulhu 0-1

All of the 0-2 fighters are tied for 226th

Odin 0-2
Boomerang Dragon 0-2
Cottonmouth 0-2
Impossible Man 0-2
Ragna 0-2
Stannis Baratheon 0-2
Jaco 0-2
Eggman Nega 0-2
Chief Wiggum 0-2
Tulkas 0-2
Hydroman 0-2
Daphne 0-2
Ribitta 0-2
Ponzu 0-2
Neon Nostrade 0-2
Madame Web 0-2
Willow Rosenberg 0-2
Ms Claus 0-2
Katana 0-2
Luna (Hex Girls) 0-2
Inque 0-2
Hisame 0-2
Delia 0-2
Dusk 0-2
Aunt Mito 0-2
Ambush Bug 0-2
Dosu 0-2
Bianca 0-2
Roadblock (Block) 0-2
Starfy 0-2
Weeper 0-2
Enrico Pucci 0-2
Mizuki 0-2
Dr Mindbender 0-2
Gorgeous George 0-2
Arnim Zola 0-2
Captain Keyes 0-2
Black Hat 0-2
Gremlin (Buddyfight) 0-2
Black Hand 0-2
Morro 0-2
Kai (Ronin) 0-2
Johnny Test 0-2
Korath 0-2
Wave 0-2
Hal 9000 0-2
Leon (Resident Evil) 0-2
Hsien Ko 0-2
Ino (Gear) 0-2
Plucky Duck 0-2
Genuine 0-2
Frank Martin 0-2
Dr Myuu 0-2
Dimentio 0-2
Zeena 0-2
Gaimon 0-2
Eel 0-2
Mrs Brief 0-2
Iris (Flash) 0-2
Bon Para 0-2
Ragyo 0-2
Leon (Tiger) 0-2
Worm (Cyber) 0-2
Belvera 0-2
Son Para 0-2
Kamikaze (DC) 0-2
Rem Ram 0-2
Ringer 0-2
Dragoness 0-2
Dr Kochin 0-2
Dom 0-2
Breaker 0-2
Marcus Wright 0-2
Soren 0-2
Valese 0-2
Nemesis Type T 0-2
Shadee 0-2
Nebula 0-2
Mary (Anita Blake) 0-2
Marron 0-2
Gollum 0-2
Scrooge McDuck 0-2
Bass Armstrong 0-2
Destro 0-2
Duke 0-2
Tunnel Rat 0-2
Scarlett 0-2
Groot 0-2
Leorio 0-2
Crystal 0-2
Yamamoto 0-2
Koma 0-2
Sora (Digimon) 0-2
Antman (Scott) 0-2
Piedmon 0-2
Vanille 0-2
Rinslet 0-2
Scarecrow 0-2
Batgirl (Cassandra) 0-2
Miss Sweetwater 0-2
Buster 0-2
Spryte 0-2
Yai 0-2
Wily Exe 0-2
Peter Venkman 0-2
Dino Piranha 0-2
Toadsworth 0-2
Caesar 0-2
Zubat 0-2
Torkoal 0-2
Turtwig 0-2
Tory (Pokemon) 0-2
Menace (Goblin) 0-2
Scorpion 0-2
Leon 0-2
Slippy 0-2
Balerion the Black Dread 0-2
Chocolove 0-2
Helen (Sonic X) 0-2
Storm (Sonic) 0-2
Violet (Pokemon) 0-2
Todd Snap 0-2
Sceptile 0-2
Ruckus (TF) 0-2
Splinter (1980’s) 0-2
Asuka (Tekken) 0-2
Daniel Jackson 0-2
Xiaoyu 0-2
Starscream (Tech) 0-2
Roadblock (Deception) 0-2
Enel 0-2
Dark Beast 0-2
Bastion (Xmen) 0-2
Therestina 0-2
Morrigan 0-2
Gill Man 0-2
Major Victory 0-2
Kilowog 0-2
X Man 0-2
Tristan 0-2
Angron 0-2
Caldina 0-2
Orthrus 0-2
Basilisk (Xmen) 0-2
2 Gun Kid 0-2
Kalavinka Uguisukomachi 0-2
Aguja 0-2
Lei Fang 0-2
Rattlesnake 0-2
Plum 0-2
Charlie Bone 0-2
Yuri 0-2
Asagi 0-2
Dokuro Mitsukai 0-2
Chocolate Misu 0-2
Renee 0-2
Carrie White 0-2
Tower 0-2
Misokatsun 0-2
Moegi 0-2
Tarantula (2) 0-2
Aya Natsume 0-2
Cattleya 0-2
Chii 0-2
Chiharu Shinonome 0-2
Ghostface (Loomis) 0-2
Cinderella 0-2
Gearhead 0-2
Killer Whale 0-2
Mr Terrific 0-2
Flip 0-2
Phoenix Wright 0-2
Ridley (Alien Hunter) 0-2
Ellie 0-2
King Piccolo 0-2
Yamigitsune 0-2
129th Beavis 0-2
Ramsay Bolton 0-2
Overlord (Ninjago) 0-2
Van Helsing 0-2
Kitten 0-2
Roger (American Dad) 0-2
Lucius Fox 0-2
Vandal Savage 0-2
Jackie Brown 0-2
Tiena 0-2
Tempo 0-2
Jidanbo 0-2
Yuko Ichihara 0-2
Scream 0-2
Sangre 0-2
Pudding 0-2
Poison (SF) 0-2
Forearm (Xmen) 0-2
Deathwatch 0-2
Oya 0-2
Larry Talbot 0-2
Bibidi 0-2
Irma 0-2
Kokoro 0-2
Hitomi 0-2
Tanya 0-2
Maria (Queen) 0-2
Rihoko Amaha 0-2
Mini Moon 0-2
Sans 0-2
Popeye 0-2
Bruce (Shark) 0-2
Blood Spider 0-2
Betty Ross 0-2
Syndrome 0-2
Wildcat 0-2
Zeff 0-2
Scourge (Warriors) 0-2
Meiling Li 0-2
Mr Immortal 0-2
Tomoyo 0-2
Toya Kinomoto 0-2
Black Spider 2 0-2
Black Spider 3 0-2
Cassandra Nova 0-2
Cosmo 0-2
Calypso 0-2
Yamato Man 0-2
Trevor Fitzroy 0-2
Jackal 0-2
Morph 0-2
Mrs Mari 0-2
Misa 0-2
Mina 0-2
Pegasus (Greek) 0-2
Blizzard 0-2
King Vegeta 0-2
Ryu (Shaman) 0-2
Saibaman 0-2
Tousen 0-2
Beezus 0-2
Big Guy 0-2
King Bulbin 0-2
Emily Elizabeth 0-2
Jarvis 0-2
Warwolf 0-2
Silver Fox 0-2
Bakken 0-2
Whispy Woods 0-2
Tauros 0-2
Darby 0-2
Hercules 0-2
LeBlanc 0-2
Malice (First) 0-2
Scalphunter (DC) 0-2
Arclight 0-2
Tigershark 0-2
White Rabbit 0-2
Tarot (DC) 0-2
Iguana 0-2
Hammer Head 0-2
Zack (SF) 0-2
Skids 0-2
Sublime (Xmen) 0-2
Strobe (DC) 0-2
Copperhead (Cobra) 0-2
Copperhead (Lawrence) 0-2
Scratch 0-2
Sabata 0-2
Darkrai 0-2
Devil Virus 0-2
Ram (Dead Island) 0-2
Bella (Twilight) 0-2
Wheeljack 0-2
Jill Valentine 0-2
Bulkhead 0-2
Angila 0-2
Paragus 0-2
Talia Al Ghul 0-2
Daryl Dixon 0-2
Capricorn Ionia 0-2
Cepheus 0-2
Cygnus Hyoga 0-2
Borg 0-2
Binolt 0-2
Anthony Zucco 0-2
Abin Sur 0-2
Angela Cross 0-2
Kyoko 0-2
Lal Mirch 0-2
Bianchi 0-2
Exeggutor 0-2
High Father 0-2
Farfetchd 0-2
Gobblegut 0-2
Victini 0-2
Quicksand 0-2
Patrick 0-2
Aerith 0-2
Echidna 0-2
Flying Dutchman 0-2
Girouette 0-2
Hanataro 0-2
Hyuga 0-2
Kathryn Janeway 0-2
Louie 0-2
Kingfin 0-2
Kismet 0-2
Haunter 0-2
Glalie 0-2
Glamdozer 0-2
Gordon Freeman 0-2
Felicia 0-2
Saphira 0-2
Dende 0-2
Yotsuba 0-2
Wackoman 0-2
Iruka 0-2
Orphan Maker 0-2
Fuka 0-2
Larry Trask 0-2
Murmur (Flash) 0-2
Roy (Koopa Kid) 0-2
Botos 0-2
Thornn 0-2
Chance (Girl) 0-2
Crimson Commando 0-2
Catseye 0-2
Yahiko 0-2
Black Bishop 0-2
Khan 0-2
Shuko 0-2
Egghead (DC) 0-2
Egghead 2 0-2
Roulette 0-2
Roulette (DC) 0-2
Static 0-2
Violet 0-2
Anne (DOA) 0-2
Menace 0-2
Samael Apocalypse 0-2
Tory 0-2
Angela 0-2
Golden Darkness 0-2
Reaper (Batman) 0-2
Slab (Image) 0-2
Pete 0-2
Shirley 0-2
Cassandra 0-2
Silvia 0-2
Diz 0-2
Inari 0-2
Sly 0-2
Nana 0-2
Melody 0-2
Bocoe 0-2
Stranger 0-2
Lupe Wolf 0-2
Nuhvok Kal 0-2
Kitana 0-2
Kohrak Kal 0-2
Hypertron 1.0 0-2
Teela 0-2
Frenzy 0-2
Vindaloo 0-2
Zahl 0-2
Shriek (Batman) 0-2
Ernst 0-2
Mist Mistress 0-2
Leper Queen 0-2
Peepers 0-2
Lifter 0-2
Captain Comet 0-2
Red Star 0-2
Antoine 0-2
John Jameson 0-2
Brick 0-2
Reidak 0-2
Chansey 0-2
Pepe 0-2
Baby Bop 0-2
BJ 0-2
Riptide 0-2
Rat 0-2
Elmer Fudd 0-2
Jetstream 0-2
Javitz 0-2
Cloe 0-2
Chizuru 0-2
Dulcy the Dragon 0-2
Gahlok Kal 0-2
Collector 0-2
Glory 0-2
In Betweener 0-2
Rudolph 0-2
Speedy 0-2
Miltank 0-2
Magpie 0-2
Hulk Davidson 0-2
Houndour 0-2
Helmeppo 0-2
Gran Bruce 0-2
Enrique El Gancho 0-2
Count Chocula 0-2
Bruno Mannheim 0-2
Lobster 0-2
Mesmero 0-2
Cream 0-2
Ripcord 0-2
Kazar 0-2
Crossbones 0-2
Frostbite 0-2
Gluttony 0-2
Senator Kelly 0-2
Allistar Smythe 0-2
Strobe 0-2
William Stryker 0-2
Moses Magnum 0-2
Tea 0-2
Whiteout 0-2
Sumo 0-2
Gumby 0-2
Huntress 0-2
Kate 0-2
Kado 0-2
Alpha 0-2
Tiff 0-2
Solomon Muto 0-2
MUTO 0-2
Eely Mouth 0-2
R2D2 0-2
Poncho 0-2
Rollodillo 0-2
Cragalanche 0-2
Roger 0-2
Bulbous G 0-2
Candy Kong 0-2
Boromir 0-2
Bugaboom 0-2
Crusher 0-2
Curious George 0-2
Prince Pikante 0-2
Nastina 0-2
Bull Rancor 0-2
Prince Fluff 0-2
Primeape 0-2
Pilaf 0-2
Officer Jenny 0-2
Mizuiro 0-2
Marge Simpson 0-2
Metro Man 0-2
Mr Rictus 0-2
Larry 0-2
Jimmy Neutron 0-2
Hancock 0-2
Shrek 0-2
Wolf Woods 0-2
Botan 0-2
Keiko 0-2
Mei Terumi 0-2
Lana Lang 0-2
Batmite 0-2
Koto 0-2
Kon 0-2
Bluestar 0-2
Twinbellows 0-2
Dr Caligari 0-2
Django 0-2
Drowzee 0-2
Bloodthirst 0-2
Scraplet 0-2
Sabo 0-2
Serperior 0-2
Rush 0-2
Dr Cossack 0-2
Starfox 0-2
Beast (Disney) 0-2
Major Domo 0-2
Bulwark 0-2
Aqua Maiden 0-2
Akane 0-2
Amphibius 0-2
Bulla 0-2
Cole (FF) 0-2
Donald Pierce 0-2
Gaza 0-2
Maximus 0-2
Leash 0-2
Sniper Wolf 0-2
Agent Orange 0-2
AJ 0-2
Archambault 0-2
Aya 0-2
Baron Brrr 0-2
Big Bully 0-2
Thunderball 0-2
The Mask 0-2
The Word 0-2
Tuff 0-2
Stompa 0-2
Stella 0-2
Colonel Silver 0-2
Squizzard 0-2
Widget 0-2
Silver Dragon Adelaide 0-2
Rod Reiss 0-2
Sheila Vanna 0-2
Othello 0-2
Trapper 0-2
Beatrix Kiddo 0-2
Drizzt Do’Urden 0-2
Kuvira 0-2
Archimonde 0-2
Hitomi Kanzaki 0-2
Sandor Clegane 0-2
Red Ghost 0-2
Kuguru Uki 0-2
J Carroll Corcoran 0-2
Greedo 0-2
Armin 0-2
Bambi 0-2
Toph 0-2
Man of Miracles 0-2
Warpath 0-2
Bladewing Phoenix 0-2
Swagman 0-2
Penny 0-2
Cana 0-2

227th Bon Bon Baby 0-3
227th Miss Frizzle 0-3
227th Taskmaster 0-3
227th Mercenary Tao 0-3
227th Lady Shiva 0-3
227th Snow White 0-3
227th Raiden (MK) 0-3
227th Binky 0-3
227th Haruhi Suzumiya 0-3
227th Wrecker 0-3
227th Domino 0-3
227th Jimmy Olsen 0-3
227th Emil Hamilton 0-3
227th Bonebreaker 0-3
227th Roxy Rocket 0-3
227th Heracross 0-3
227th Maria Hill 0-3
227th Hadrosaurus 0-3
227th Tesla (Bleach) 0-3
227th Babidi 0-3
227th Turles 0-3
227th Mayuri 0-3
227th Toadette 0-3
227th Tingle 0-3
227th Tenten 0-3
227th Sad Goomba 0-3
227th Celebi 0-3
227th Weezing 0-3
227th Green 0-3
227th Raphael (1980’s) 0-3
227th Gremlin 0-3
227th Manta 0-3
227th Natsume (Gakuen Alice) 0-3
227th Beef 0-3
227th Bevatron 0-3
227th General Blue 0-3
227th Wheelie 0-3
227th Gooper Blooper 0-3
227th Mindworm 0-3
227th Mr Incredible 0-3
227th Tombstone 0-3
227th Kraven 2 0-3
227th Lady Kraven 0-3
227th Mysterio 0-3
227th King Kaliente 0-3
227th Ron Weasley 0-3
227th Danny Phantom 0-3
227th Sin Eater (Venom) 0-3
227th Bilbo Baggins 0-3
227th Mr Prog 0-3
227th Bumble Bee 0-3
227th Hell Boy 0-3
227th Abo 0-3
227th Shadowdragon 0-3
227th Orion 0-3
227th Giru 0-3
227th Crimson Dynamo 0-3
227th Goku Jr 0-3
227th Black Spider 0-3
227th Mirror Master 0-3
227th Captain Boomerang 0-3
227th The Hut 0-3
227th Tammy 0-3
227th Moka Akaishiya 0-3
227th John Brent 0-3
227th Speedy Gonzales 0-3
227th J Jonah Jameson 0-3
227th Eustace Scrubb 0-3
227th Sagat 0-3
227th Munsu 0-3
227th Inu No Taisho 0-3
227th Miss Appear 0-3
227th Termite 0-3
227th Grandma Thora 0-3
227th Spyke 0-3
227th Mirage (Minicon) 0-3
227th Happy Hogan 0-3
227th Porky 0-3
227th Audrey II 0-3
227th Betty Boop 0-3
227th Maya 0-3
227th Plant 0-3
227th Titan 0-3
227th Ditto 0-3
227th Swarm 0-3
227th Deathbird 0-3
227th Thumbelina 0-3
227th Captain Whisker 0-3
227th Princess Snake 0-3
227th Haruko Haruhara 0-3
227th John Ferguson 0-3
227th Twin Terror 0-3
227th Fusion 0-3
227th Sub Zero 0-3
227th Pip The Troll 0-3
227th Shou Tucker 0-3
227th Senor Pink 0-3
227th Dark Emperor 0-3
227th Captain Blue Jr 0-3
227th Banshee 0-3
227th Hro Talak 0-3
227th Wormy (Spongebob) 0-3
227th The Abominable Snowman (Rudolph) 0-3
227th Olive Oyl 0-3
227th The Phantasm 0-3
227th Fabian Cortez 0-3
227th Human Fly 0-3
227th Brainchild 0-3
227th Chimera (Bat) 0-3
227th Aresia 0-3
227th Pauline 0-3
227th Mirage (Prisoner) 0-3
227th Olivia Sharp 0-3
227th Shaggy Man 0-3
227th Shizune 0-3
227th Amygdala 0-3
227th Bullet Bill 0-3
227th Cubone 0-3
227th Moondragon 0-3
227th Conduit 0-3
227th Fasha 0-3
227th Swordsman 0-3
227th Garfield 0-3
227th Deadshot 0-3
227th Spearow 0-3
227th Korra 0-3
227th Chris 0-3

228th Beetle (Animal) 0-4
228th Level 0 Akuma 0-4
228th Cheep Cheep 0-4
228th Kairi 0-4
228th Ryuk 0-4
228th Roger Rabbit 0-4
228th Giorno Giovanna 0-4
228th Katniss 0-4
228th Toad 0-4
228th Governor Breck 0-4
228th Dr Octopus 0-4
228th Anna Williams 0-4
228th Wreck Gar 0-4
228th Big 0-4
228th Pokey 0-4
228th Fred Flintstone 0-4
228th Harvey Bullock 0-4
228th Manchester Black 0-4
228th Draco Malfoy 0-4
228th Gloomba 0-4
228th Headless Horseman 0-4
228th Velma 0-4
228th Charmy 0-4
228th Waddle Dee 0-4
228th Yellow Luma 0-4
228th Navi 0-4
228th Porky Pig 0-4
228th Ocean Master 0-4
228th Dr Doofenshmirtz 0-4
228th Hairbag 0-4
228th Eric The Red 0-4
228th Wiggler 0-4
228th Minotaur 0-4
228th Aunt May 0-4
228th Iceman exe 0-4
228th Tori 0-4
228th Orbot 0-4
228th Luna 0-4
228th Luppi 0-4
228th Mangog 0-4
228th Sprocket 0-4
228th Anetta 0-4
228th Bucky 0-4
228th Crash 0-4
228th Kashitarou 0-4
228th Shang Chi 0-4
228th The Grinch 0-4
228th S’ym 0-4
228th Xana 0-4
228th Malekith 0-4
228th Armorknight Cerberus 0-4
228th Stein Blade Joker 0-4
228th Lord of Nightmares 0-4
228th John Constantine 0-4
228th Two Face 0-4
228th Mama Bear 0-4
228th Gigantosaurus 0-4

229th Granny Goodness 0-5
229th Gloom 0-5
229th Barry William Cox 0-5
229th Graves 0-5
229th Jirobo 0-5
229th Magnetman 0-5
229th Water Horse 0-5
229th Whaleman 0-5
229th Scorcher 0-5
229th Bujin 0-5
229th Modok 0-5
229th Prunella 0-5
229th Ultra Humanite 0-5
229th Vixen 0-5
229th Woodman 0-5
229th Batwoman 0-5
229th Egghead 0-5
229th Quest 0-5
229th Domestic Longhair 0-5
229th Crazy Bus 0-5
229th Tigra 0-5
229th Puar 0-5
229th Caster 0-5
229th Zouken 0-5
229th Donatello 0-5
229th Saint Dane 0-5
229th Ryuunosuke 0-5
229th Scorpion King 0-5
229th Worm 0-5
229th Water Horse 0-5
229th Captain Cold 0-5
229th Bullseye 0-5
229th Kemura 0-5

230th Graboid 0-6
230th Takun 0-6
230th Medusa 0-6
230th Raphael 0-6
230th Sage of Six Paths 0-6
230th Rubberband Man 0-6
230th Ares (Marvel) 0-6
230th Gyroman 0-6
230th US Agent 0-6
230th Trapster 0-6
230th Wybie Lovat 0-6
230th Python 0-6
230th Mad Hatter 0-6
230th Frankenstein 0-6
230th Killer Croc 0-6

231st Michelangelo (1970’s) 0-7
231st Frodo 0-7
231st Rossiu 0-7
231st Encyclopedia Brown 0-7
231st Karin 0-7
231st Rage Shenron 0-7
231st Lambo 0-7
231st Peter Griffin 0-7

232nd Pretty Boy 0-8
232nd Tinky Winky 0-8
232nd Po 0-8

233rd Dipsy 0-9
233rd Laa Laa 0-9
233rd Alex Hopper 0-9

234th Arcade 0-10
234th Guts Man 0-10

235th Penguin 0-11
235th Pickman 0-11
235th Polar Bear 0-11

236th Norman Bates 0-15

237th Prince Haru 0-16

238th Blob 0-17

239th Oolong 0-27

240th Nemo 0-45

Black Clover

This series got quite a lot of buzz. For the most part anyone I’ve met irl who reads the manga likes it a lot while online you see a lot of mockery. For better or worse I am getting a lot of Fairy Tail vibes from it. If it sticks to the early days of Fairy Tail then we’re fine though. In a way, it’s about guilds and magic quite a bit, but also dips into Naruto and Bleach kind of story beats as well. It’s really a mesh of a bunch of Shonen Tropes and that’s why it could end up being amazing or very forgettable. The supporting cast doesn’t seem to have too much potential, but the main character is pretty good and I’m liking the rival. Ideally that’s all you need. There’s a lot of potential here, but it can be used for good or bad. We’ll just have to see and I’ll have a review for the series when it finishes.

Overall 6/10

My Hero Academia Season 2 Review

All right, it’s time for the second season to the hit show Hero Academia! The first season really took off and this one naturally followed it with the same excitement. I especially recall seeing it get a lot of buzz when the season first started and I’m sure it held on throughout. On the whole I’d definitely consider this season to beat the first one. It had time for more intense fight scenes and both halves of the season were really solid. I’d argue that the first half beat the second but they both had their share of good scenes.

We start off the season with a bang as the tournament starts. First we get some random events in Olympic style as various teams clash. The episodes are a lot of fun and we get introduced to some new characters like Neito who are extremely good. Once the real 1 on 1 phase of the tournament starts, then things get real. The main highlights of the tournament are Bakugo vs Todoroki and Deku vs Todoroki. Those two fights were leagues better than any of the others in the bracket although that’s not to say that the others were bad. These are just the matches that I had been waiting for. Deku’s had less action than Bakugo’s so it would come in second, but I was glad to finally see him using his powers more.

The dynamic between the characters is also good since any of the 3 can make a claim for being the strongest in the school. I’d say that Deku should easily beat both of them once he gets Full Cowl, but the tourney ended right before that so I was fine with him not being able to match the other two. If Bakugo and Todoroki both fight at full power my money would be on Todoroki, but if Bakugo can use his speed a little more it could definitely go either way.

Then we get to the plot heavy part of the season where the League of Villains attacks again and Stain is around as well. It was the best part of the season to be sure as we got to see Deku, Iida, and Todoroki take on Stain. It’s known as one of the best parts of the season and it’s easy to see why. It stays exciting throughout the whole event and it’s almost hard to go back to the happy days after that. Still, the show manages to pull it off since the directing is quite good and even normal scenes usually feel pretty hype here.

I do think that the season should have ended on a more exciting note though. We get the big teacher vs student battles with All Might taking on Deku and Bakugo towards the end. He certainly wasn’t pulling his punches as much as you’d expect and it made for a really good showdown between them. That should have been the final episode as opposed to ending with Shigaraki getting in some threats and Deku being humiliated again. It could have been a worse ending as we at least got to see new villains, but maybe it just didn’t help that I’m not too impressed with them yet. There’s plenty of time for them to change my mind in the next season. I’m confident that season 3 will continue to improve the series as it’s going to be adapting my favorite arc in the series. Prepare yourself since it may even manage a 9/10 for that one if it plays its cards right.

Well, lets look at the characters. Deku is still a good main character. He was quick to divert from his main mission to go save Iida when he suspected something was wrong. A hero should always be ready to take the initiative like that after all. In his fight with Todoroki he also did a good job of talking sense to him. I don’t care much for his quirk of muttering to himself but it’s not overdone to the point of annoyance so it’s easy to overlook. Deku really just had two problems in this season. One was when he let Shigaraki get the drop on him and just threaten him for a while. It’s moments like those where you have to use Full Cowl and just blast him off. Especially once he started to get choked. That scene was just brutal for Deku fans because you’d expect him to at least do something. Anything is better than just losing like that.

The other iffy moment is when he is teamed up with Bakugo against All Might and keeps saying that they should run away. Running is never the answer and against an opponent whose main ability is super speed and strength…just doesn’t seem like a good option. I was completely with Bakugo there as the best defense is a good offense. Just fight All Might and claim victory. As the heroes always say, it doesn’t matter who your opponent is as your mission still doesn’t change. You just have to win, that’s the end goal. If they had fought together from the start they probably would have done a lot better.

Todoroki finally gets a lot of development here and he’s still my favorite character. He did a really good job in all of his fights and finally knows that he should always be willing to use his fire. He was the only student smart enough to find Deku in time and does a good job of living up to his rep as a genius. It’s a shame that he doesn’t do much in the future arcs since he has such a nice role here. He’s extremely powerful and dependable. You can’t ask for much more from a character.

Bakugo is also a fun character. In season 1 his bullying could be a little intense, but now that Deku has learned to stand up for himself at least Bakugo doesn’t even try anymore. He still lashes out at everyone all the time and is constantly growling about something, but he’s a solid rival. His attack strategy is very versatile and he’s almost as combat smart as Todoroki. His ego probably isn’t thrilled with how Deku keeps surpassing him, but at least he still just focuses on winning. His only issue at one point was saying that he’d rather lose than fight with Deku since that’s a little too drastic. Beyond that, he’s probably still my second favorite character behind Todoroki and the two of them are pretty close. Todoroki is just still a cooler rival. (Pun intended)

One issue with the heroes taking on villains though is that the main 3 are really the only ones who can fight. I suppose Iida has some combat ability as well, but the kids are just so far behind right now. Uraraka is a fun heroine, but her gravity ability doesn’t really have a whole lot of combat potential. That’s why I’m glad she’s at least learning some hand to hand skills from her mentor. That should make up for her powers and maybe she can find a way to use the two as a combo. Light gravity on herself should allow Uraraka to engage in faster hand to hand combat battles potentially. Hopefully they can do something like that for her.

This is Iida’s final big moment before his character falls down the tubes so I recommend enjoying it. His quest to stop Stain was pretty good, it’s a shame that he just didn’t have the power to back it up. Stain’s simply too fast and Iida is bad at changing directions. It also admittedly wasn’t his best moment as a hero since he didn’t even think about saving the other guy in the crossfire. I would give him a passing grade for the season though since he at least had a good plan for telling Stain. I probably wouldn’t have told the other students either since they would really be in danger at that point.

Tsu gets her own episode but it’s probably one of the weakest in the season. It’s about her helping out on a boat which isn’t bad…but pretty much the definition of filler. It’s definitely fun for her fans and all, but the “veterans” on the ship looked like chumps when they were just thrown overboard like that. They really didn’t expect the villains to try and pull a fast one? That’s a little sad for them if that’s the case. Tsu also can’t really fight so hopefully she’ll get a second power soon.

Momo gets some more development as her battle with self confidence happens during her match against the teacher. She’s a cool character and I think the series can do a lot with her ability. Being able to create anything that she understands is certainly handy. It’s surprising how often she just never gets to appear but maybe that’ll change soon. Kirishima doesn’t have an especially large role here or anything, but he’s still a fun character. His armor ability just has too many limitations at the moment so he really needs to improve it. What’s the point of super strength and durability if it’s only to a mild degree? At least he has enthusiasm.

Kyoka also has a mild role, but she looked really good. At least she’s always ready for a fight and is a capable strategist. She contributed in her battle against Mic with her cool ear drum abilities even if the self damage is a little too high for it to be worth using very often. Tokoyami is also another solid fighter who uses his dark hawk ability and his mind to outsmart the enemy. He’s treated as one of the strongest students and I guess he would be top 5. He’s a cool character that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of as well.

Finally from the main students there is also Mineta, but he is the worst by far. There’s just nothing cool to say about him and he is only here to try and bring in some fanservice. The show is really good about avoiding that trap for the moment so getting rid of him and Midnight would make the show completely stay away from it. Mineta has his own big scene which is terrible and unnecessary so hopefully we don’t go through that again.

The other classes have some pretty interesting students as well. Neito is easily one of the best as his character exists only to make fun of the main students as he reminds them that talents, not quirks win battles. He actually does really good during the opening events. Considering that he has no powers, the guy really makes an impact. I hope to see a lot more of him as he’s the kind of comic relief character that I can get behind. Mei is a tech student who invents a bunch of stuff. She seems to be a fun enough character although none of her inventions seem like they’ll be enough to help her in a real fight. She’ll definitely have to stick to the support role for a little while longer.

Hitoshi can control people if they talk to him which is certainly a very good ability. After all, as long as he doesn’t let everyone know about that, most villains will automatically talk to him for trash talking and the like. How useful this ability is will directly correlate to how well he can keep a secret. Just keep releasing fake truths to how it works through the news and such and he could be a secret weapon. It’s just a shame that this kind of ability never seems to work on the stronger opponents.

There’s not much to say about the teachers. Aizawa still serves as the Kakashi of the series and reminds the kids that you can’t mess with the adults. I don’t buy into him doing well against Todoroki at all, but being able to turn off a person’s quirk is really handy. The no blinking rule isn’t nearly as useful though since it should be easy to make him blink during a scuffle. He needs a stun gun or something. Principal Nezu is pretty cheap as per usual. I still hold onto my pet theory that he’s a traitor as it would at least give his character a purpose.

I actually like Mic. He made for a pretty good opponent during the battle and had a lot of fun with his exam. His ability is a little overpowered for how the test was structured though. Ectoplasm has a really cool design even if he hasn’t done much yet. Having Shadow Clones is always handy as well for dealing with multiple opponents. I hope he is either really fast or has some hand to hand techniques though. Snipe has a gun and he knows how to fire it. The guy didn’t get to do much in this season though. Midnight’s hormone abilities definitely make for one of the most underwhelming quirks. It’s almost as bad as just having a tail, it’s not going to help against a serious villain.

All Might’s fight is pretty good and while that’s basically the extent of his role here, it’s a pretty good one. It’s good that he didn’t go too easy on the kids because then there wouldn’t have been much of a point to the exercise. I still really like his super hero design even if the frail human mode isn’t nearly as exciting or fun to watch. He embodies what it means to be a super hero and that’s why it’s easy to see All Might as the symbol of hope. He’s starting to keep some secrets from Deku, but nothing massive yet so it’s all good for now.

One thing that’s always annoying though is how the grown ups tell the kids not to make the hero call. The heroes being in trouble for helping stop Stain is pretty awful no matter how you look at it. Sure, they weren’t given permission to use their quirks and such but I thought you were allowed to do that if it was an emergency. I feel like that was mentioned in season 1 and this would count. Now they have to pretend that they never helped in the first place which is pretty bad. I’ve seen similar speeches in many shows and I never agree with them. If you’re in a position to help someone but don’t have a license, you still have to act. There’s no time to go and find someone and being a hero means saving lives over following the rules. The heroes need to work on a better system so they encourage other heroes to help instead of stopping them. Considering that most of humanity has quirks in this series, they’d be a force to be reckoned with if they united instead of being forced to hide their quirks.

The League of Villains didn’t do much yet. One of the few weaknesses to the series is that the villains aren’t very interesting. Stain is really good and Kurogiri/Noumu have cool designs. Beyond that, the rest of basically throwaways. It’s hard to take Shigaraki seriously when he’s always grabbing his face to calm himself down. His power is actually very useful but his personality just doesn’t work as the big leader of the villains. He needs some self confidence or a better design at the very least. Kurogiri looks cool and his power is great. He should just overthrow Shigaraki at this point since he seems more qualified to be leader. I’d definitely like to see more of him since he is easily the most interesting villain right now.

Since there are many Noumu running around now, they are far weaker than the one that fought All Might. It’s too bad that they got nerfed but at least they are still a credible threat to an extent. We get quick cameos for Dabi and Himiko at the end. They will do more in season 3. Considering that they seemed threatened by Shigaraki at the end, their hype is basically gone by this point. I can see why Himiko is a fan favorite since she’s totally crazy, but it’s just not in a cool way. Dabi is fine though and I expect good things from him.

Stain is the big villain of the series and he is certainly as cool as you’d expect. He has a great design and his ability is also very handy. Being able to paralyze someone for a few minutes is downright amazing. In a 1 on 1 fight that is an instant game over for basically anyone. No matter what your quirk is, you’re not going to be able to survive for long if you can’t move. I’m pretty sure you can’t even use your quirk while paralyzed although I’m sure there are probably some exceptions to this rule. Since Stain is still alive, I’m definitely expecting him to return at some point.

Whoever the show has hired as the director definitely needs to stay on. I take a lot of shots at Naruto Shippuden, but that’s because I wish it was a show like this one. Basically every scene is interesting and the characters are mostly all fun. Each episode is over in the blink of an eye since nothing drags on and you don’t keep seeing the same flashbacks. Even though the manga starts to go downhill a little after where season 3 should end, I’m hoping the anime can save it somehow. With this team at the helm I do think there is a chance. It’s one thing to adapt the source material and another to make it even better. This show is one of the latter and this is basically the prime of the series so continue to enjoy it now while the going is good.

As you’d expect the animation is really solid for this season. The colors really stand out and everything is very sharp. You can especially see this in the high budget episodes. I’m glad the show got a good budget since just about every character has some kind of energy element to their abilities and you need to be able to show that off. One look at the episodes and you know this is a modern show. The soundtrack is basically the same as in the first season. It can be kind of nostalgic but I hope they add some new tunes for season 3. It’s a good soundtrack, but you should never be satisfied by just reusing old themes and should always incorporate new ones as the series progresses. I wasn’t too impressed with the new openings visually, but I did like how they sounded. The very first opening is still the best by far though. That one’s iconic at this point and is one of the best no matter what opening you put against it.

Overall, This was a great followup to the original season. It worked out well that we got another big villain arc here like in the first season. The first season may have done a better job of being really tense since the kids still hadn’t really mastered their powers yet. It went from happy to serious in the blink of an eye there and it was one of the best moments in the series. On the other hand, this season embraced its nature as an action series more and really stepped it up with the fights. For example, the Stain fight here beats anything that was in season 1. The characters were already developed a lot so now getting to see them fight is even more satisfying. It’s a really solid action show that I can recommend to anyone and it’s not complicated or anything so it’s very easy to start.

Overall 8/10

Bleach Review

It’s time to take a look at Bleach. “Y You don’t just mention one of the greats like that.” That’s true. This is one of the greatest titles of all time. Honestly, Bleach didn’t make it to the top as smoothly as something like DBZ, It made more mistakes than Hitman Reborn, and it never got as intense as Megaman NT Warrior. That being said, the series kept on persevering as it churned out chapter after chapter. The pros always ended up outweighing the cons and it easily had some of the best action scenes in any title out there. That’s why it’s good to be a really long manga because as long as the negatives don’t show up constantly, they’ll eventually be swept away by all of the good scenes in the series. With only 4 real arcs, Bleach had time to develop all of them and give us a bunch of fights.

The basic premise of the series is that Ichigo Kurosaki one day sees monsters attack his home and quickly moves to stop them. He gains the abilities of a Soul Reaper by accidentally stealing Rukia’s. She tells him that it is now his duty to slay the evil demons known as Hollows and Ichigo agrees…to an extent. The first real arc starts when Rukia is kidnapped by her superiors and they decide to execute her for allowing a human to obtain her powers. This all seems rather crooked so Ichigo decides to go rescue her along with some friends that he made along the way. Still, can he really beat these Captains of the Soul Society who have been training and honing their skills for multiple centuries? It’ll be tough, but Ichigo is as brave as they come!

As there are a ton of characters throughout the series. I’ll mainly be talking about them as they arrive. So for example, I’ll now discuss all of the characters who were in Arc 1. We gotta start with Ichigo of course. He’s a very aggressive character who is always eager for a fight and very quickly became one of my favorite protagonists. He doesn’t dwell on things as much as other leads and just jumps into battle. He takes what his friends say at face value and doesn’t even fall for the usual mind games where the villains try to make him doubt the Soul Society. He gets stronger and stronger with each arc and eventually became the ultimate hybrid fighter. His Bankai has an excellent design and is still my favorite in the series. The original is certainly the best although all of the versions were pretty cool. His Hollowfication is also a very cool ability and it was handled perfectly. I would have liked to have seen it more in Arc 4, but it got a lot of screen time in the first two arcs so that was pretty satisfying.

I think one of the things that separates him from Naruto and Luffy is that he is a lot more serious. The others tend to have comic relief moments even during big fights or just have more displays of not looking all that smart. Ichigo’s not exactly a genius or anything like that, but he certainly doesn’t let his opponents know that and Ichigo always has a good bluff going on. He takes on all opponents even if he is outmatched and generally finds a way to come out on top. He adapts in battle well and just comes across as a really heroic guy. He is certainly one of the big reasons why the series was so good.

Rukia is arguably the main heroine. It’s between her and Orihime, but I’d argue that Rukia certainly appears more and gets a bigger role. She fights with ice abilities and gradually moves up the ranks of the Soul Society. I’d probably hold a bit of a grudge against them if I was her considering that they tried to murder her in the first arc, but she got over it surprisingly well. She’s a nice enough character and I’m glad that she decided to help Ichigo even though it meant defying orders. He would clearly do the same for her and has done so in the past. She was a consistent character throughout the series and was probably the most enjoyable member of the main supporting cast.

Next up is Orihime and unfortunately I can’t really say that she was a great character. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a nice enough person. I just feel like she didn’t stand up for herself enough. The whole series hyped up the fact that she is a reality warper who can reject events. This power has unlimited possibilities, but she only uses it a handful of times in the series and mostly just gets kidnapped, defeated, or mind controlled by the enemies. She never makes a decision to step up and fight for herself. It was a little disappointing because I had been expecting her to make a big move like that. I feel like the author never let her get a real role beyond being the damsel in distress so there just wasn’t much to like about her.

Chad is another one of Ichigo’s friends and his arms can turn into cannon arms which increase his attack power quite a lot. While his stats are still human in nature, his attack strength is enough to hurt even the strongest of enemies. It makes him a bit of a glass cannon. Ultimately he can’t really compete by the second half of the series or even after Arc 1 really. He’s a nice enough guy though, but I lost a lot of respect for him in Arc 3. Going behind Ichigo’s back and joining a really shady organization was pretty suspect. Doubting Ichigo because of his new friend was also iffy and Orihime should be blamed as well. Yeah, mind control’s tough, but if Byakuya could see through it and said that he would be on Ichigo’s side even despite his memories….then how could they not do the same? Their bonds with Ichigo should be far stronger than that. I do have to admit that Bleach had a bit of a weaker supporting cast than the average Shonen, at least from the main main cast. I’m only counting Ichigo’s inner circle of friends with that statement. Most of them cracked by the end.

The biggest character to flop was Uryu. He started out as a weak rival who Ichigo surpassed almost instantly and then helped out during the next few arcs. He wasn’t mind controlled so that was good. Unfortunately, he decided to become a big traitor in the final arc and there was no turning back from that. I knew from the start that he would have some kind of big justification but that it wouldn’t matter in the slightest. It turns out that his reason for betraying everyone was more pitiful than I could have imagined. It would have made more sense to have attacked with Ichigo and friends instead of trying to murder them several times. Uryu had the help of a great deal of plot hax throughout the final arc and every scene with him was just incredibly annoying. He’s easily one of the most unlikable characters in the series by the end and you have to question just how weak the bonds were to the guy. If he can betray everyone so easily, then maybe he was never really much of a friend in the first place.

Zaraki is one of the big Captains of Soul Society and one of my personal favorite characters. He really enjoys a fight and likes to charge straight in. That doesn’t work too well against some of the more overpowered villains, but I certainly like the confidence. At one point he was my favorite character. While he was surpassed by Grimmjow, Byakuya, and Ichigo, he still remains as one of the more likable ones. He may not have looked too tough in Arc 1 since Ichigo was able to take him on, you could argue that this was plot hax or that the author hadn’t really thought the power levels through yet. Regardless, he began to look much better from there and did particularly well in Arc 3 and shined a bit in Arc 2 as well.

Byakuya is another Captain and the polar opposite of Zaraki. He’s always very calm and collected during his fights. Instead of charging in, his abilities are made for long-middle range combat as he assaults you with thousands of flower petals. He’s known as one of the more powerful Captains and potentially the strongest although the series tries to convince you that the title goes to Shunsui or Yamamoto. I was hoping to see more of him in the final arc but the cast was so big by then that everyone only got to have 1 or 2 big fights. As it is, I’m satisfied that he at least got one big fight in every arc. He really did well for himself throughout the series.

Hitsugaya is one of the youngest Captains and as such he is a little weaker than the others. Like Rukia he has ice powers and he has made it his mission to protect Momo. He gets into a rage a little easier than the others as supposedly he is still too young to control his emotions. (Not that I buy this much as all of the Captains lose control once in a while) He gets a lot of screen time so you’ll see him a lot. I liked the character well enough, he’s not my favorite character, but still beats quite a lot of them. He’s in the upper echelon at any rate. His Bankai needs some work though. I never found it to be particularly useful or strong.

Ichimaru is one of the 3 evil Captains. No worries, he has a sob story to explain why he did what he did and I didn’t buy it at all. I didn’t like him as a villain or as a “hero.” I did like the fact that he actually lied about his Bankai’s ability though. Seriously, more characters should do that as everyone takes what their opponent says at face value. A lot of people make fun of the series because the villains always explain their abilities to the heroes. Some of them would be quite dangerous if they didn’t explain it because you just couldn’t figure it out. At the very least Ichimaru is certainly one of the smartest villains. I don’t like the character, but he made for a good opponent.

If you want an unlikable villain who doesn’t even make for a good antagonist, look no further than Tousen. He is another one of the Evil Captains who fights by erasing your 5 senses while you’re within his bankai. It doesn’t work out so well for him though so then he gains the ability to turn into a fly. His whole character’s personality is meant to show that he’s a very rotten person who tries to make everyone feel as bad as possible. The series doesn’t even try to make him a likable character and it’s just hinted that his sense of justice was corrupt from the start. His fans were likely disappointed by this since the fact that he lasted over 40 volumes hinted that he would get to do something big. It just never happened.

The final one of the evil captains is Aizen. He’s the mastermind behind all of Arc 2 and gets more hype than almost any other character in manga history. He’s an incredible character and I’m always tempted to put him in as my favorite character in the series. Grimmjow has that spot wrapped up and I think it’s safe to say that Ichigo has the number 2 spot, but Aizen is 3rd. He basically planned out the entire series and used everybody. Even as a normal Captain he had already surpassed the rest and then he got to evolve into a higher level being. His illusion abilities ensured that he was 100% unbeatable. Only plot hax could help Ichigo at that point. It was just a great moment and Aizen became a DBZ level being. He has quite a few of the best moments of the series and breaking his glasses was one of them. It’s amazing how quickly his design can change. His fight scene against all of the Captains and Visored is also one of the best in manga history.

What really makes Aizen great is his incredible overconfidence throughout the series. He is always smug and knows that the events are all happening according to his plans. He doesn’t get to do much beyond Arc 2, but that was really all that he needed to be considered as one of the best Shonen Jump villains. You’ll see why he is so great once you read Bleach. He just had everything that you could possibly want in a villain, Power, and Personality. He was a very pragmatic character.

Back to the heroic captains, next up is Komomura. He’s probably one of the weakest Captains as his Bankai makes a bigger version of himself. The problem is that it’s slow and that makes injuring it easier. Komomura also takes in all of the damage that his avatar takes which makes it one that is ill suited for combat. He’s a very by the books character which is a huge red flag and it makes using him so much easier for the villains. I never got around to liking him and I have to say that the character’s ending in the series was pretty sad.

Shunsui is supposedly the Captain with the most potential and possibly the strongest current one. He is always bored during fights so he rarely ever tries. He prefers to just flirt around the whole time and comes across as a rather unlikable guy who just holds everyone back. I never actually got around to liking him and he’s definitely one of my least favorite Captains. His attacks involve games so they can change for every fight. It’s the kind of ability that can easily backfire if you ask me.

Another captain is Ukitake and he is almost always sick so he rarely gets to fight. I didn’t care much for him either. He got some random plot twists at the end and got a little relevant, but I couldn’t take him seriously by that point. I never saw anything that suggested he was worthy of the Captain title. Yamamoto is the leader and he has fire abilities. He is one of the most corrupt members of the Soul Society and decides that people should be executed for no real reason. Honestly I was rooting for Yhwach during their big battle. Yamamoto seemed to be in the wrong the whole time. The fire attacks aren’t bad, but we didn’t get to see Yamamoto fight much. He made for a decent villain, but the fact that he was allied with the “heroes” made it a little more difficult to look at him without cringing. Nothing worse than having an army of potential heroes, but then seeing that they’re being led by the biggest villain of all.

Rangiku is Hitsugaya’s second in command. Her sword can turn into smoke which is pretty useful. She’s a decent fighter even if she can’t compete with the higher members. None of the lieutenants can really fight at such a high level anyway so it’s to be expected. Unfortunately she is mainly used for fanservice so it’s hard to take her seriously. Momo is another helper but she spends most of the series getting tricked. She never actually gets to have a serious fight and her best moments were missed due to an illusion. Depending on when the illusion started, she was able to fight several Captains at once though so that was cool.

Renji gets a pretty big role like Rukia and serves as one of the main supporting characters of the series. His sword can stretch and turn into a dragon that attacks opponents. It’s another Bankai that is filled with weaknesses so Renji has to rely on fundamentals to win. He’s not a bad character. His personality may be a little weak at times as you wonder what it even is, but he’s someone that you can count on. He gets quite a few fights, but usually ends up losing them. He’s decently strong, but just not strong enough.

Hisagi and Ikkaku are other generals who get a reasonable role. Ikkaku is decently good as he also loves a good fight. He ends up holding back a little too often though even if it means losing a fight. That character trait of his can be really annoying. Hisagi is pretty bland so it’s hard to ever get around to liking him, but he’s still not bad. I think he could just use some more character development. Finally from the main generals we also have Yachiru. She’s a fun companion to have and is always helping Zaraki out. The plot takes some intriguing turns with her and while they may be a little suspect, it doesn’t change the fact that she was one of the more likable generals. She was able to help fight off one of the big Quincy opponents and there was always a lot of potential for what the author could do with her character.

Grand Fisher is the only pre arc villain that I need to talk about. In theory he should have been a major deal because he murdered Ichigo’s Mom and is what started him on this path. In the actual manga he felt a little more like a footnote though and is mainly memorable because he got his own OVA and then later returned briefly in the Hueco Mundo arc. (Which I have no idea what Kubo was thinking there since it was such a small cameo. He’s a pretty decent villain I suppose even if he doesn’t always fight fair. He’ll use any means in order to win. He’s not really my kind of enemy, but he’s not bad either. He certainly had a more menacing design than most of the other villains.

Lets quickly talk about the comic relief squad. Keigo is Ichigo’s main friend and he’s annoying. Orihime’s friend is Tatsuki and she’s a little better as she knows how to fight and is always ready to give Orihime a pep talk. Next up is Chizuru and this is where things start to go downhill. She just can’t hold her own scenes at all and definitely wasn’t needed in the manga. I can’t think of a single scene where she contributed. Then there’s also Kon. He’s a pretty pointless character if you ask me and one with a terrible personality. The verdict is out and I have to say that the human friends were absolutely terrible. Tatsuki is the only bearable one and even then she’s not all that memorable. Ichigo also has two sisters who get some mild hype and all, but never actually get to do anything. The series had hinted that the plot would go somewhere, but it was another red herring. Fortunately, the humans don’t appear much since Ichigo is never actually home.

Back to the soul society characters, we have Yoruichi. Unfortunately she is used for fanservice at all time and is a flirt by nature, but she does have some good fight scenes. Unlike the rest of the characters, she fights with athletics and hand to hand combat rather than use a weapon. She is similar to Chad in this respect except she is actually powerful and can fight with Captain level opponents. Yoruichi serves as a mentor to Ichigo as well. Overall she’s a fun enough character to have around and it would have been neat if she could have had some more fights. Her Arc 4 fight didn’t feel real since the series kind of messed it up a bit.

Soi Fon is another ninja and unlike Yoruichi, she didn’t defect from the Soul Society. (Wrong move) She can be a little too obsessed with Yoruichi, but at least she is also overconfident which is always a very nice trait to have. She can hold her own in a fight reasonably well which allows her to get past the fact that she has one of the worst Bankai abilities. Just about everyone can dodge a bullet that moves in a straight line after all. Her general is pretty bad though so she has to hold the fort for her division.

Mayuri is easily the most evil of all the Captains. It’s played for humor to a large extent which seriously doesn’t work and it’s going to come as no surprise that I do not like Mayuri at all. Few things are worse than villains who stay in the company of the good guys and get to wear that flag at the end of the day. Mayuri would have been better if he was a pure villain and joined the Espada or something. Otherwise his emotional moments don’t work at all and basically any fight that he was in felt like a waste by the end. Unfortunately he did get a bit of a big role in the series. His assistant is Nemu and she’s nice enough. She has to put up with quite a lot throughout the series. Nemu gets a really random power up at the end of the series which was nice as it skyrocketed her power level even if it didn’t make all that much sense. She’ll give you a good fight or two, but overall doesn’t appear very much.

Urahara is one of the mysterious ex captains of Soul Society. You don’t find out why he had to go on the run for quite a while, but I didn’t like him at all. He’s one of those classic comic relief characters who only acts serious once in a while and by then it’s way too late. It’s impossible to take him seriously in the slightest and grates on your nerves constantly. You can go for about a dozen volumes or more without seeing him at times though so that works for me. Finally we have Unohana. She is a mysterious Captain who only gets one fight during the entire series. It involves a pretty sharp change in her personality and I wish we could have seen her actually fight a villain. The way she gets written out of the series is like something out of Fairy Tail’s last arc and doesn’t make much sense. Why didn’t she help during Arc 2? She didn’t really have a great excuse for that considering that the worlds were at stake and this is a character who just took too long to live up to the hype.

It’s pretty nostalgic to go through the first arc because you can see how the art and the characters have changed. It was a great way to get the series started because the plot was simple so you just got to see everyone fight each other. This helped to build character dynamics and such for the future arcs. Ichigo got really strong in a short period of time so this helped the fight scenes since it meant that the author could really go all out. The pacing was on point and while it had lower highs than Arcs 2 and 4, it probably had the fewest lows. It’s a very consistent arc.

Next up was the Hueco Mundo arc. You can split it up into multiple arcs but for the sake of the review it’s just one big one. It starts immediately after the first arc as Aizen turns out to be a traitor. It’s a pretty amazing way to end the arc and I have to admit that the anime handled it perfectly. Seeing Aizen handle everyone with ease was some good foreshadowing for what you can expect in this arc. Aizen has kidnapped Orihime and now commands all of the Hollows. He lives in their domain which is known as Hueco Mundo. He commands 10 Espada, which are Ultimate Hollows that are now sentient and humanoid. Ichigo heads over there to rescue her along with his friends and several members of the Soul Society. The battle also takes place in the human world as the rest of the Captains do battle with Aizen and the Espada that he took with him. Will Ichigo be able to defeat the Hueco Mundo members and return to Earth in time or is it all over? This arc is the best part of the series so you won’t want to miss a beat here!

Lets dive into the Espada. Stark is number 1, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that he is the strongest. Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and possibly Harribel all seemed a little more impressive. I’d possibly stretch it and mention Nnoitra, but I do think he’d have a problem with all of the potentials. Stark is a pretty laid back guy which makes for a reasonable villain. He thinks things out strategically so you don’t have to worry about him panicking and falling into traps. He did a good job of understanding Shunsui’s complicated bankai and countering it. He certainly put up a very good fight.

Baraggan is another high ranking Espada and anything that he touches crumbles into dust. It’s actually a very useful ability since he can also emit dust that damages the opponent. You can’t get anywhere close to him as a result or you’ll be in mortal danger. He used to be the king of Hueco Mundo as well so he is used to calling the shots. You almost couldn’t help but feel bad for him when Aizen showed up because his whole life was flipped upside down in an instant. There just wasn’t really anything he could do at that point.

Harribel is a fun water type Espada whose abilities are straight forward. She is fast and can attack from long range with her water towers. She was actually doing well in her fight and may have even claimed victory if Aizen had not stepped in. I can see why her fans wouldn’t be too satisfied with how her story ended. It was even more disheartening when she showed up in the final arc. Honestly there was no point there since she only appeared for one panel and was then never brought up again. It was a rather disappointing return, but the same for Grimmjow as well. Most of these characters just shouldn’t have returned in the final arc if they weren’t going to do anything. Being cancelled isn’t much of an excuse either since Kubo had a bunch of time.

Grimmjow is the best character in the series and I liked him right from the start. He’s a headstrong Espada who decided to challenge Ichigo right from the start. He doesn’t have any fancy powers and just overwhelms his opponents with pure speed and power. He doesn’t like to take orders from anyone and that even includes the mighty Aizen. He gets quite a few good rounds against Ichigo and I would probably consider him to be the 2nd strongest Espada at the very least. I just don’t think any of the Captains would have lasted very long against him.

Nnoitra is another powerful fighter. I don’t think he could have beaten Grimmjow if the latter hadn’t been so weakened, but he does live up to his rank rather well. He’s another close combat fighter who makes use of his extra arms in battle. His durability is so high that even Zaraki’s slices had a hard time of actually piercing him. His personality may leave something to be desired, but you can’t really ask for a better match up for Zaraki. Power vs Defense, a classic standoff.

Ulquiorra is the only Espada who is likely stronger than Grimmjow. He has two resurrection forms which increase his strength exponentially. Considering that he was overpowering Ichigo in his base form, the two power ups just made the difference even more drastic. He was a very likable villain and certainly one of the best in the series. He also gave us some of the best moments in the series. It’s almost a shame that he didn’t return in the final arc, but since everyone who did show up looked pretty bad…it’s probably for the best.

Nel is a former Espada who ended up being turned into a kid. Now she fights on the side of the heroes and can change back into her adult form once in a while. She’s a pretty fun fighter. I think her role could have been a little bigger as she never ended up actually winning a big fight since the effects didn’t last long enough. She did come through for the team when it counted though as she bought enough time for Ichigo to regroup and for Zaraki to arrive.

Yammy is the 0 rank Espada so he is technically pretty tough. The trouble for him is the fact that raw size and power are basically the only things that are on his side here. He doesn’t have much speed so his opponents can speed blitz him all day. Surprisingly, he did have some of the best fights in the series though. His first fight with Ichigo and Yoruichi was a lot of fun and then his rematch with Ichigo was one of the most epic moments in the whole series. Ichigo was making a big speech and he still managed to stop him. He ended up being a more well rounded character than I had expected.

Aaroniero is definitely the weakest member of the Espada. He isn’t even remotely tough and can only win battles through mind games. It’s quite telling that some of the Espada subordinates seem like they’d put up a better fight. Naturally Aaroniero is supposed to be one of the main thinkers of the group. He needed to be since he can’t fight, but he doesn’t even have any engaging dialogue so he completely struck out. Just as underwhelming is Zommari. He’s the most boring member of the group as he barely has any personality. He has a lot of eyes which can paralyze his opponent. He’s also supposed to be very fast, but Zommari’s not even the fastest so it’s not a huge asset. I think Kubo was running out of ideas by now so he just had to slap some Espada ideas together.

Szayelaporro is the final Espada and he’s another thinker. His abilities are pretty overpowered since he can destroy your bones by destroying little stick figures of yourself. Classic Voodoo abilities. He is countered by Mayuri in the end who can move his bones and take them out anyway. It was an odd explanation for what ended up being a very twisted battle. Certainly one that wasn’t my cup of tea. There’s nothing to really like about this guy but I’ll give him some props for being another smart villain. He was pretty well prepared.

Isshin is Ichigo’s Dad and he got a lot of hype during the series. Unfortunately he is comic relief for most of it and only gets serious a handful of times. It’s hard to even say how strong he is since his only real fight was a decisive loss against Aizen. The series may make the case that he is a little stronger than Ichigo, but was then surpassed by the Final Getsuga mode. This is another one of those times where the author went a little too far in trying to make Isshin unlikable the whole time. There’s just no way you can like him after all of his early scenes. Sure, he’s stronger now, but just because he’s strong doesn’t mean that he is actually a good character now. Uryu’s Dad also gets a lot of hype, but doesn’t actually get to do anything which is even more mind boggling. He’s better than Isshin, but you also couldn’t say what his personality is.

Enter the Visored. Shinji is the leader but he’s pretty annoying the whole time. His ability to alter your senses is pretty good, but it is effectively a weaker version of Aizen’s illusions. I bet Shinji wishes he had gone for a lethal slice right away instead of messing around eh? Shinji’s the kind of guy who likes to be vague and just annoy you for a while. He gets a lot of hype, but it’s mostly all unfounded when you consider that he doesn’t really win any fights. Hiyori is the only other member to really get a role. She talks a good game and yells at Ichigo quite a bit. She is reasonably strong, but Ichigo surpasses her pretty quickly.

We should also talk about Zangetsu and Hichigo. The series is pretty vague about them for a while and there are a bunch of twists. Ultimately, Hichigo is Zangetsu and just didn’t want Ichigo to know that so they could train a little harder. It was a pretty good twist since admittedly I like Hichigo a lot more anyway. The person that Ichigo thought was Zangetsu was actually just a shadow of Yhwach which was…interesting I suppose. I can’t say that I ever cared for him so that’s fine, but Hichigo should have appeared more. The filler seasons in the anime gave him some extra fights and I suppose the manga gave him an ample amount of screen time. He was just a blast!

This arc was easily the height of Bleach and one of the best arcs in manga history. This is where introducing all of the Captains in Arc 1 paid off. We got to see them go up against this new team of Espada. Ichigo got to use his newfound abilities against the Espada and gradually grew stronger during the adventure. The climax in Hueco Mundo with Ichigo taking on Ulquiorra was spectacular and yet it was topped with the Aizen battle against the whole cast. Just when you thought the arc was at its height, it would raise the ceiling once again. Most of the villains were really strong as well so it was fun to imagine hypothetical fights and see who really should win. Could Ulquiorra beat Aizen? Could Grimmjow beat Stark? Just about any fight was on the table. This series pulled off the villain round table meeting cliche to perfection and you really can’t help but give the series some props for doing such a good job.

After that big arc, the manga decided to finally let the heroes rest a bit with a mini arc. Ichigo has lost his powers after pouring everything he had into defeating Aizen and is now a normal human again. The problem is that he can’t even see Hollows anymore so he certainly can’t protect anyone. He decides to gain his powers again as a group called Xcution decides to help him, but they turn out to be traitors and steal his powers. They mind control his friends as well but fortunately the Soul Society returns to aid Ichigo. With his strength restored, Ichigo may just have what it takes to come out of this battle on top.

Tsukishima is really the standout character of the Xcution group. He serves as the main antagonist for the most part and his abilities are really useful. If he hits you with his sword even once, then he can insert himself into your memories. This causes you to believe him to be an ally. If he strikes your weapon then he’ll be its friend as well and will know what it can do in advance. Add in his super speed and technique and you have a very formidable adversary. He was a lot of fun and had a really good fight with Byakuya in the end. I was reasonably satisfied with how they countered his ability as well. Without him the arc wouldn’t have been nearly as hype.

Riruka is probably the nicest member of the group, but she’s still evil for most of it as she knows about the sinister plan. It’s another “appearances can be deceptive” kind of moment. She may not be the strongest opponent in combat and her fight scene wasn’t even all that serious, but she’s all right I guess. Not really a bad character, but not one that you can take seriously. At least she had more of a role than Giriko though. He is a bar tender who can turn into a really strong monster. He goes down in a single hit though and barely gets any lines at all so he’s completely forgettable. He’s only worth mentioning because I thought the character had a lot of potential until that moment. Talk about giving a character the short end of the stick eh?

Jackie was one of the first members to fight and I actually did like her. Her Dirty Boots ability was fun and there certainly aren’t many fighters who use their legs instead of hands. I mean, I’m sure hardcore anime fans could probably name a bunch, but it’s still considerably less than fist fighters. She was able to give Ichigo a good fight even if he was weakened at the time and she was just a fun fighter to have around. It’s too bad she never really got to do much after this arc, but all of Xcution basically vanished.

Ginjo is the big mastermind behind the group and his plan was pretty bold. He had to actually lose his memories for it to work which is clearly risky because of all the variables that it brings. He became a bit of a generic villain once he turned evil with a lot of yelling, but at least the foreshadowing was always there. Honestly if I was Ichigo, I would have suspected something was up after he slashed his eyes. Seriously that was going way too far for a simple training exercise. Ginjo’s super form was really cool though and the plan to steal Ichigo’s powers was certainly one that could have a lot of payoff. Due to his low screen time compared to Aizen and Ywach I can’t say that he’s quite as cool as those two and it would be hard to make it up there anyway (At least Aizen would be unobtainable anyway) but I did like him. Ginjo was a serious threat and worked really well as the main villain.

Moe didn’t do a whole lot next to the other members since he barely appeared until he got his powers, but I did like his fight with Ikkaku. It may have been a little cheesy, but it was reasonable. His luck based abilities are certainly fun to have even if I’d never want that to be my super power. It’s one that can really come in handy if you’re very lucky. He’s the kind of lackey who was created just to have a good fight and not really to become an actual character. Yukio can send people into a video game which is pretty neat. Naturally that power is pretty much a crutch though as he can’t fight at all if you get past that. Once you’re in the game he is pretty OP, but it’s definitely not a very combat ready kind of technique. He was okay I guess, but not too memorable or exciting to watch. I wouldn’t have minded if he was replaced with another character.

This was a fun enough arc. While it is probably the weakest one in the series, it did a good job in the few volumes that it had. It was certainly more low key than the others, but depowering Ichigo was a nice way to bring back some classic hand to hand kind of battles. Ichigo’s fight with Jackie was fun as despite being a more low tier event, captured the early Shonen feel that the series no longer had. Instead of watching two city busters going at it, it was more of a street level affair. While some of Ichigo’s friends fell into the gutter in this arc, it was worth it to see Ichigo mess up the XCution group with both his newfound powers and his restored ones.

Finally we enter the last arc. The Quincy have decided to rule the world and destroy the Soul Society. They actually did not go extinct as we were told and have been hiding in a shadow dimension all these years. They have decided to strike now and their target is the Soul Society’s leader, the Soul King. They have amassed a large army and are poised to take the win. Ichigo hurries over to help, but his friend Uryu has joined the other side. This leads to a lot of tension and it appears that Ichigo is also a quincy in addition to his Shinigami and Hollow forms. He has to come to terms with this and save the world, but it’ll be his toughest fight yet.

Yhwach is the big bad of this arc and Kubo did his best to make him the most threatening villain yet. His plan was so detailed that he knew everything that would happen in the next 1000 years including Aizen’s whole plan. If you take that into account then that makes this villain one of the most brilliant masterminds in history. He’s pretty strong as well and has a good design so I can roll with this. He may be a tad bit generic next to the others and the fact that he is omnipotent and all powerful may have been a bit much. After all, that basically confirmed early on that plot hax would be necessary to defeat him right? Still, he gave us some pretty good fights and his design was on point.

Bazz B is essentially this arc’s version of Grimmjow. He just has a little less personality and doesn’t get as big of a role as Grimmjow. His abilities are impressive though as he was defeating Hitsugaya with minimal effort and at least tried to defy the villains after he was portrayed. He’s probably my favorite Quincy villain even if he can’t match up to most of the Arc 2 guys. He made the arc more fun.

BG 9 wasn’t really a big villain, but he had a really cool design. He also put up a really good fight against Soi Fon and could have been a major villain if the higher ups weren’t so impatient. It was a bit of a running gag that the Quincies ended up destroying as many of their members as the heroes. It’s why you shouldn’t work for villains, you’ll always end up getting back stabbed. As Nodt is another villain with a creepy design and his fights against Rukia and Byakuya were pretty intense. The author has always shown that he is pretty good at drawing horror designs as well as action and it worked out pretty well in this case. As Nodt was definitely a powerful Quincy.

Mask is one of those villains who I feel is created just to irritate the fans so I have to admit that I became a big fan. He’s just so out of place next to the other villains as he loves having a good time and boasting about his strength. He was also incredibly strong and lasted quite a while during the series. It must have had some of the most negative reception in all of Bleach week after week but he pressed on. I was rooting for him the whole time and so it was good that he put up such a fight.

Askin is one of the big Quincy generals and he was a fun character. His poison abilities are quite formidable and he wasn’t quite as loud or aggressive as the other characters. It worked well as a contrast and he sure did a lot of damage to the heroes before finally being taken down for the count. His design also reminded me of Aizen the whole time even if they don’t necessarily look all that alike. It may have been the cunning disposition. There was also the Thor homage by the name of Gerard. He was a fun character who had a similar personality as Zaraki. He just wants a good fight and is always eager to jump into a brawl. His damage reflection/absorption ability was pretty handy and I was glad to have another straight forward fighter. While guys like Askin are great because they’re exceptions to the rule, there’s always room for another brawler.

Pernida is the Hand of the Soul King or something like that. He was completely insane so it was hard to believe anything at the moment. His nerve attacks were pretty interesting even if they also felt rather weird. I guess you have to make use of the attacks you develop right? He wasn’t my favorite villain, but he was pretty tough. Gremmy is a reality warper who should have been 100% invincible but plot hax led to his defeat. He could literally do anything that he believed he could, but decided to squander this ability by making comets and portals instead of just instantly destroying his opponents. In the hands of a more confident character like Grimmjow or Ichigo, this ability would have really been something else.

Lille is another hype fighter from the Quincy and he is a long range specialist. His bullets can hit opponents from anywhere even if they miss. It’s a fun ability to have, but his super form is even better, the arrival of the Chicken. It was one of the funniest parts in the whole series and I just love how it was executed. It may not have been intentional, but cmon…can we really take this villain seriously after such a transformation? He was really powerful anyway so you just can’t let appearances deceive you. It was certainly one of the most fun power ups in Shonen Jump.

Jugram is the right hand main of Yhwach and his powers are pretty good. He becomes omnipotent and all powerful at night when his master is asleep. Otherwise, his abilities revolve around balance so he can reflect all damage that he has taken to his opponent. Naturally this leads to him fighting an opponent with the exact same ability which was the perfect loophole against him. I don’t actually like Jugram and he messed up so many times when it would have been easy to squash Uryu’s plans and stop the heroes. You don’t have many excuses when you’re all powerful. Still, the infinite fight of swapping damage was fun enough.

Bambietta and her posse were interesting. I didn’t care for her partners much since they were typically a little more disturbing than anything, but I liked Bambietta’s can do spirit. She was always ready for a fight and her explosives were quite handy. It’s like Bakugo’s ability from Hero Academia but a little more potent. She didn’t get to appear as much as I would have liked, but she did well with what she was given.

We also can’t forget Squad 0 and the Soul King. The Soul King was a big joke and lived up to his One Above All reputation. He may be all powerful, but he can’t talk or even move so it is easy for villains to take him down. I can see why Aizen wanted to terminate him right from the get go. The guy is the ultimate definition of a figure head and can’t actually do much. Meanwhile, Squad 0 got a ton of hype and supposedly they could beat the Captains with ease. Their hype may have been intense, but that didn’t stop them from getting destroyed pretty easily by Yhwach’s squad. The funny thing was that you knew Squad 0 was doomed from the start despite the hype and that’s what made it all the funnier. They were also pretty corrupt and evil much like the actual Soul Society so it’s not like you even felt bad for them.

Arc 4 was definitely a mixed bag. On one hand it had a lot of hype moments like always. The silent chapter of Ichigo noticing the ruined Soul Society was handled incredibly well and there is just something about being the last arc that helps to draw you in. At this point in the series, Ichigo is already so powerful so when the new villains come into the picture you can’t help but get excited at the battles that are coming up. The fights delivered as always. On the negative side, it feels like the author started to give up a little here. Some of the villains felt very random like the Mask guy. The Chicken power up came out of nowhere and the random characters got so much screen time that in the end Yhwach didn’t actually get to have the big climactic fight that everyone was waiting for. The series ended very abruptly without tying up many loose ends. A lot of plot lines the fandom will just have to end on their own with a bunch of theories.

The ending is also pretty lackluster as it’s about as generic as you can get. We have a big timeskip as always with the next generation possibly being even stronger than the last one. It’s just not all that inspired at all and we certainly could have done a little better than that. The final arc also started going for more creepy factor effects which were okay in some aspects, but didn’t work in others. The villain who was actually a guy and constantly smelled of something vile was just a little over the top.

By now you get why I like the series a lot. There’s constant action and a lot of powerful fighters. The author does a great job of delivering hype for all of the battles and the trash talking among the characters was beautiful. You never knew what to expect and constantly powering up and explaining your abilities to the enemy was a fun trope by the end. The series could also be unintentionally hilarious which is the main reason that I like reading the chapters and then checking out the feedback. It was so negative at the end with everyone poking fun at it, but that just made Bleach all the more enjoyable.

There are some considerable negatives with the series though. First of all, there is a degree of fanservice here. It’s nothing major as it is pretty much forgotten for all of the climaxes. It really only pops up occasionally when characters like Yoruichi, Chizuru, or Rangiku show up. It’s enough where it can be noticeable. There is also the creepy factor like when a villain essentially forces one of the heroes to give birth to him as a form of regeneration or other moments where shady things seem to happen. Bleach is definitely darker than some of the other Shonen titles like Naruto and One Piece. It doesn’t go too far for the most part and as I mentioned, it is 74 volumes so the positives typically outweigh these negatives considerably. I’m sure you could fill in 69 volumes with the positives and leave the other 5 for the negatives or some similar fashion. If the series had been shorter or the negatives more frequent then it would have lowered the series regardless.

One thing that was always a very strong aspect of Bleach was the artwork. It is easily one of the best series of all time in that regard as the simple, but smooth art style makes it easy to follow the action. The author is also able to raise the stakes in various scenes by applying more ink. The only series that is really ahead of Bleach would be One Punch Man. I dare say that Bleach is the second best series after that and the author really put in the work. I don’t know if I could have enjoyed the series quite as much if the art had been a step down. The high quality of the art is what really allows you to appreciate the manga to its full potential.

With a title like this, there is just so much to say, but where to start right? I mainly spent time on the cast, but through that I also explained why I like the series so much. I’m a huge action fan through and through. You don’t get to see huge titles like this one too often anymore where you get to enjoy the cast for over a decade with an array of fights at every corner. I suppose that what makes this title elite is simply that it lasted so long without seriously jumping the shark or losing sight of the genre. Imagine how awesome it would have been if DBZ had lasted this long? A large part of Bleach’s success also has to come down to Ichigo being the main character. A title is only as good as its lead after all. Hopefully Arc 4 of Bleach gets animated someday because that’ll help it be more memorable. Part of why its section is the smallest is that since it was so rushed a lot of villains weren’t iconic. If they’re in the anime, that’ll help their influence quite a bit and hopefully it can expand upon some of the things that were skipped.

Overall, Bleach is definitely a legendary series and one of the most famous ones of all time. I’m glad that it had such a long run. It would have been great if it could have kept on going a while longer, but at 70+ it is hard to actually say that you weren’t satisfied with it. I’d definitely recommend jumping on board with the series and marathoning it would certainly be a blast. I got to do that with Prince of Tennis when I first started it and I have to say that it is one positive of discovering a series so late. Of course, sticking with a series while it’s live is also awesome since you see the audience talk back after every chapter. With Bleach and Naruto gone, I do have to admit that Shonen Jump is a shell of its former self. Still, as the current titles get longer and longer, perhaps we will eventually get a new Bleach. Hero Academia can be the new Naruto in a sense, but I don’t think there is anything that has gotten close to matching Bleach’s spot yet. It left big shoes to fill but I’m sure something can rise up to it eventually.

Overall 9/10