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Yellow Devil vs Lazerman

Yellow Devil has some pretty impressive abilities, but in the end they aren’t enough to take down Lazerman. With one blast not even The Yellow Devil could last. He’s pretty durable, but it’s been proven that he’s not too great against energy blasts….and that’s what Lazerma’s all about! Lazerman wins.

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Yellow Devil vs Redips

Yellow Devil has his skills, but they won’t be enough to take down someone of Redips’s level. Redips is a being of power who is so strong that there aren’t many who can challenge his power. Redips goes higher. Redips wins.

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Yellow Devil vs Virus Beast

Yellow Devil is one of the toughest Mega Man villains of all time. His power is second to none. However the Virus Beast barely wins thanks to his size. Grave Virus must be pretty happy, but Yellow Devil will fight again in 2 rounds so stick around. Virus Beast wins.