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Longshot vs Megaguirus

Longshot has already lost to Mothra, but it wasn’t over for him. Now he must lose to Megaguirus too. Longshot’s luck hasn’t saved him yet. Megaguirus can take down Longshot. Megaguirus wins.

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Fishbone D vs Longshot

Longshot may have a gun, but it won’t save him in this match. Longshot is just not powerful enough to take down Fishbone D. Fishbone D may have claws and stuff so but it cant save him. Logshot is just not strong enough to win this match. Fishbone D gets himself a win. Fishbone D wins.

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Longshot vs Tripod

Well this is good for Tripod, since Longshot can’t get to his weakspot. Longshot is just not powerful enough to win this battle. Tripod has lasers that can hurt buildings, humans and cars but not clothes. So Longshot’s legacy will live in his cap. Tripod wins, but now I’ve seen the film and Tripod wouldn’t be able to hit Longshot. Longshot wins.