Noodleman vs Dustman

Suggested by Destroyer Noodleman is surprisingly tough so don’t let his comic relief design fool you. While I wouldn’t take his defeating all of World 3 at face value since those guys were off their game, he is still fast and strong enough to handle Dustman. Dustman is rather slow without a whole lot of good attack options. That is going to cost him big time here as he will quickly be overwhelmed by all of the noodle attacks. Noodleman wins.

Dustman vs Groundman

Dustman’s final match has come. It’s come against Groundman, one of the two latest ground navis to join the fray. Dustman and Groundman have always appeared very similar to me. They are both no name ground navis’ who I never cared about. I think Groundman has a slight advantage here but it’s close. Groundman wins.

Dustman vs Gutsman

Notice that Gutsman’s look has changed over the years. Dustman is almost done with his matches. He can be done with all of this humiliation. Gutsman isn’t really close so he’ll have to keep going and be brave. Gutsman can almost crossfuse and has loads of battlechips. These will lead to victory because quote “I am huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge” while that usually wouldn’t mean anything at all Gutsman can turn giant. Gutsman wins.

Dustman vs Drillmach

Dustman is a powerful dust navi with no equal. There are no other dust navi’s that can make it. Drillmach most certainly can not beat Dustman. Dustman has the power. Drillmach is just a Drillman ripoff who can’t fight. Drillmach did appear in two seasons of Megaman NT Warrior. Dustman wins.

Dustman vs Gridman

Gridman is faster and quicker than Dustman. Even Dustman’s dust can’t stop him now. Gridman’s also better at football which comes in handy, because all of his attacks are football based. He can make clones of himself take Dustman out. At least Dustman beat Pickman……right. Gridman wins.

Dustman vs Pickman

Dustman hasn’t fought in a while but he’s still a good navi with skills. He can make dust navi’s come to help. I doubt Pickman will even get a hit before he loses. Dustman’s skills are superior to Pickman and they always will be. Pickman may not win a fight by the time this is over and that will be too bad. Dustman wins.

Chargeman vs Dustman

Chargeman is back on course with this match against Dustman. Chargeman is pretty fast and strong. Of course he’s not on par with other super strong navi’s, but he’ll do. Sadly for Dustman he isn’t making it. Now he’ll have lost three rounds. Chargeman might finally go on a winning streak. Chargeman wins.

Stoneman vs Dustman

Stoneman is almost unmovable. It’s because he weighs so much only people like Gon can pick him up….which means almost anybody with mild super strength can do it. Dustman however can’t do it. His attacks don’t do much and he’ll need a lot more dust if he wants Stoneman to sneeze. Stoneman wins.

Pharohman vs Dustman

Pharohman is the supreme ground navi. Of course Dustman still has to try. Dustman’s pretty weak. I doubt he’d get one hit on Pharohman. Especialy since he got a power up in Megaman Beast. Pharohman is a man among kids here in the ground arc. If only he were in a different arc. Pharohman wins.