Triss Merigold vs Robin (Fire Emblem)

Suggested by iKnowledge Triss Merigold is a pretty solid mage. Her skills have gotten her a lot of notoriety as a legendary sorceress and definitely won’t be backing down to Robin’s skills. As a pure mage I dare say that she may even be superior but Robin has the edge in the fact that she can fight up close as well. Her attacks have a large area of damage and the collateral damage here will get past Triss’ defenses. She just won’t be able to stop Robin. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

4 thoughts on “Triss Merigold vs Robin (Fire Emblem)

      • Thx. Also, in your to-do list of requests, you forgot Guts before
        The Natsume Sisters (Tenjho Tenghe), and Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail!). I know I requested it, and I was just pointing any mistake.

      • Ah, I see what happened. I think when putting it in I thought you meant Guts vs Akame, and then the Natsume Sisters were totally separate. I’ll add those to the list

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