Juste Belmont vs Ghirahim

Suggested by iKnowledge Juste Belmont is a very capable fighter as you would expect from any character in the Belmont clan, however he won’t have an answer for Ghirahim’s speed and teleportation. That guy is quite different from Juste’s usual foes and will be able to easily exert his will in the battlefield. Dealing with that kind of speed is always extremely difficult. Ghirahim wins.

Nnoitra vs Ghirahim

Suggested by Sonic Ghirahim is a strong swordsman but he’s not in the same weight class as Nnoitra. It’s just not even close, Nnoitra was even able to give Ichigo a good run for his money a while back. Ghirahim couldn’t hope to do that in his dreams. Nnoitra outranks him in speed to the point where he could probably end the fight before Ghirahim even realized that it was over. That’s how crazy his speed is. Nnoitra wins.

Ghirahim vs Yuna

Suggested by Sonic Ghirahim is fast and his ability to teleport can really come in handy here. The question is, will this be enough to overwhelm someone like Yuna who can shoot out countless kinds of energy blasts and elemental moves? I think Ghirahim will find that to be a very difficult task indeed. Yuna’s main weakness in this fight is her lack of durability but she should be able to shield herself with her monsters and barriers long enough to strike him down. Yuna wins.

Ghirahim vs Pyro

Suggested by Sonic Ghirahim is a very fast fighter and he was able to use that speed to even give Link a run for his money. Pyro’s flames won’t be able to catch him and Pyro has no defense for the guy’s teleportation. Even if Pyro makes a barrier of flames to keep Ghirahim out, that won’t save him from the throwing stars. Ghirahim has way more attack options at his disposal than Pyro and that’s the difference here. Ghirahim wins.

Ganondorf vs Ghirahim

maxresdefault (19)
Suggested by Sonic Ghirahim is a skilled swordsman who can also teleport. While Ganondorf’s magical abilities are vast, he has not been shown to teleport with the same precision and speed as Ghirahim. Still, he makes up for that in raw power as he exhibits in Hyrule Warriors. It would be a reasonably close battle, but no Legend of Zelda villain has proven to be quite as formidable as the original overlord of Darkness. Ganondorf wins.

Ghirahim vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is a figure that you have probably heard about by now. His reputation precedes him and he’s not the kind of guy that you want to overlook. He may just be a human, but he’s a human with a lot of determination. Heart wins battles and nobody has more heart than him….right? Well, Ghirahim can take on whole armies and his teleporting abilities should also give him an edge. Ghirahim wins.

Ghirahim vs Link

unnamed (2)
Ghirahim enters the blog with this round, but he won’t be able to secure a win because he’s up against one of Nintendo’s most powerful fighters. Link wields the Master Sword as well as an array of other powerful weapons. A few good hits from his Light Arrows or some Skyward Slashes should be enough to put Ghirahim in his place. Ghirahim is also an exceptional swordfighter and he has a lot of endurance, but Link is ultimately the superior fighter. One just cannot take this hero down so easily! Link wins.