Naruto vs Kakuzu

Kakuzu is a dangerous opponent. He has more than one heart and his hand to hand skills are fierce. Defeating him is a task that even Naruto could have a hard time with. Of course thanks to Naruto’s power ups and skills he can take him down. Kakuzu’s quick, but Naruto’s quicker, stronger, and he has a stronger jutsu. Rasengan! With this win Naruto rises up in the blog. Naruto wins.

Kakuzu vs Hidan

The partners faced against each other. Kakuzu would definately get a lot of blows in on Hidan. Sadly Hidans immortal so he’s keep coming. However it’s not like his limbs come back to each other as seen when Asuma got him. Without someone to go fetch them he’s helpless. All Kakuzu needs are some critical hits which I think he will get. Kakuzu wins.


Itachi vs Kakuzu

Kakuzu is pretty tough with his 5 lives. But no matter how many lives he has they are all subject to genjutsu. If Itachi looks at him he’s finished. Itachi could also just blow him up with Mangekyo Sharingan. Knock him out with Susannoo. Or Just take him down the old fashioned way with ninjutsu. Itachi wins.