Gate vs Guts Man

Suggested by Blake Guts Man is fairly powerful and has always been an iconic character in the classic Mega Man universe. That being said, as one of the first ever bosses in the series it makes sense that he can’t hold up against the newer ones. Gate is much faster than Guts Man ever was and his attack power is certainly high enough to pierce Guts Man’s defenses. Guts Man just won’t be able to last very long against a final boss level opponent like Gate. Gate wins.

Elec Man vs Guts Man

Suggested by Blake While not as fast or as strong as Elecman, Elec Man is still a pretty skilled electric fighter. Guts Man is still outranged and outsped for the entire bout. Guts Man seriously needs a power up if he wants to stay relevant in the Megaman hierarchy. At the moment, he is probably one of the weakest fighters in the verse and that’s pretty sad. Elec Man wins.

Guts Man vs Gate

Suggested by Blake Guts Man is pretty strong but he is also very slow. This is bad news for the robot because Gate is no slouch when it comes to speed. Gate’s attacks will also pack a punch so Guts Man can’t count on a drawn out battle to exhaust his opponent either. It’s just one of those occasions where he finds himself outclassed in speed and power. It’s no shame for him though as Mega Man characters typically cannot defeat their X counterparts. Gate wins.

Elecman vs Guts Man

Suggested by Anon Guts Man never seems to have any luck as of late. He is a pretty strong guy but dealing with any quick opponent is a little too much for him. Guts Man just doesn’t have a whole lot of options at that point. He certainly can’t hope to do much with his fists and he has no viable long range options. That spells game over for him in this shocking battle. Elecman wins.

Guts Man vs Bass

Suggested by Blake It’s time for another Bass match and I’m always up for one of those. Lets face it, Guts Man won’t even be able to keep this close. I prefer not to be so candid, but we have to face the facts here. The strongest attacks at Guts Man’s arsenal won’t even be able to get past the cloak of Bass. Guts Man could also be destroyed before he even has time to blink and that’s not very fun. He’s just completely out of his league, but then again…who isn’t when faced with the matchless power of Bass? Bass wins.

Mega Man vs Guts Man

Mega Man is back against one of his most popular enemies. Guts Man is definitely a being to be feared. He can lift whole boulders to use against his opponents! Of course Mega Man has the powers of over 100 different robots and with them he’s pretty near invincible. Guts Man and Mega Man may be old enemies, but Mega Man comes out on top. Mega Man wins.

Guts Man vs Pharoh Man

Guts Man got lucky against Gutsman. Because of that he landed a spot in the top 10. Lucky all right. Pharoh Man had a bad stroke of luck going up against Pharohman. Otherwise Pharoh Man is one of the toughest kid mega man villains. This time he is here to make sure this reign of terror is over for Guts Man. Pharoh Man wins.

Guts Man vs Gutsman

The 2 legendary Gutsmen. Legends tell of there power. Guts Man was almost able to take Mega Man out while Gutsman couldn’t really handle Megaman. Guts Man wins.

Update! In his manga incarnation, Gutsman is definitely a force to be reckoned with and I don’t think that Guts Man could hold his own for very long. Gutsman wins.