Sora vs Tarzan

Tarzan is a good fighter in the jungle and he may even have the edge in experience against Sora. Still, Sora has quite a large arsenal of spells and skills to use against this guy. Sora can harness the powers of fire, thunder, gravity, and more. He has the massive speed advantage in this fight as well as the edge in power. I can’t really think of any way for Tarzan to hope to gain the advantage here. Sora wins.

Tarzan vs Mowgli
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Suggested by Sonic Mowgli is a tough kid who is used to the tough life of the jungle. Even though his story is most famous for when he is a kid, he has grown up in some tales. That won’t be enough to stop Tarzan though. Tarzan has always been a very strong man whose body was refined by swinging through vines all day. He is simply stronger and more skilled than Mowgli. Tarzan wins.