Elastic Waistband vs Kraken


Suggested by Destroyer The Elastic Waistband is another stretchable guy going up against the Kraken. He won’t have any more luck than Flatman did. The main issue is that his abilities simply aren’t a great match against the Kraken’s. No matter how he struggles and fights, this monster is just too much for him. A single chomp or even a body slam would end this fight. Kraken wins.

Elastic Waistband vs Gamora


Suggested by Sonic The Elastic Waistband is definitely not one of the more well known characters and is a bit of a meme at this point. He can stretch pretty far and wide, but that’s really not going to do anything against someone as deadly as Gamora. Gamora is known as the deadliest woman on the planet for good reason. She can take just about any weapon on hand and use it to crush this guy. Gamora wins.

Kakuzu vs Elastic Waistband


Suggested by Destroyer The Elastic Waistband has returned, but I don’t really think that there is a lot he can do here. He can try to wrap around Kakuzu, but that’s a bad idea since this Akatsuki member does have super strength. He could potentially rip the Waistband off of him and that would not be an ideal ending for this elastic fighter. He also can’t dodge the elemental attacks for long so this will be a quick match. Kakuzu wins.

Elastic Waistband vs Question

Suggested by Destroyer The Elastic Waistband won’t fare much better than Flatman did against the Question. He can stretch but that’s about it. Question has gone toe to toe with some of the best hand to hand fighters in all of DC. He can certainly adapt pretty well to a simple gimmick like stretching. If Elastic could mix his abilities with a few elements or had super speed then that could be a different story but as it stands I don’t see how he can hope to win. Question wins.

Elastic Waistband vs Rainbow Dash

Suggested by Destroyer I don’t think the Elastic Waistband will be able to contend with someone like Rainbow Dash. Her pure speed will make it hard for him to land a single blow. While Rainbow Dash doesn’t have a lot of physical strength, her Sonic Rainboom will definitely deal some nice damage. If will add up and that’s why the Waistband doesn’t stand a chance. Rainbow Dash wins.

Elastic Waistband vs Joker

The Elastic Waistband is ready to roll, but it’s safe to say that he is a little outmatched against a villain who is as cunning as the Joker. The Joker has given Batman a decent fight on more than one occasion and he has a large variety of weapons to give him the edge in a fight. The Elastic Waistband can’t really hope to defend himself against such tactics and his chances of winning were never there. Joker wins.

Elastic Waistband vs Sailor Moon

The Elastic Waistband is back, but he’s a little outmatched against Sailor Moon. A simple energy blast should be enough to vanquish the guy as stretching isn’t the safest way to dodge an attack. He won’t be able to move fast enough to keep Sailor Moon at bay for long and he is simply doomed. Perhaps the Waistband is in need of a new power up from the Spongebob show. Hopefully they can oblige him. Sailor Moon wins.

Pac Man vs Elastic Waistband


The Elastic Waistband is nothing to sneeze at, but you could also say the same for everyone’s favorite Pacster! Pac Man has a nice array of attacks at his disposal and one good shot could end things here. The Elastic Waistband is not known for his durability and he will be quickly overwhelmed this time. Pac Man is simply too powerful to lose and he has the edge in almost every area. Pac Man wins.

Miss Appear vs Elastic Waistband

Miss Appear is back and she’s up against Elastic Waistband! He won his last match and I also think that he will win this match. Stretching can be a powerful weapon if used correctly. Elastic Waistband rises up the ranks as he continues his newfound win streak! He may not be back for a while. Elastic Waistband wins.

Captain Magma vs Elastic Waistband

Elastic Waistband can stretch and do all sorts of things, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Captain Magma..or will he! I actually think he will be able to win this round. Stretching can definitely be impressive at times when you truly think about it! Elastic Waistband wins.