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Weezing vs Celebi

Suggested by Sonic Weezing got a new form thanks to the recent Pokemon Sword/Shield games. It’s not all that much stronger though and is simply different. Celebi still destroys Weezing in overall stats and remains a legendary even if he isn’t the most impressive one in the box. Weezing isn’t fast enough to stop Celebi and while his defense is pretty good, it’s just not good enough. Ultimately this is a fight that he will lose and I don’t expect that it’ll be too close. Celebi wins.

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Ash vs Celebi

Celebi is a time traveling pokemon of great power! Celebi is still a legendary, but that doesn’t mean Ash will lose this round. Ash has obtained a lot of pokemon over the years and can use them to pwn. Celebi may be able to take some down, but will lose in the end. Ash rises up the ranks again. Ash wins.