Drillmach vs Harry Potter

Harry Potter has magic powers that he can use to try and strike down many opponents. Of course his powers are a bit limited and he himself can’t really fight…..Drillmach takes this win thanks to enhanced speed and the fact that one big drill attack and Harry’s out for the count. Drillmach wins.

Drillmach vs Gutsman

Drillmach’s final fight has come. He will no longer have to keep losing to people as weak as Gutsman. Anyone who loses to Gutsman won’t forget about it for a while. Gutsman doesn’t get too many wins, but he did get more than Drillmach. So this arc was more fun for him. Gutsman’s petty strength beats Drillmach’s drills. Gutsman wins.

Drillmach vs Groundman

Now after fighting Pickman Groundman must fight Drillmach. While Drillmach is stronger than Pickman he is still not at Groundman’s level. At least they are both drill rejects. Groundman is just slightly bigger and has gotten humiliated in America less. Also Drillmach wasn’t in the games so he’s less cannon. Groundman wins.

Gridman vs Drillmach

It’s been a while since Gridman last fought. Luckily for him he gets to fight Drillmach. Gridman’s too fast for Drillmach. Even if Drillmach hides in a hole Gridman can jump in after him. This is why there is no way for Drillmach to win. Now all Drillmach has to do is try to lose fast to hurry up and go. Gridman wins.

Drillmach vs Chargeman

Drillmach and Chargeman are not good matchups for each other. Chargeman is good at ramming his opponents at high speed. Drillmach is great at digging so that he won’t be rammed. However Drillmach isn’t a real drill navi and probably won’t have the speed to dig enough. He’ll also run out of power. Chargeman wins.

Dustman vs Drillmach

Dustman is a powerful dust navi with no equal. There are no other dust navi’s that can make it. Drillmach most certainly can not beat Dustman. Dustman has the power. Drillmach is just a Drillman ripoff who can’t fight. Drillmach did appear in two seasons of Megaman NT Warrior. Dustman wins.

Pickman vs Drillmach

Now it’s time for Drillmach to have his vengence on all of those navi’s who beat him up. Sadly he’s going to have to fight his partner. As much as Pickman would love a win Drillmach still has to go for the win. Drillmach’s drills beat Pickman’s picks. Maybe one day they will appear again in the anime. Drillmach wins.

Stoneman vs Drillmach

Well this match goes just like most of Drillmach’s other matches. Stoneman beats Drillmach in all areas that matter in this fight. Drillmach will probably win eventually but it could be a while. Meanwhile Stoneman keeps getting more wins by the day. He has a bright future ahead of him. Stoneman wins.

Pharohman vs Drillmach

Obviously Drillmach won’t be much of a competitor so this will be an easy win for Pharohman. The real question here is why did Drillmach appear 2 seasons like Pharohman. It doesn’t make any sense. There’s no way that Drillmach deserves it more than Lazerman. Well the loss here will make things even. Pharohman wins.

Desertman vs Drillmach

Drillmach is just like Pickman in a lot of ways. He is extremely unpopular. It’s gotten to the point where he makes Lazerman look like a rock star. Lazerman has quite a few amvs and has appeared in manga, games, anime, and sprite videos. Drillmach appeared for a couple of minutes in an anime. Desertman wins.