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Ulquiorra vs Ansem

Suggested by Destroyer Ulquiorra is back once more and now he is fighting the master of darkness. Ansem is quite powerful and he has assumed many identities over the years. His stats are impressive, but they don’t hold a candle to this Espada. Ulquiorra can easily destroy the area all around Ansem to the point where the villain would not be able to move. Ansem also isn’t fast enough to dodge Ulquiorra’s attacks so he will quickly be taken down for the count. Ulquiorra wins.

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Frieza vs Ansem

Suggested by Destroyer Frieza is a powerful fighter who was even able to surpass Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form. If we consider just how strong that form was then it is certainly no surprise that he could defeat Ansem. Ansem’s attacks would not be strong enough to damage Frieza and they certainly wouldn’t be quick enough to hit him. He would certainly be doomed as a result and Frieza may even get stronger in the future. Frieza wins.

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Sora vs Ansem

Ansem and Sora have not met or fought much, but since Sora is the main Hero and Ansem is/was the main villain these two had to fight sooner or later. Ansem has the power of darkness at his command. Of course Sora has Final Form and with it he can slash rings around Ansem. Not to mention that he also has Master Form. It’d be pretty tough to take him down Ansem takes the loss, but he will be back. Sora wins.

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Ansem vs Bowser

Bowser may be the King of the Koopas, but there’s one thing he lacks. Fighting skills to equal Ansem’s. Ansem is easily stronger than Bowser and could mop the floor with him. Bowser doesn’t have enough skills to stop him. Ansem takes another win and shows the world his vast power as he rises in the rankings. Ansem wins.

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Blasterman vs Ansem

Blasterman can throw bombs around for all the good it’ll do. He can’t take on the power of Ansem. None of Blasterman’s attacks would get through Ansem’s dark beast. After that The Beast would just grab Blasterman and take him out without Ansem having to lift a finger. Ansem wins.