Nnoitra vs Jeice

Suggested by Sonic Jeice is a DBZ character so you might think he automatically wins this right? Well, it’s not quite that easy. See Nnoitra is still a pretty powerful guy who was able to easily crush Ichigo. He would be a formidable foe. Once you get past Arc 1 then DBZ starts to really wipe the floor with just about everyone but at this point in the series I believe Bleach could keep up. Nnoitra would be able to overwhelm Jeice in close quarters combat. Nnoitra’s speed is just too insane to stop. Nnoitra wins.

Nnoitra vs Ulquiorra

Nnoitra is back, but he’s not here for a win as he takes on Ulquiorra! Ulquiorra has a lot of power and can easily defeat Nnoitra. Nnoitra is tough, but Ulquiorra is much faster and has better techniques at his disposal. One day Nnoitra will be back and maybe he’ll get a win. Ulquiorra wins.

Nnoitra vs Tesla (Bleach)

Tesla (Bleach) is back yet again! This time he’s up against Nnoitra. Nnoitra is definitely tough, but is he a match for Tesla (Bleach)? I’d say so! Nnoitra was able to take on Ichigo and put up a pretty good fight. I’m not sure Tesla (Bleach) would have done nearly as well against him. Nnoitra wins.

Ichigo vs Nnoitra

Nnoitra is a pretty powerful Espada. His skills are pretty intense and he’s taken down many opponents in his day. Of course this IS Ichigo he’s fighting. Ichigo has taken down tougher guys and lived to tell the tale. Never again will he get slammed into the ground by a guy of Nnoitra’s level. Ichigo’s just far too powerful, but that’s why he’s the Substitute Soul Reaper. Ichigo wins.