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Sceptile vs Gate

Suggested by Anonymous Sceptile is definitely an awesome fighter, but I think even this Pokemon will have some serious issues trying to take down Gate. Gate’s got a golden armor which makes him very difficult to damage. His gravity effects will also force Sceptile to fight while off balance at times. While Sceptile has the slight edge in speed, I don’t think it will ultimately be enough to get past Gate’s attack and defense. Gate wins.

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Todd Snap vs Sceptile

Suggested by Sonic Todd Snap is a good photographer but he’s never been much of a fighter. Meanwhile Sceptile is known as one of the strongest Pokemon out there so it won’t really be all that difficult for him to take Todd down for the count. Todd Snap really can’t hope to hold his own against Sceptile for very long and that grass Pokemon’s array of moves will quickly take him to victory. Hopefully Snap can at least take his picture before he goes down. Sceptile wins.

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Sceptile vs Scizor

Well, this is definitely a close match. Both of these fighters are very good at hand to hand combat, but Scizor does have a big advantage since he’s covered in steel. Sceptile’s leaf blade won’t do as much damage as it usually would and they both have long range attacks. In the end I’d have to give this round to Scizor. His steel defense was the deciding factor. Scizor wins.