Colress vs Gate

Suggested by Anonymous Gate is a strong Megaman X foe. In fact it would be fair to say that he is probably one of the strongest ones in the series. That’s still not enough to stop Colress though. To put it into perspective, Colress has both Kyurem and Genesect. You’re really not going to last very long against that pair of Pokemon and Colress has quite a few more in the pocket as well. Ultimately he will be able to utterly overwhelm Gate with these fighters. Gate’s usual elemental abilities will also be stifled this way since there will be too many opponents to really focus on. Colress wins.

Dynamo vs Gate

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Gate got some pretty great physical abilities after taking a part of Zero and unlocking his golden form. His speed and power are considerable and that should give Dynamo a lot of trouble. Dynamo is proficient with both his blade as well as his blaster which should help him keep things interesting though. He has appeared in two games which is rare and was able to keep up with the expert maverick hunters as well. In the end I would give him the edge because his moves are more versatile. Gate’s invincibility isn’t absolute and Dynamo should be able to exploit the moments when it isn’t activated. The hits will ultimately add up. Dynamo wins.

Sceptile vs Gate

Suggested by Anonymous Sceptile is definitely an awesome fighter, but I think even this Pokemon will have some serious issues trying to take down Gate. Gate’s got a golden armor which makes him very difficult to damage. His gravity effects will also force Sceptile to fight while off balance at times. While Sceptile has the slight edge in speed, I don’t think it will ultimately be enough to get past Gate’s attack and defense. Gate wins.

Gate vs Guts Man

Suggested by Blake Guts Man is fairly powerful and has always been an iconic character in the classic Mega Man universe. That being said, as one of the first ever bosses in the series it makes sense that he can’t hold up against the newer ones. Gate is much faster than Guts Man ever was and his attack power is certainly high enough to pierce Guts Man’s defenses. Guts Man just won’t be able to last very long against a final boss level opponent like Gate. Gate wins.

Gate vs Elec Man

Suggested by Blake Elec Man is a little out gunned in this fight. While his thunder abilities are formidable, he isn’t quite ready for the big leagues. Gate is far stronger than Elec Man and I would wager that their speed levels are not too far apart either. While the match may be closer than it would appear at first glance, I don’t think the victor is really in doubt. Gate wins.

Mickey Mouse vs Gate

Suggested by Blake Mickey Mouse is a lot tougher than you would expect. He may be a happy Disney fighter by day but he is a seasoned Keyblade master by night. Gate will have a tough time dealing with Mickey in a close quarters battle, but he has the edge with projectiles. I think Gate’s defense and speed will keep him alive long enough to counter and mount a final offensive against King Mickey. The Keyblade warrior won’t be slaying him on this night. Gate wins.

Gate vs Shaggy

Suggested by Blake Gate is back and that’s bad news for Shaggy. Shaggy was never the bravest of heroes but at least he is able to run very fast. His metabolism is also very quick which helps a lot for these situations. That being said, he won’t be able to evade Gate for very long and can’t hope to damage the reploid. This means that eventually Shaggy will be caught and defeated. There is really no escape for him. Gate wins.

Guts Man vs Gate

Suggested by Blake Guts Man is pretty strong but he is also very slow. This is bad news for the robot because Gate is no slouch when it comes to speed. Gate’s attacks will also pack a punch so Guts Man can’t count on a drawn out battle to exhaust his opponent either. It’s just one of those occasions where he finds himself outclassed in speed and power. It’s no shame for him though as Mega Man characters typically cannot defeat their X counterparts. Gate wins.

Gate vs Scooby Doo

Suggested by Blake Scooby Doo won’t do any better than Shaggy in this round. One energy blast from Gate could take him down no problem. Scooby Doo is a good runner and I like to think of him as a realist. Perhaps he will surrender at the start of the fight to save both combatants some time. Otherwise, there just aren’t any other options for Scooby Doo. Gate wins.

Gate vs Bass

Suggested by Blake Gate has a cool design and he is one of the big enemies from the Mega Man X series. He certainly has real power, but that is not enough to stop someone like Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and his physical stats are completely out of this world. He would be able to defeat Gate before the reploid even knew what hit him. No energy blast can save him. That’s the power of the world’s strongest. Bass wins.