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Stingmon vs Scizor

Scizor has met his match
Scizor is a pretty quick fighter and he can definitely deal some intense damage. Stingmon’s got his energy sword and even more importantly, he’s got his mega form! He’ll need it to negate Scizor’s speed and then land some powerful hits to take him out of the fight. Scizor won’t be able to win this round. Stingmon wins.

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Scizor vs Heracross

Scizor is much faster than Heracross and he’s also got superior striking power. Heracross can fly around, but so can Scizor with his superior speed. Heracross can be a tough fighter, but this is one match where he has no shot. Scizor rises up the blog ranks with this win and shows the world that steel types are impressive. Scizor wins.

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Sceptile vs Scizor

Well, this is definitely a close match. Both of these fighters are very good at hand to hand combat, but Scizor does have a big advantage since he’s covered in steel. Sceptile’s leaf blade won’t do as much damage as it usually would and they both have long range attacks. In the end I’d have to give this round to Scizor. His steel defense was the deciding factor. Scizor wins.