Noodleman vs Dustman

Suggested by Destroyer Noodleman is surprisingly tough so don’t let his comic relief design fool you. While I wouldn’t take his defeating all of World 3 at face value since those guys were off their game, he is still fast and strong enough to handle Dustman. Dustman is rather slow without a whole lot of good attack options. That is going to cost him big time here as he will quickly be overwhelmed by all of the noodle attacks. Noodleman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Noodleman

Noodleman is definitely a hardcore navi where it counts, but Gemini Saga has a massive speed and power advantage over Noodleman. Noodleman’s abilities just pale in comparison to Gemini Saga’s. Using noodles isn’t the same as blowing up planets after all! Noodleman drops down the ranks with this loss. Gemini Saga wins.