Sinon vs Rock

Suggested by Sonic Rock is a pretty capable guy. He’s someone that you would definitely want to have in your corner for when things get serious. That being said, he’s not going to be quite ready to take on Sinon just yet. Her energy blasts are incredibly powerful. She went from being a simple sniper to someone who can handle dimensional beings. It won’t take her longer than an instant to pull the trigger and secure a convincing win. Sinon wins.

Joker vs Rock

Suggested by iKnowledge Rock isn’t particularly good with guns and other weapons. He’s reasonably strong to be sure, but that’s not quite good enough to deal with the Joker. Joker is Batman’s most dangerous adversary so he’s definitely not someone that you can take lightly. He’ll quickly take the edge in this fight and also does know some good hand to hand combat abilities. Rock would need some real steel to win this battle. Joker wins.