Ghirahim vs Pyro

Suggested by Sonic Ghirahim is a very fast fighter and he was able to use that speed to even give Link a run for his money. Pyro’s flames won’t be able to catch him and Pyro has no defense for the guy’s teleportation. Even if Pyro makes a barrier of flames to keep Ghirahim out, that won’t save him from the throwing stars. Ghirahim has way more attack options at his disposal than Pyro and that’s the difference here. Ghirahim wins.

Kakuzu vs Pyro

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu is a pretty tricky Naruto opponent who is hard to destroy since he has more than one heart. One of his monster clones has fire jutsu so Pyro should be pretty safe against him, but the fire villain will still get overwhelmed in the end. Kakuzu simply has too many options and he is also a deadly hand to hand fighter even if you don’t count his spirits. His super strength will allow him to beat Pyro in a few hits. Kakuzu wins.

Dr Doom vs Pyro

Dr Doom is back. Pyro may have some pretty good fire powers, but in the end they’re not enough to take down Dr Doom. At one point Dr Doom got the powers of Odin and with them he pwned many heavy hitters. Not even the Hulk could take him down! So what chance would Pyro have of beating him? Dr Doom wins.

Pyro vs Vertigo

Vertigo may have powers that can be useful, but in the end they aren’t enough to beat Pyro. Pyro has mastery over fire to such a degree that fighting him is futile. Vertigo can try to knock him out with her powers, but she’d get burned to oblivion first. Pyro takes this win and rises. Pyro wins.