Count Vertigo vs Vertigo

Suggested by Sonic Both of these characters are fairly close in both ability and skillset. They rely on making their opponents dizzy and then rushing in for the finishing blow. The reason the Count has the edge here is that he has also honed his abilities physically. He’s in peak health and has mastered martial arts. He could be able to take Vertigo down in hand to hand combat which coupled with his ability will make for a complete victory. Count Vertigo wins.

Vertigo vs Mr Miracle

Suggested by Sonic Vertigo has the impressive ability to make a foe rather dizzy with her voice. It’s not a bad trick for getting her opponents off balance, but I don’t really think it’ll do much more than slow Mr Miracle down. He’s definitely ready for whatever she throws at him. He’s also got some energy manipulation of his own so he’ll be able to blast her from afar without running the risk of losing his balance. Mr Miracle wins.

Vertigo vs Baroness

Baroness is back and with her holograms this could get tricky. She has some good hand to hand skills, but Vertigo has her yells. This match is close, but in the end Baroness wins the match thanks to her better hand to hand skills and guns. Vertigo drops down the rankings in this match. Baroness wins.

Pyro vs Vertigo

Vertigo may have powers that can be useful, but in the end they aren’t enough to beat Pyro. Pyro has mastery over fire to such a degree that fighting him is futile. Vertigo can try to knock him out with her powers, but she’d get burned to oblivion first. Pyro takes this win and rises. Pyro wins.