Zombie vs Hidan

Suggested by Sonic A Zombie may be hard to destroy but the same can be said of Hidan. Hidan has his scythe at the ready as well and a single blow would take the Zombie down for the count. Zombies just aren’t very durable even if they are good at clinging to their undead life. Hidan is also a lot faster and more powerful than the Zombie so that would really put an end to things here. Hidan wins.

Hidan vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk may be the Captain of a pretty big spaceship, but Hidan is an experienced shinobi. His ninjutsu skills are as impressive as you may have figured and he really won’t be stopped by any of Kirk’s weapons. He is immortal after all and that definitely helps a whole lot (Or a little anyway) when it comes down to a fight. Hidan wins.

Sasuke vs Hidan

Sasuke is an Uchiha of immense power! With one glance out of his sharingan, he can take whole fighters out in an instant! That’s his ultimate power! His taijutsu is also S rank and he can definitely keep up with Hidan. Hidan’s tough, but his level of ninjutsu and skill isn’t as good as Sasuke’s. Sasuke wins.

Kakuzu vs Hidan

The partners faced against each other. Kakuzu would definately get a lot of blows in on Hidan. Sadly Hidans immortal so he’s keep coming. However it’s not like his limbs come back to each other as seen when Asuma got him. Without someone to go fetch them he’s helpless. All Kakuzu needs are some critical hits which I think he will get. Kakuzu wins.


Kisame vs Hidan

Well Hidan is immortal and he does have good sword skills. However his sword skills don’t match Kisame’s. I think Kisame would win this battle. He would only have to flood the place and trap Hidan somewhere using the Giant Vortex jutsu. Hidan doesn’t have much jutsu to counteract it. Not to mention that Kisame has a super form. Kisame wins.